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MISCONCEPTION- Beauty Is Only Skin Deep 1

Mope jumped at the sound of the vigilante's gong; she hissed. Living in the remote part of Lagos had it's downsides. She heaved a sigh of relief upon realizing that the electricity had been restored. Electricity was a jewel around here.

She juggled through her scattered personal effects as she stood to take a leak. Turning on the light, she observed that the light's control switch was faulty- oh no, it was the bulb. These PHCN guys had fluctuated their poor electricity and left her bulb dead. she hissed again and soon found her way to the toilet in the dark. Streaks of light filtered in from her neighbor's window. 
Theresa was a big girl who could afford to run her generator till dawn. Luckily, the electricity had been restored so she didn't have to battle with the noise from the generator. How and why she'd ended up living in oshodi oke amazed her. Tee as she was fondly called, dined with the high and mighty. Everyone knew how she was friends with the daughter of the famous TV presenter Felicia Daniels. Maybe some persons liked to lay low she thought to herself as she struggled back through her scattered stuff back to her bed.


Samson waltzed into Theresa's office. She shone like a goddess. If only she'd accept his proposal and make his life complete by being his wife. To him, Theresa was an artistic imagination; she was a true African woman with the perfect skin tone of a Caucasian. Her carriage around the office environment was one of class; anyone who was lucky enough to have her would have acquired a jewel
"Hello tee" Sam greeted

"Hey" She replied

"I sent you the J and J files have you seen them?" 

"I haven't; when i do, i'll work on them and send them back to you"

"Oh... alright. Errrmmm do you have a few minutes? i need to talk to you about something"

"I don't; i am very busy" she said firmly

"I could come back later" Sam sensed the brute in her tone

"Please don't. I have too many things to occupy my self with. Ain't got time for frivolities"

Sam sighed. This was an ugly part of tee he battled with

"Shut the door after you please..."tee said as Sam walked out 

 Wale rushed towards Theresa's office and though it was normal for wale to fume, everyone wondered what tee had done to deserve the fury today

"Theresa, why the delay on J and J files, i just saw Mr. Sam walk out of here and when i asked him, he said the files were still with you"

"Yes they are; and i'm still working on them" she replied calmly

"I want those files in 30 minutes. If i don't get them, expect a query"

"You can't waltz in here and bark others at me Mr wale! i'll have your files ready in 1 hour and that's it"

Between them, this was the clash of the titans. Wale was the arrogant young boss whilst Theresa was tagged the 'petite Ms money-miss-road'. She was as arrogant as they come and her parents had asked her to go stay in the slum so she'd learn a bit of courtesy. Theresa had moved from her home in banana island to a rented apartment in Oshodi-Oke. Even though she had pimped the apartment, her current environment reeked of poverty- something she had never been familiar with.
Theresa had been married once and almost married to another. On those two occasions, the marriage had fallen apart on grounds of her insubordination. Maybe asking her to mix with the lowly would change her perspective about life.


Mope flagged a pure water seller, she was damn thirsty. The streets of Lagos were not friendly to anyone. Why won't God show her mercy and give her a job. How can someone be so educated and still jobless.the two degrees she had bagged in Business administration from the prestigious university of Lagos titled her an MBA holder. Haven graduated with a first class from her first degree, she was qualified for a scholarship for another degree in the same school. She had battled all odds to ensure she completed both phases.

Shuttling buses was a task in Lagos but she didn't mind. She had to get to Victoria island. Theresa had told her of an opening at their office this morning while she drove out for work. She had wanted to join her to work, but tee had laughed at her and told her it was too early to go round submitting CVs

She hopped on a bus headed for CMS; from there, she'd be able to find her way to Victoria island.

"mi o ni change oo ( i do not have change)" the conductor said fiercely to her as she handed him a 500 naira note.

she ignored the rants from him. Living in Lagos for so long had taught her that, conductors would sling mud in your face if you argued with them.
she soon got to her bus stop and the angry conductor threw her change at her cursing as he did.
"oloshi" she spat at the moving vehicle

She found a bike and hailed it to the street where the office was situated...as she got off  the bike, adjusting her skirt, she was locked in a gaze with a tall dark guy-"This isn't your spec Mope..( she was petite, with a slender figure) sometimes, people mistook her for a kid and with the annoying pimples bulging from every part of her oily face, any foundation she had on had been ruined with the stress of getting to this office. She looked away immediately as she noticed a frown on his face. 

Mope asked to see Theresa, everyone was shocked. "Tee has a friend? that's unusual!" one of the staff voiced out as she ushered her into tee's office.

"Hi you.."Tee had a stern look; "You look horrible" she grinned

"I know....i hopped in a molue; in fact, several molues....i've had a hectic morning. The life of a job hunter" she sighed

"Too bad..your life is horrible" she spat

Mope laughed...."you know you don't have to be that blunt tee; you'd give off as being rude"

"Well, i do not care. Buckle up, i'm taking you to my not-so-nice boss" she mocked


Wale sat behind his desk. Why the smallish dark lady gazed at him earlier on, still baffled him. She wasn't his spec nahhh....he liked Theresa. They both had history and though Theresa had brushed it off as a fling, he had gotten a little attached from the charade. His pride and arrogance took the better part of him. Tee was a woman with arrogance and she was not submissive. She had  a bad attitude and those were some of the reasons he treated her with so much disdain. Deep down, he had a soft spot for her and she knew it. 
He heard a soft rap on his door.
"come in" he barked

Tee walked in with the petite ruffled looking girl. "Good afternoon Mr wale. I'm done with the J and J files; i sent them to your mail" she said as she found herself a seat.

"I didn't ask you to seat" he replied

"I can't keep standing; i have a lot to tell you" she replied bluntly

He rubbed his face....there was no wining with Theresa. "Who's she?" he asked 

"She's the new marketing officer. I find her skill really useful;. i had a conversation with her earlier on and i noticed she'll do well in the marketing team."

'We aren't open for employment" he replied

"We are short staffed in that department for the enormous job on ground. I thought you wouldn't mind a contract staff"

"What's her qualification, why am i even asking?" he chuckled...."she probably has an OND and i guess this is also a pity party like the cleaner right"

"I really don't know; let her speak for herself"

Mope soon found her lost voice. "I'm a graduate sir"

"uh uh.... okay..borrowed certificate worse still, bribed your way through some half baked university" he laughed, tee joined in a soft chuckle

"I graduated with a first class from the university of Lagos, and i also hold an MBA from same school"

Wale was dumbfounded (he didn't see that coming) even tee was baffled. "I didn't know this about you" tee chuckled

"errrmmm....okay you'd have to prove yourself. Resume work first thing tomorrow morning

A delighted Mope almost screamed in the small office. "Thank you, thank you," she kept rolling in as tee tapped her to stay calm


mope ( she helped him)

"can you please wait outside? I need to talk to tee for a few minutes"

"okay" she replied as she stepped out of the office.


To be continued tomorrow 

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