Married singles and complicated --- Love is never simple

Monica threw one last glance at the mirror. She straightened her hair using a small comb. Her would be in laws were outside with her uncles and mother. "Monica," her mother called out

"Yes mama!"

"Oya oya start coming out, don't keep our guests waiting."

Monica stepped out to see a group of older men smiling, laughing or grinning at each other's comments over palm wine.  A man seated between her uncle and chief Afor stared deeply at her; more like he was trying to see into her soul!
That should be Chidi she thought. every other person were very much older and even though she hadn't lived in the village for too long, she recognized a few of them. 

"Welcome our wife... Chief Afor greeted her with a smile."

Monica blushed

"Monica," her uncle called out. "These men are here to ask for your hand in marriage, they brought these drinks because of you; should we accept them?"

"Yes papa...." She smiled at Chidi

"Okay then.."  Her uncle said a few prayers, observing spiritual rights before taking a shot of the schnapps gin. He passed the drink around, laughing as he did and everyone took a shot or two reeling out laughter in the process. 
Formal rites were done and as sunset drew nearer, the elders stood to leave one after another. Chidi walked towards Monica who sat on a bench beside the door.

"Hi wifey..."

Monica chuckled

"You know when my father told me we were coming to take a wife, i was expecting to see some village champion"

"Oh dear, that's not fair... a woman is a woman irrespective of her exposure"

"I'm not arguing that fact.... i'm only saying that i'm pleased.....beyond pleased. I'm satisfied"

"I didn't think this match making thing would go well, but i kinda like the fact that you came in a box wrapped as a perfect early birthday present." Monica chuckled

"When is your birthday?"

"Three months from now, i'm  turning 31.."

"Wow... you don't look it...you could pass for a teenager"

"Flatter me all you want....i'm still your wife anyway"

"I hope you'd pass these good genes to our children?...I'm 40, but I look 45; Heard that a lot"

"Nah you don't. You just look mature."

"A better way to put it. But Mature, older what's the difference?"

"You don't look like my uncle- that's older. Mature, you look your age but more civil..." Monica laughed.

"Hmmm... I appreciate the compliment. I should be on my way, I'll see you tomorrow we could go to the governor's lounge to have a few drinks... the governor is my cousin."

Never! chief would be at that same lounge with his stake holders or even close. Anyone of his friends would recognize her as chief's long lover....

"Yes or no?" chidi asked jolting her back to reality

 "Errmm... " she coughed, "we could do some place simple. I don't like such extravagant places..."

"Oh.. a simple lady; okay then. We would decide when we see tomorrow"

"Of course...." Monica smiled as she stood to walk her husband in waiting.


"Babes, you look downcast; is everything alright?" Tonia asked as she dropped her bag on the only stool in the living room

"I didn't get the job!" he cried

"It's okay...don't be sad, we will be fine. God has a reason for that"

"Reason? i'm tired Tonia... i hate to see you suffer. You are due in a few months and we haven't even shopped for the baby's things"

"God will take care of us. Besides, my parents sent us enough food stuff to last six months. They also sent some money through Ego."

"I know.... I know all these. When will i be able to fend for you? i just want to be able to take care of  you"

"We will be fine!" Tonia stroked his face

Another one, another interview and George had failed to land the job. Her boss had told her she would have to stay off work when she's seven months gone. she needed the rest. Her blood pressure was elevated and her doctor had sent a mail directly to her office asking that she be allowed to rest a while. The disadvantage was that it was not a maternity leave hence she would not be paid for the months she'd be absent from work. George didn't have to know this else he'd relapse into deep thinking. Ego would come through, her parents would....she had briefed her mother and she trusted they would come through.

"baby your phone is ringing"

"It's Clifford my friend.. I'm guessing he wants to ask about the interview... And i'm not up for any conversation right now"

"Why don't you take the call, he might just have an alternative for you"

"hey man!" George greeted

"George how did it go?"

"As usual, no experience, too qualified academically for the job"

"How would one get experience if these companies won't even give someone a chance to prove themselves?"

