The galleria was packed full. The annual Christmas gala for the company was an
avenue for members of  staff to meet themselves. Those who recognized each other either waved or just went over to interact. Hugs and smiles were shared and exchanged generously across the room
Employees were asked to pen down their favorite Christmas memory  on a paper upon arriving. The appetizers' table and open bar were laden with a wide assortment of delectables and the aroma of food filled the air. From the entrance, one could see the buffet table adorned with chaffing dishes brimming with various delicacies.

After an hour of talking up good cheer, the compere mounted the stage and asked that everyone take their seats. The board of directors was introduced and invited to take their seats on the plinth. Chief Ayodele Brandon emerged as the new chairman of the Board

He gave a toast as the dinner was slipping in dessert.

Soon After, employees took turns reading aloud a colleague's name and favorite Christmas memory,chose a wrapped gift underneath the Christmas tree, while others cheered, clapped and even teased.

After some dancing and more drinks for some, the compere came up to announce the names of the awardees....

"Miss Ese Obazee..." he announced

Ese stood and walked towards the plinth...the bright lights added special effects to her custom made baloon gown from Lanre Da Sila Ajayi. It dazzled under the bright lights; as she walked towards the plinth, the backless blue dress showed off a luster of popped melanin

"Whoosh" a male colleague whispered as she walked past him.

"Congratulations Ms Ese you've been awarded the most outstanding staff of the year. You've also been promoted to the office of the  Assistant Head of Department, Project supervision"

Ese lowered her head, and puffed

"Thank you so much...the chairman, director and members of board; i'm indeed astonished to be handed this position. I promise to do my best in upholding the standard of this organisation." She smiled, took a bow, and left the podium.

"Go girl!" Ember screamed from the audience

"It was time for more dancing so everyone moved from the conference hall to the dance hall. The music band dished out songs, while every one swayed their bodies in agreement to the tunes.

"Hey you..." Dave's voice rang from behind

"Hi Jailer" Ese grinned

"Did you see my christmas gifts" he smiled 

"Not yet...i have been taking out time to purge the prison out of my system" she laughed

"I guess saying sorry wouldn't be enough...I'll have to make up for it all our lives"

"Nahh.. i can't stay mad at you.. it's insane. Besides, i owe you one for saving my life"

Dave chuckled...."i almost took it, saving it was the least i could do"

"You look dashing baby boy...." Ese grinned

"You look ravishingly beautiful....I couldn't take my eyes off you all evening"

"Hello HOD," Viv waltzed from behind

"Who invited you?" Dave mocked

"My dad became the chairman, i got a free ticket" she laughed hysterically

"Where's my God daughter?" Ese asked

"With her dad over there," Viv pointed

Tobias saw them, waved and blew Viv a kiss

"I'll leave you two to get along" she hurried off

"You owe me a treat" Ese moved closer to Dave

"You forgive so easily... mmm... i like. Your treat, would come as a package" He winked

"I do, when i'm in love" she leaned to kiss him

The compere beckoned on the crowd to give heed to a special guest who had announcement to make. 

"Excuse me....Dave said to Ese as he walked towards the plinth

"Ese...uummm...shit(what was i going to say?)  "When I first saw you at the board's introduction party, I thought you were the best thing i have ever seen. Then i spoke to you for the first time inviting you to my sister's baby shower and when we talked at lenght, i knew i was caught in your web of Love" Dave leered

The audience cheered and whispered

Ese lowered her head, the room seemed smaller. Ember walked up to her to hold her. "I saw this coming" she whispered.

"I spent everyday after the abduction, realizing how i couldn't live without you. Viv said to me the first time she met you.."Dave she's a keeper. This one will give you peace" and truthfully, despite everything we have been through, i have experienced some sort of peace knowing, your heart is kind and you forgive quite easily. Dave stepped down from the podium, strolled towards Ese; i decided to steal this moment to remind you of how special you are to me, and how difficult it'd be to live without you."

Mrs Ayodele gasped.. "He's doing it" she said to Viv with a teary eye.. 

"I Love you E! and i'm so inpatient. You already know this(he chuckled) please make me a better man. E, will you marry me?" Dave bent on one knee and displayed the beautiful rock

"Yes.. Yes.. Ese whispered crying Dave slipped the ring onto her finger and stood to hug her but Ese kissed him instead...

"I love you.. I love you" she muttered, crying, while the DJ dished out her favourite song titled 'Marry me' from Bruno Mars as the crowd cheered on

"Hello Mrs Brandon Jnr" Mrs Ayodele salaamed from behind. Ese grinned and gave her Mother-in-Law a hug



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