Married single and complicated - Affairs of the heart

"We need a new driver!" Ronke spat at Remi

"What happened to cosmos?"

"Life happened."

"I left him at home on my way out earlier on; how come he resigned without due notice."

Ronke ignored his question.

"I'm sure you have shown him the irritable part of you. No man would want to put up with an arrogant lady boss or not. You should be grateful for having me around." He hissed

"Find a way to get a new driver. The holidays will soon be over. Unless you intend taking up the job of school runs."

Remi frowned

"I guess not then... Your lazy spend thrift ass won't allow you be responsible. Oniranu oshi"  she cursed

"You know that insult has earned you a slap... I'll reserve it for another time. Nurse the wounds you earned from your previous acts of insubordination." He walked out on her.

"Cruel monster!" She cursed underneath her breath.

Remi picked his phone to call a friend. Damian had a way of getting domestic staff quickly. "Damian I'm in a fix"

"Hey baba! What's up?"

"My arrogant wife has chased out the last driver you got for us... Can you get us another one?"

"You and that your wife..." He laughed. "Cosmos told me he got a better Job. I don't think your wife was responsible for his disappearance."

"I left him at home earlier on.. He never mentioned it"

"These staff have their ways of doing things. He probably thought your wife pays him... So, she should be the one to know about his resignation."

Remi kicked the base ball hat on the floor. He hated anyone reminding  him of his inadequacies.

"I'll get you one within 48 hours" Damian broke to silence

"That'll  be nice of you bro... My wife will be gladdened by the news"

"Please Remi be a man and take over your home. Aren't you tired of being a Casanova?"

"Brother, I'm trying my best"

"You should... My regards to Ronke and the kids"

"They'll hear...yours too."

Remi lay in bed staring into space. He had just left Liz who was clearly smitten. Liz had introduced him to her two siblings, and her sister, Becca; showed her instant disapproval. Not that he cared, but he didn't want anyone who'd be some sort of negativity to Liz thereby, ruining his plans. This would probably be his last game... Or maybe not. For now, he would milk her dry. She worked in a nice firm and her take home was enviable. If Ronke was still acting possessed by the time he was done with Liz, he'd go for an older lady who had eyes for him and then, consider quitting the game. He needed a retirement plan, one that involved money. Liz and chief Mrs, would do the sorting.


Ego walked in on her parents arguing. This was a norm  in her house. Her father liked to argue over trivial issues and her mother never accepted the defeat.

"Hi dad, hi mum"

Her parents eyed her and continued with their conversation

"Tonia sends her greetings"

I called her over an hour ago and was told you had left her place"

"My car broke down and it took me over two hours to fix it.."She lied. She had stopped over at her boyfriend's place( someone she had some sort of intimacy agreement with)

"You always have an excuse... Go do the dishes the kitchen sink is filled with them"

"Why will the sink be filled with dishes? I left only you two at home after cleaning the house" she was close to tears

Her father laughed. "We had a meeting, a few family members came. Adanna- you know her now, your second cousin brought her husband-to-be, for pre-introduction, and we had to entertain them. Maybe if you were married, I'd think of getting a help."

"This isn't fair, I'm sure there were little children amidst the visitors; they could have done the dishes"

"Mechie Onu giii" (meaning: shut up!) Her dad barked . "Go in there, do those dishes and come down for prayers. Your mates are planning life with their husbands while you choose to remain a permanent tenant in my house."

"I won't marry a pauper because of your pressures. I'll wait and marry right!" She grumbled into the kitchen

"Gold digger!" Her mother shouted after her.

Ego was lost in thoughts. Her lover or whatever they were, saw her as an object of sexual satisfaction. There were no future plans. She had asked him after another round of pleasure what the future held for them and he had simply laughed.... As though she asked a rhetorical question. Two years, she'd stuck by him. The son of a prominent minster. He had his shortcomings, but she didn't mind; the money would heal her pain so she had thought. Judging from how things were, She didn't want a very rich man anymore, someone better than her sister's husband would do. Or maybe someone like her sisters husband? He loved her. She could tell from her last visit that even though that home lacked finances, her sister was happy.

Her phone rang... It was an unknown caller. "Who could this be?" she asked

"Hello... Good evening." She had paused  the dish washing to take the call.

" Hi. My name is Joel..."

"Oh.. My life saver. How are you?" She grinned

"I'm fine. I hope I'm not calling at the wrong time. I totally forgot to get back to you; been so busy with work"

"Oh I see...Not really. I actually just got back from a friends place..."

"So what are you up to?"

"Right now, doing dishes." She laughed

"I don't understand. At this hour? Why not leave it till tomorrow?"

"That's suicidal! My mother would have my head if these dishes didn't get out of the sink tonight"

"Oh I see... Homely. That's a good one" he chuckled

"I'm the officer in charge of dish washing at the Okafors' residence" she mocked

Joel laughed...."that's a serious office. I hope you do your duties well though"

I go beyond. "The chief inspector who's my mother will have my head if I didn't." She laughed

Joel joined in the laughter. "Your sense of humor is top notch...you still owe me lunch though"

"True that...Okay. make your choice and send me the address tomorrow."