George sighed

"Anyway, my friend called to ask if i had someone who needed a driving Job; Do you know anyone who wouldn't mind taking the Job?"

"I don't mind taking the Job at all!" George sat up. "What are the working conditions?"
"You'll work from 8 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Saturdays; you'd do mostly school runs and run a few errands"

"Wow.. Clifford you are indeed a bearer of Good news. When do i meet my employer?"

"tomorrow. i'll ask Damian to call you"

"okay man thanks. Do you have an idea of what's being paid?"

"Damian told me they paid the last driver forty thousand Naira"

"Oh My God! that's a lot. I'll be expecting the call from your friend Damian..."

"Okay man; my regards to your wife"

"She'll hear" George laughed loudly as he ended the call

"You look happy," Tonia said 

"I am happy! Clifford just gave me great news. There's an executive driving job he's hooking me up with. Working hours is from 8 am to 5 pm, and the pay is forty thousand Naira. I only do school runs, and a few errands."

"That's okay...." she frowned

"Why....wh-y, are you not happy?" George stammered

"A driver? it's belittling. You have two degrees babes....that's really low"

'We should start somewhere; if i bring home that kind of amount monthly, we won't have to depend entirely on your income. I need for my wife to rest too"

Tonia sighed. "Please be careful; please..."

"I will...it's just school runs, and errands within Lagos, i'm not travelling, neither am i  transporting goods" he laughed

Tonia joined in the laughter...


Ego grinned from ear to ear as she walked into her new place of work. The hospital was so big that without it's state of the art equipment and orderliness, one would easily  mistake it for another government owned facility.

"Good-day, i'm Dr Ego and i am to resume work today" she smiled at the receptionist

"Welcome doc, over there" the unsmiling receptionist pointed her to another person.

Ego soon finished with the introductory formalities. Four of them had resumed employment at the hospital that morning. 

"Where's the fifth person?" an elderly looking lady called out

They all observed each other....Ego didn't even know they were expecting others let alone notice someone was missing

"Okay, you can go to the call rooms. Work starts now." The woman she soon learned was the head of Administration, commanded.

"Good...morning...."a young looking man who had run across the hallway, greeted breathlessly

"Oh, i presume you are Dr Ben?"

"Yes....i'm so sorry i'm late, i had a little bit of..."

"It's okay...You can resume work when you are well rested..."The Head of Admin smiled.

Ego was taken aback! This lady had a frown for over two hours. In the couple of hours she had introduced them around the facility and didn't even feign a smile when one of the new staff had shared a joke. Suddenly, she's warm towards the late comer....Nigeria; clearly, he's the son to one of the high and mighty.
Ego eyed the young doctor as he walked off into one of the call rooms


Gabby walked into his home. This was once his sanctuary. Someplace he found peace; or maybe had found peace.
Amanda should be home now, she had called to tell him she'd be back home from her mother's since she wasn't getting any better.

"Amanda you look frail. Have you been to the Hospital?"

"I have... I'm pregnant."

" Pregnant, How?"

"The other night you were drunk...Things fell apart and it happened"

"Aman...da. This will complicate things further...I want a divorce!" he rubbed his head

"I don't know what you want from me Gabby. We could work this out... I know I made a mistake. I'm sorry and I want things to change between us"

"Nothing is changing between us...You betrayed my trust. You knew how much I loved you. Yet you went ahead to court my best friend. I'm done... If I took advantage of you in my drunken state, I'll take care of the baby when its born...I'll still divorce you!"

"Gabby please...Let's make this right..."

"I love another woman Amanda! I can't do this"

"You can...You just don't want to. I know you can't love another woman like you did me."We've been together for over a decade"

"You should have thought about that when you consistently broke my trust!"

"I want to change for you... For us.." she stood and walked closer to him

Gabby wept. "I...I.. Have gotten myself into something else"

"Then untangle yourself...I'm willing to take you back" she held him closely.

