Married single and complicated - Intricate Relationships

Ego hissed as her car was brought to a halt... "Why would this car choose to go faulty today of all days?" She hissed again. One of the reasons she hated riding her car to the slum where her sister lived was because she was scared of theft. This smaller car always developed unforeseen faults.
She got down, opened the bonnet of the car and inspected its engine. Hopefully, she'll be able to find the fault. Every damn thing looked like Greek letters...She shook her head and sighed. The mechanic would never come out on a Saturday to pick up this car...turning to the road, she tried flagging down a couple of vehicles. All the vehicles sped past without stopping for her. "What sort of bad luck is this now? I should have sent the Nanny to give her these things" she hissed again.

 A Nissan SUV stopped just behind her car. "Hello.." it's driver greeted as he alighted

"Hi..." Ego replied eagerly

"I saw you flagging down vehicles; I had gone past but decided to turn around to get back to you. What's wrong with the car?"

"I really don't know; it suddenly stopped moving."

"That's not a good one... Could be the battery." The young man moved towards the open bonnet to inspect the car engine.

"I'll go start the car while you try a thing or two" Ego said hastily

After a few trials, the car kicked off... "Woooww... Thank you!"

"My pleasure" he smiled

"My name is Nwakaego"

"I'm Joel but my friends call me Jo"

"Hmmm that's nice... Errmmm here's my card... Can I buy you lunch, sometime?" Ego offered

"Oh yeaa... Not a bad idea."  Jo smiled, took  the complimentary card and walked towards his car.
Ego got into her car and drove off.
The guy was thick....Damn; he looked like he was just getting back from the gym. She wasn't gonna date some mummy's boy who's been fed too fat to get a life. Just a lunch date to thank him. That's if he called her. After which, she'll be back looking for her Mr charming.


Celia was worried for Tonia. Her voice was really low over the phone. The Tonia she knew was high spirited. Today, she was so dull she could tell from their conversation. Tonia had married George. The one man she had loved at first sight. George was her first boyfriend and they had started the relationship in school. When George proposed, Tonia was elated. That came as a surprise to her and even Ego; George was as poor as a church rat, One Tee had fed while in school, and years after graduation, he still fed from hand to mouth. Yet he wanted to marry. They had thought the marriage wouldn't last a few months but Tonia had proven them wrong. Love after all is everything.... she sighed

Gabby peered into Celia's office. "Happy birthday beautiful..." He smiled

"You owe me a present you bad boy!"

"Do I?"

"Yes you do.." she chuckled

Gabby walked in, held her waist and kissed her.

"We shouldn't be doing this....Gabs"

"Why? I care about you, you do too.....what's the fuss?"

"Your wife..."

"Ex wife Celia"

"The divorce hasn't pulled through yet. You guys still live together with your daughter."

"We are getting a divorce. Amanda cannot deny that fact. We just have some sort of agreement. We want our daughter to turn five. We want her to see us both together when she's five"

"I can't do this...My mother wants me to settle down soon"

"Baby... Kimberly will be five in two months. You've waited this long, why complain?"

"Promises, that's all you do... I'm tired"

"Don't be..."

"I....."Gabby leaned closer and kissed her. stopping her from having any further conversation.

"These things you do..."She grinned

"Oh yea... Let's see how much older you  feel tonight....My place?"


"She's at her mother's; Amanda has her for the weekend"

"I'll prefer mine..."

"Let's have a weekend getaway then. Today is Saturday, you should close from work in a bit. I could wait in the parking lot."

"Where are we headed"

"We'll take the last flight to Akwaibom"

"I have to be back to work by Monday..."

"Pack your things, I'm the boss...." He kissed her again.


Liz fiddled with her phone; she had called  Remi two hours ago and he said he was on his way to hers. Why the delay? She dialed his number yet again.

"Remi where are you?"

"My car developed a minor fault... I've been at the mechanic. Had to hail a cab when i discovered i had an appointment with you."

"Oh darling, You could have called me. I'd have come over to pick you up at your place."

"I didn't want to stress you... Besides my mother is around. I've got a full house"

"I see...."

"So, are you on your way now?"

"Yes I am"

"Okay see you soon" he blew her a kiss and hung up.

Another one in the nest....Remi laughed. He was a serial gigolo...Proud to be called one. Ladies had used him and battered his heart and his comeback was to get a rich girl, use and dump her. Ronke, his wife was his third victim. The others simply did as much as they could, and left when they realized his demands got too much. Ronke had fallen for him and disregarded the fact that he was jobless and his entire being screamed gigolo. They had gotten married and she remained the breadwinner while he kept  canvassing the women folk.

