"Madam, Ese is fit to go home, she'll be discharged tomorrow morning" The doctor told her mother

"Oh thank you doctor, i'm tired of being held here...i hate the smell of hospital" Ese replied

"It's okay, you'll be out by tomorrow"

Ember walked in alongside Dave....Ese turned her face to the wall
"I'll excuse you both" Imade said as she beckoned on Ember. They both walked out of the room.

"I forgave you already Dave, you don't have to apologize" Ese snapped

"I'm not here to apologize over  what happened. I'm here to apologize for belittling what we had; i'm here to say i'm sorry for not trusting you. I was blinded by my anger and the pain of  being maltreated by a man like me"

"The problem i have with people is how they suddenly forget all the promises they made while things were better. You told me you loved me Dave, Love doesn't hurt; you broke me and left the vultures to devour what was left of me. I trusted you; i hoped that you'd change your mind. You didn't; instead, you stood against everything you ever believed. I forgive you and i also thank you for saving my life...but i can no longer be with you" Ese sniffed

"There's no forgiveness if i don't get you back....I'm sorry for hurting you; Ese i really am.
I saw your dress on a lady who made reference to what i had told you a few hours before the incident.  Thinking it was you, i got angered. I was furious because i thought you mocked my feelings, took it for granted and valued money over what we had" 

"Ade used the same phrase you used?' Ese was amazed

"Yes... she said something about me calling you 'babe', and how she hadn't replied the 'i love you' phrase...."

"Oh my God! that devil. I had called her to lament over not seeing you" Ese sat up

"Yes...all these got me really infuriated. I was hurt, but i regret not giving you a chance to explain"

"If tables were turned, i'd have thought worse...the shirt was mine, but i gave it to her, when she came over to pick a few clothes i wanted to give out."

"Everything came to light when she got arrested. You don't need need to pacify me any further. I'm sorry Ese, i really am..."
"It's okay, i now see things from your perspective." Dave stood, sat by her bedside, and kissed her hand. "I love you so much; the days you were locked up, i was living in denial....i always knew it'd be hard to prosecute you"

"Prison life isn't that bad, it taught me a few things..." Ese rolled her eyes

"mmm.. did i create a monster, what did it teach you?"

"being more expressive.." she chuckled as she raised her head to kiss him

"You learnt well" he giggled

"I love you Dave Ayodele Brandon" 

"I love you more..." 


Viv and Tobe sat in the living room; their parents had chosen a day for the issues between them to be laid bare.

"Vivian, you are my daughter. I call you the daughter without the in law in it, because i have been a friend of your father's since childhood. We both built everything we have from scratch and when my son married another woman against our wish, despite our dissatisfaction, we gave him our blessings. When the marriage fell apart, we realized the heart break might push him to the wall. His mother suggested we speak to your father about introducing you two and the rest is history. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage and, i urge for you to forgive you husband. He didn't do right; But to err is human and to forgive divine. Chief Tobe pleaded

"My friend has said it all. Viv go back to your husband's house; i do not have a place for you in my house. I'm hoping Dave will get married soon and move out to his own house too." Chief Brandon concurred

"Dad, Mum, thanks for intervening in our marital dispute. We have both resolved our issues and taken a stand on how to make our marriage better."  Tobias replied

"That's awesome! Tob i'm really proud of you" Mrs Ayodele smiled.

"Speaking on marriage, Dave should bring a girl home....He's of Age" Tobias's mum mocked

"I see the way he looks at that girl from the office...i have  a feeling those two are lovers" Tobia's dad grinned

"Same girl he prosecuted? Tobe's mum looked startled

"Why else would he refuse for the girl to be prosecuted without allowing the due course to be followed? Dave ensured the police completed their investigations.He refused charging the case to court without thorough investigations" His dad laughed

"Love can be really confusing"  Mrs Brandon added as everyone joined in the laughter


"Christmas is in the air...."Ese looked happy as she walked out of the hospital

"Not just Christmas; the annual gala is in a few weeks" ember cheered

"I can't wait..." they both chorused

Dave drove to where Imade, Ember and Ese were waiting

"Please go sit in front...."Ember waved at Ese

Ese sneered, got in the front seat and kissed Dave

"waaaawuuuuu" the girls chorused.

to be continued.......