A hysterical kunle Soliloquizes as he walked from the car park to the office complex.
"How Ade became suddenly uninterested in Dave was somewhat new. That girl practically drooled over Dave all of a sudden, she didn't care if he was with Ese or not. He was going to get to the root of this, unravel this mystery."

Kunle walked into Dave at the office lobby, since the last time he had seen Ese with Dave, an annoying churn lurked in his stomach each time he thought of the two of them together. If only he could walk past him without regarding his presence but, Dave was his boss, he had to stay loyal

"Morning Mr Dave" Kunle greeted

" Hi kunle"  Dave replied half aware of Kunle's presence

Kunle glided the stairs thinking of the only mission that made sense to him... how he would win Ese's heart.


This weekend had been a very busy one from going for the baby shower, to meeting at the beach; one event which Ade missed. Ese turned off her ignition as she arrived at the official parking lot. She had tried calling Ade but the young lady told her she was coming to the office on her own. Ade didn't have a car how she preferred coming to work by public transport on a Monday morning, baffled her.
She threw one last look at her face using the side mirror as she stepped out from the car. Imade had made sure she looked great in a pink shirt and a pink Colette with black stilettos. She picked up the black blazer from the rear sit and threw it on.
 Ese could feel the stares on her skin. This was the first time she paid so much attention to what she wore. Dressing up to work usually takes 10 minutes or less, she was mostly known as the disorganized lady. Today, everyone's stare, told her she got it right. "thanks to Imade" she thought.

As she walked past Dave at the lobby, Dave who had not recognized her turned to see who it was

"Ese! you look great!" he smiled

"Good morning sir.. thanks" she walked away


Dave was gobs smacked! Ese's beauty glowed regardless of what she wore but, this morning, she looked like the morning dew....her outfit was topnotch! 'The Ese' he knew paid little or no attention to what she wore not that it bothered him, but he planned on speaking to her about it. Seeing her this morning all dressed up, made him realize how much of a beautiful woman she was.
Dave checked his pocket to feel the vibration from his phone. It was viv

"Sister! how are you?"

"Dave... Dave..." she sobbed

"What is it?"

"Tobias is cheating i found out yesterday after church"

"Damn it! that bastard!" he walked out of the lobby "how did you find out" Dave asked

"I found a thong in our bedroom when i got back from church yesterday" viv sobbed

 "A thong? it wasn't yours i guess?"

"No it wasn't. I stopped wearing thongs a long time ago"

"So what's his reaction?"

"He's denying this... I'm moving back to the house i told him i was going to file for a divorce"

"Good... very good.. i'll see you when i get home. can you drive home on your own?"

"That's the reason i'm calling you... i want you to help me call the driver, asking daddy or mummy to, would raise flags....i don't want them knowing about all this for now"

"I'll send the company driver to you"

"Okay thanks" she hung up


Ade adjusted her mini skirt as she got down from Tobia's car

"I'll call you when i get off from work" she blew him a kiss.  Tobias drove off

The problem with some women is : "They send their husband away with their annoying attitude" Ade spat as she adjusted her waist band.

Tobias had called her last night to come join him at the hotel he went to lodge. Viv had raised the roof over an inconsequential thing as seeing a thong in her bedroom. "When you marry a man like Tobias, be ready to share him " she used the mirror of a car in the parking lot to adjust her outfit and walked towards the office complex.

 Dave who just ended his phone conversation with Viv, saw his brother in law drive off. "What could he be doing at the Office?"  just then, he saw Ade walk towards him.. "oh no.. not this slut!" he thought

To be continued.....


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