Liz was beautiful and successful. Since Ronke had become too difficult to handle, he needed an alternative. Someone he could fall back on financially. Liz fit the picture. Whatever the case, he wasn't going to lose his family for an outside game... this was just another one for him.


"Chief you blew me off all through the weekend. Its not fair"

"Monica... You know I'm a very busy man. I asked you to come to the lounge to spend some time with me, you refused"

"I have to work... You know how relaxed I could be when I'm in that lounge of yours."

"Oh oh... Its not my fault then." Chief laughed revealing his kola nut tainted teeth.

"I have thought about the car proposal... I'll get you the SUV... The latest RAV 4 would do right?"

"Ahhhhh my baby! Chief chief... I love you so much!" she pecked him

"But, I have this trip I want to make by the end of the month. Its for a business meeting and it'll be very boring. I want you to come with me. After the trip, I'll have your car shipped to you."

Monica's mood dampened. The same month end she was to go to the village to see her mother and possibly meet her American suitor. "Chief, I have to go to Owerri. I can't make it to that meeting with you."

"The meeting is even in Owerri. I have a meeting with stakeholders. You can go home and come sleep over at the hotel every evening. I won't disturb your movement"

Monica sighed...this was going to be a herculean task. Owerri was a small town and its walls were thin.

"Chief....You know I have a lot of respect for my folks. I can't sleep out even when I'm home."

"What do you mean? Haven't you done it before? Last Christmas we went for the same stake holders meeting. why is this any different?"

Monica became temporarily speechless

"I'm even thinking I'll come see your parents. I want to make you my third wife."

"Chief! Third wife?"

"Is that a bad thing?"

"N..onnno... I'm sorry" she stammered

"I know all these small boys would want to enter that same place I'm entering ( chief always used this term) I want to make you my wife and put a seal of ownership on you."

Monica grew silent. This new development didn't favor her. Yes chief has been her rock, and everything, but marrying him as his third wife wasn't in her plan. This had suddenly become complicated.


Ronke hissed as she realized her randy husband had left the house.
"Caroline!" she called out

"Yes ma..."

"Please take the children to the play ground. They need the timeout. I'll like to catch a nap."

"Okay ma..."

"And please, ask the driver to come in, I need him to run some errands too"

"Yes ma...." Caro raised her brows. Every domestic staff knew madam had a thing with the driver.

"Cosmos, madam wants you inside" Caro said sarcastically

Cosmos shook his head; all of this had to stop. He was tired of losing the respect of other staff just because they knew he graced her bed. He would talk things over with her and if she refused, There were other jobs out there.

"Cosmos...You have been avoiding me" Ronke fondled with his chest.

"I haven't.. Just been a bit busy"

"Really..." she moved closer to him.

"Yes, really. I feel guilty Ronke. You are Married, I am too; I feel bad for hurting my wife"

"What's with this sermon?"

"I want this to stop Ronke"

"Well, I'm addicted to you" she moved closer again; this time she tried to unbutton his shirt.

"I want to be a good man for my wife. I'm hurting her and I don't feel good about it."

"You want to kiss your job good bye?" She spat

"As a matter of fact, I'm resigning...I can't do this anymore. You should work on your marriage. Your kids need their mother and their father, not a divided home."

"You can get out! I don't need your moment of truth."

Cosmos walked out, shutting the door after him.

Ronke sat on the floor... She felt empty. Sleeping with cosmos was a way of getting back at Remi for being a bad husband. In some way, she had grown to like him... Or like what they had (the intimacy felt good). She wished he would change his mind and meet her needs....same needs Remi had refused meeting for eight months. If he wasn't Married and Remi was caught cheating, maybe they could start something... Just maybe, things won't be this intricate

To be continued


  1. The popcorn you shared is almost finished bring some more. See different angles of life, Becca I give it to you thanks for keeping to your promise. See you on Saturday!

    1. My dear, these stories make me view things deeper than they look. This Ronke might be some lady others envy out there if this were real. Na wa na real waaa

  2. Things are always deeper than it seems. I pity this union Ronke and Remi has. Such a Shame

  3. Things are always deeper than it seems. I pity this union Ronke and Remi has. Such a Shame

  4. Becca you'll go places. I complained about the template and you fixed it...You didn't have to, but you did anyway. Thanks. I enjoy reading stories on mobile now. I actually love love love the web version.... Go girl. This story's got me hooked its a good thing you haven't failed on any post day yet. More grease baby

    1. I know her personally and her humility is way out of this world.

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