WORK WAHALA - Interview gone wrong!

My country people how una dey?  Yo man! (in Uriel's voice), i thought to bring this juicy gist to you guys.

You know, i stated here a while ago, on one of this work kpalava label that i was in search for a new job? (my hustling spirit keeps pushing me to submit CV randomly) okay here it goes...

       I got a mail from one company i hadn't applied to. Usually, when i get mails, it's  probably to approve your comments on the blog ( my email has become useful) or to check my unnecessary alert (make una warn GTB) so i respected my self and read it. The mail stated that i had to come for an interview on Wednesday (see gobe) my brother was getting married on Thursday and i planned travelling before then. 

You guys, i even had another job interview on Tuesday, so i wasn't ready to loose any chances trust your girl now, "i too like to hustle"

    I started  preparing for the interview but, it finally dawned on me that i probably won't be able to attend. So,i  decided to send a mail  to them to find out if they could push the date forward. Na there my one chance start! i received another mail from them asking me to call the liaison officer, the mail had his phone number. See the delighted Nurse and blogger, whooza! i was glad. Who wouldn't be?

I called the number and for hours, it rang endlessly no one took the calls. Towards the evening on Monday, after my pm shift at the office, i dialed the number again and this time, he picked. Our conversation followed suit:

"Hi my name is Okhomina Becky, i was sent a mail to come for an interview on Wednesday but i'm calling because i wanted to see if i could move the date forward maybe till Monday, if you don't mind?

"Hello madam Becky, i am ________" ( i can't use the name he gave me biko) "yes it's true i'm the liaison officer for the company you called the right number" (okay, i don't understand this dude why the self appraisal?)

 "Yes, so can i get the date moved?"

 "Of course, our team of HR will interview another set next week Wednesday we can add your name to the next set."

Wow! i'll be highly grateful if you can do that for me." My brown teeth all revealed

 "hehehe ( the mugu laughed) but this is Nigeria o... you'll have to scratch my back. People who want this kind of favor  usually pay a huge amount of money but just send me  N 10,000" he laughed again

"I kept quiet....i was thinking, N 10,000 in this recession? if i had such free money, i'd have led a search on Buhari ! (oops!! slip of tongue). Oga, i don't have such amount" i replied him.

"Then you are not ready to secure an interview space."

" I already have one sir, i just wanted to move it forward."

" Do you know i can cancel the whole interview schedule? i am the liaison office for the company! i have the power to do so."

" At this point, the Warri girl in me, came alive. "kuku kill me!" i thought. who's a mugu? N 10,000 for job when i never see, besides which liaison officer, has time to do all this talking? my credit was burning and with the way EMPTY- HEN (MTN) charges me, i wasn't ready to go another minute.
" okay oga, i'll think about it and get back to you" i hung up.

My Mood changed. After this conversation, i had to go deal with a tailor who disappointed me ( imagine my brother's clothe still in the process of being sown!) tailors ehn, only few of them will make heaven. I'll bring the gist on how i raked for hours only to have left the shop empty handed! The shame sha, sometimes, shouting solves nothing! I had transferred the aggression to the tailor and when i realized the tailor wouldn't bulge, i called  a friend and poured out my frustration. May the Lord keep Us from fake adverts(Amen!)

  The internet is such a powerful tool, after much deliberation, anger, fury and laughter (the tailor and i later kissed and made up - 'My vex na indomie vex'). I typed  the company's name on google and bam! it came up as  fake advertisement. Nairaland, God bless una! Happened,  a lot of persons had been scammed by this same company, they just call people for interview, do some nonsense training and give you some unregistered Agbo- Jedi (herbal drugs) with a green shirt to go market. ( i call this, advanced hawking). Nne i was glad the Lord drove 419 far away from me. I later prepared for the verified interview i had for Tuesday(wish me luck guys) any how e go, una go hear am.

WARNING!: Make una shine una eyes ooo... this is  2017, no room for dulling every kobo is a necessary kobo! ( wafi slang) 

Ditto guys #one love.


  1. Oh God! I almost choked because I was laughing hard! Becky you are not alright I swear!

  2. The devil is a liar lmfabo! Sorry my dear all these scammers are everywhere o. Good luck in your interview

  3. All these your waffy slangs sha... Was just imagining you talking to me live. Babes you the bomb! Success dearie go knock em' out

  4. Jisox! Well done ma (in falz's voice) I enjoyed this read abeg. 'Advanced hawking' did it for me. Lwkmd

  5. And Becca said if she had 10k, she would lead a search on baba bubu. Oh damn it! Your sense of Humour is 100/100.

  6. @kuku kee me! Where did they bring this girl from? I look forward to your freestyle on this work kpalava post.

  7. Keep hustling for the kpala kpala my girl. This cracked me up real good

  8. This girl is a clown... Good luck darling.

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  10. Wafi blood must show Efe sister lol #bbnaija

  11. Oh my world! Rotfl I can't deal. Becky with you, I can't