Akanbi's mother coughed hard. Having her sleep disrupted by a terrible dream, had awoken her bouts of cough.
She called out for Funmi.  Funmi, who had heard her mother shout from her sleep, fled to the bedroom to attend to her.

"maami kilode?... please drink some water you'll be fine" she rubbed her back

"thank you" her mother handed her the cup

"what happened? i heard you scream before cough started"

"i had a night mare, i saw Akanbi in tears deeply frustrated"

"God forbid! it will never happen!" Funmi genuflected

"let's pray for him funmi..."

They went on to have a session of prayers. His mother cried amidst praying while funmi led rounds of worship.

"i should call him, she told her mother as they wrapped up the prayers"

"okay go ahead"

"big bro how are you?... good morning" funmi greeted Akanbi

"morning funmi... I'm fine"

"oh okay. Maami had a night mare, she won't go into the details but she said something about seeing you in tears"

"hmmm... maami and her dreams.. I'm sure she's just worried"

"whatever it is, we have prayed and cancelled it. How are the kids?"

"fine... fine, they took my blood sample to run a few tests yesterday hopefully I'll be called to donate some blood once the results are out and am cleared to do so"

"okay.. i'll join you guys shortly"

"alright" the line went off

Akanbi hadn't spoken to Titi after the phone call with Reya obviously she was angry over nothing.
"you won't even greet me this morning" Akanbi teased

"greet you for what? go back to your Abuja babe and take your greetings from her"

"Titi, we shouldn't fight over unnecessary issues . You know about her and how supportive she's been. We are just friends"

"i hear you, please don't dampen my mood any further this morning" she hissed

 This was the issue with Titi she always got angry at the slightest provocation he wasn't going to push this. There were too many things at stake and Titi's anger was the least on the list.

"sir, the doctor would like to see you now" the nurse announced

"me too?" Titi asked

"yes please"  the nurse replied

Akanbi walked into the doctor's office but his demeanor told it all. The man looked calm and worried too
"Mr Akanbi, we ran a few tests and realized, you are not a compatible donor for the kids. The problem is, one of the babies needs an urgent transfusion and we need to make sure she gets it in 2 hours"

"so what do we do now?" Titi sobbed

"we also ran a test on you madam and i must say we have shocking news to give you. Mr Akanbi, you are not the father of those kids! "

"what!!! doctor that's not possible i have been dating my fiance for over 3 years now" Akanbi shifted in his seat

"The blood tests confirmed your genotype AA, and your wife's genotype, AS but with your genotype, there's no way you both would have had children with sickle cell anemia. Another factor is their blood group, they are both of the blood group, O. Which is very much impossible since your wife's blood group is A and yours AB. The likelihood of both of you having kids with genotype SS and blood group O, is almost impossible" the doctor explained.

Akanbi stood up rubbed his palm on his head, his world was shattering and he couldn't find a way to stop it! What had he done to deserve all of this? He turned to see Titi sitting on the floor...too shaken to talk

"Madam, you can't also donate for your babies because of the incompatibility... besides that, you need to see us in another 3 months for an HIV confirmatory test your blood showed reactive to the virus you must have caught the virus recently because its still too early to tell" the doctor continued

 "I have been away for 2 months and the last time i touched you  was 7 months ago when you were 5 months pregnant. You suddenly became irritable at my slightest touch and because i wanted your comfort, I let you be. After having the babies, you still went on a sexual rampage! are you cursed Titi? Akanbi launched forward

"doctor i need you to come with me...we need you in the pediatric unit" the nurse was panting

They all walked briskly towards the ward. Titi watched as her baby was being resuscitated. One of the girls was having a cardiac arrest, the nurses shielded her view she watched as they made frantic efforts to keep her alive, but it wasn't working. She closed her eyes for a while, by the time she opened them, the doctor was standing in front of her

"we tried... errmmm...but we lost one of the babies" he stammered

"noo...... ooo...." Titi screamed
the nurses tried to console her
Akanbi walked away he needed to go home, home to his mother and sister, home to his life.

Reya missed a call from Rafiu It must have been very important, Rafiu was a shy one who barely spoke to her; a call from him, would mean something was wrong

"hello Raf sorry i missed your call"

"okay.. ermmm.. aunty, there is bad news o" Rafiu stammered

"bad news, what happened ?"

"one of the twins died today!"

"Holy jeez! omg!!! am so sorry. Have you heard from Akay?... how's he doing?"

"yes. He just called me to inform me of kehinde's demise. You should call him"

"i will do just that, thanks for letting me know"

she tried Akanbi's number severally, the man was rejecting her calls he must be depressed she thought to herself

Akanbi finally took the call... "Reya please i'll call you back i'm in no mood to talk please"

"I'm so sorry for your....." the line went off.

wow! she didn't know how to be there for him, all she knew was, this wasn't something she wanted him to go through alone.

To be continued......


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