"I can't do this!" Gabby walked out of the house, rushed into his car and drove off....as the tears stung. He had planned to make Celia his wife. This new turn of events would make things difficult. Right now, the only place he wanted to be was with her; Not his wife who had jeopardized all they had to sleep with his best friend, and two other men or maybe 3, 4, 5...? he had lost count over the years. Ten years of being together and he despised her! loathed her for being a traitor. He hated to drink...whenever he did, bad things happened. Bad things like this horrible incidence. Another baby would mean he's stuck with the Jezebel he married. He picked his phone to call Celia. That was the sane thing to do and it was the only place his heart would feel at home.

"Celia....I need to see you...please..." He begged over the phone.

 Celia was bothered. Gabby sounded really confused, worried or even sad. She couldn't place his emotions but whatever it was he was feeling, She had better news to soothe his pain.

"Gab... Are you okay, you sounded a bit off on the phone" Celia hugged a non-respondent Gabby

"She doesn't want the divorce..."

"I don't..t under..stand" Celia stammered

"Amanda is pregnant for me!"

"What! How could that be?"

"I went home drunk the night we had that huge fight...One thing led to the other, and it happened"

"Oh dear lord...What have I gotten myself into?" Celia gasped as she reached for the edge of her bed

"She's asking that we reconcile but I can't...Amanda has betrayed me for too long...I only feel hate for her."

"Gabs, with this new development, you can't divorce her anytime soon."

"I know...But I can't be with her. I love you Celia and I cannot be with Amanda anymore"

"I'm pregnant Gabs, I was going to break this news to you in Akwaibom but you had our holiday cut short over Amanda's illness"

"Oh lord, this is great news! we've been trying for a baby for so long..."Gabby wiped his face

"How is this good news? Howwwwwww....oh lord!" she cried

"It is...I'll stand by you while we have this baby"

"And Amanda's ?"

"I'll handle all these...I'll have the divorce finalized after she has had our baby"

"I am so confused....Having a baby out of wedlock isn't the birthday gift I hoped for. Do something Gabby, do something else I'll opt for an abortion!"

"No no no... I still doubt that Amanda's baby is mine. Prior to that night, I hadn't slept with her since i found out about her betrayal; that's over two years ago. I have a feeling she tricked me into bed because she might have known she was pregnant all the while."

"I'm speechless...What's going to happen to me! That's my question Gabby!" She yelled

"I'll fix this, have this baby; this will be a silver lining for me....Our union already is, but I'll be happy if you kept the baby"

"I want to get married... I want to be your wife! Not your baby mama"

"You'll be both, allow me fix this my love; I'll fix it and make you happy"

"I love you too Gab, I'm just confused"

"Don't be... I'll sort out all of these. As of now, I'll be speaking with my lawyers, whatever it takes I have to ensure the divorce pulls through...You'll need to wait a little"

Celia smiled... "Sometimes, I wonder what my life will be without you in it"

"Mine would be meaningless and pale.... I can't marry you right away. But,..."

"Shssssssshhh Celia put a finger across his lips...I'd rather have uncertainty with you than certainty anywhere else."


"I'd like for you to tell me a little more about yourself chidi"

"Ahhh....What's there to know? Everyone in this village knows I've been away for over a decade"

"I know that... But I need intimate details" she sipped from her glass of wine

"Okay; ask away"

"The basics..."

"You know that already Monica...I'm a US citizen who worked hard for fifteen years to etch his name in the sands of time."


"You on the other hand, are a very beautiful woman... I hear you are well read and you have quite a good job"

"You heard well, although rumor mongers hold the act of exaggeration dearly."

Chidi giggled

"Errmmm one last thing though... I heard among men who live abroad, some marry for legal purposes....How true is that?"

"Hmmmmm.....Opinions differ, its true; but every one has their reason for doing these things... Getting married isn't the only way to get a legitimate stay"

"If I may ask, how did you legalize your stay..."

"The logistics do not matter..." He forced an annoyed smile

"Let's just eat....Enough of all these prying...." Chidi forced another smile

Monica shivered at the thought of Chidi being married...He wasn't; her mind was just playing tricks on her...Probably one of her too many inner demons trying to destroy what she was fighting so hard to build.

"This fish tastes nice...." She said as she took a bite from the salmon

to be continued.......


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