"I'm busy tomorrow. I have to be at my parents' every Sunday. Its a ritual for us"

"Oh I see..."

"Monday? Lunch time?"

"I'm resuming work on Monday and i  may be on call that day, or even close late"

"Call, You are?"

"A doctor..." Ego chuckled

"Wow... Two strikes in one day. Humour filled and brainy. I must be lucky"

Ego laughed. "I could do dinner though. That's if I close by 7pm"

"Dinner then.... I'll keep in touch. I had a Great time talking with you Dr Ego"

"You too Jo..." Good night

Ego laughed hysterically! This guy was clearly a lover boy but his weight? She would take things slow... Really slow. After being someone's sexual fantasy, she didn't want to be a weight experiment too. If he had good intentions, time would tell. But she was just too tired to ignite anything.

"You should hurry with those plates. We need to pray so your daddy can go to bed" her mother walked into the kitchen

"Okay mum..."She was too happy to care about her mother's sarcasm

"I hope that laughter resulted from landing a husband. If it didn't, you need to re-evaluate your reasons for being happy Dr. Ego." Her mother added as she walked out of the kitchen.


  Celia gazed at Gabby...She loved this moment. That calmness he had when he slept in her arms. She loved it.

Gabby was her boss who had taken to her after his home became too heated to live in. She hadn't seen any wrong in helping out a man who needed to let off some steam until she started falling for him. She had fallen for someone else's husband and she realized not too long after, that it was mutual. The big problem was the delay. This whole charade had been going on for 2 years and until recently, she had seen no light at the end of this tunnel. Finally he was getting a divorce and they would be together.

Gabby's phone was ringing. She checked the caller it was Amanda his wife. "Joy killer.."She spat. "Gabs your wife is calling"

"At this time of the night?" He murmured as he took the call. "Mandy, hi..."

"Gabby where are you? Please come over I'm dying" she cried

Gabby sat up. Dying, What's wrong? I thought you were at your mother's place?"

"Yes I am...My mum left for a vigil I'm  alone. Please come over"

"I'm not in Lagos. I can't make it to yours this night"

"Okay.." She sniffed

"Get someone to drive you to the hospital, I'll call you in the morning to know how you are faring."

Mandy hung up.

Gabby shook his head and sighed. Amanda had different attention seeking tactics.

"What if she gets worse? You'd cut our holiday short to go be with her right? " Celia spat

"Celia... Its 2am, I need to sleep; can we talk about this later today?"

"I'm tired of battling with your ex wife. For goodness sake. Go through with the divorce or let things be!"

Your want a fight? I'll pass... He stood up and left for the living room. They were in a Suite."

Celia followed him. "I just turned 29 and in  12 months I'll be 30! I need to know my stand. Know where I belong in all these. If you want me stuck in a world of confusion, i can't handle it anymore. I want out"

"No no no no... Please don't even say that. You'll kill me if you do. I have nothing else asides my daughter. Please." He knelt beside her begging.

"I'm just confused. I feel terrible for dating you as a Married man and I also feel responsible for breaking your home."

"You didn't break my home. It was over before we even began. Stop beating yourself up over it."

"I want to get married she cried... I want my own home too"

"Give it a few months, we will be man and wife. Meanwhile, we should get busy. Maybe, make a baby before then, Whayasay?" He said with a smirk on his face

"The things you say...Gabs.." She smiled as he Carried her to the bedroom


Monica was perplexed. She Wanted her car, yet she was not going to sacrifice her chance of meeting her husband for chief. In three months, she'd be turning 31.
Chief wanted her to go to Owerri with him... That was an impossible feat. She'd go earlier than scheduled. Her boss still owed her a few favors and she could use one of them. Leaving for Owerri early enough would disrupt chief's plan. Bravo!

"Hello chief..."Monica had called chief.

"I'll be leaving for owerri within the week my mother just called and asked that I come home. It is an emergency"

"Hmmmm. Monica.... This emergency does it involve money? If it does,we can send her the money now, while you travel home with me next week"

"No no... I told you she was sick. She needs someone around her"

"Oh....Life first then. Have a safe trip. I'll have the accountant wire some money to you"

"thank you so much chief"

Monica packed her bags. She would call her boss from the village explaining how important it was for her to leave for her hometown. If he wasn't satisfied, he would get his reward when she returned.

Monica Walked into her fathers compound. She had  missed home. The last time she was here was during her cousin's wedding. Her uncle lived on the other wing of the big house, hence the wedding ceremony had been hosted here. She imagined her own celebration being done. Whatever it takes Monica, whatever it takes

"Ehhhhhhhh see my daughter!" her mother screamed

"Mama"she hugged her mother

"Nnor oooo, nne nnor( meaning welcome)"

"Thank you mama"

"You came earlier than scheduled is everything alright?"

"Mama I needed a few days off work."

"Oh that's good."Her mother replied. Monica and her mother walked into the house as Ugo was asked to go fetch the food items from the car.

 To be continued


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