WORK KPALAVA- 'Jump and Pass'

Chaiiiii, who say adult life easy never grow reach adulthood o. My brethren, i used to think working in the clinics was hectic until i joined the administrative part of Nursing. Phew! e nor easy eeee( in Psquare's voice)

I woke up on a Monday morning deeply appreciative of the new week; the previous week had been super hectic. From meeting with work demands, schooling and blogging (talk about a master of everything) to ensuring i attended some church program. Well well, i grumbled out of bed. I am among the very few people who hate Mondays (pun intended). I usually wake up by 5 am,  stretch for at least 30 minutes (lazy somebody), do my devotion- with my kind of job, you need to pray for: patience, wisdom and favor. Anyone can make you lose your job if you aren't careful.

All of these should take at least one hour. That Monday, i was unnecessarily slow. Despite waking up very late, it took me more than one hour to complete only my devotion. Prayer points kept spurning in; by the time i was done, it was already 7.11 am. oh Lord!

I jumped in the bath and the next thing, my phone started ringing. I knew who it was. My colleague who i usually joined to work.  Asides being my colleague, she's actually my PIC *partner in crime*  She'll probably have a bad day not going to work with me (she'll kill me if she reads this. lol). I ignored the call, and continued with my haphazard bathe.

By the time i was done bathing, my phone had started ringing again for the umpteenth time. It appeared she had called me severally while i observed my devotion- She's an early riser too.
I struggled into a black jumpsuit and paired it with an animal skin blazer when it's zip refused to go beyond a point ( i have a bad shopping habit. I'll buy any clothe i really liked whether or not it was my size. As far as i could juggle into it, i didn't mind wearing it that way) I ran outtta my house with my hair undone, then, ran back in when i caught a glimpse of my self in the window. I quickly wore my wig, dabbed my foundation on my face and rushed out.

One thing, we do not always know, is when your day starts this way, don't be sad, thank God; For you never know what God is trying to save you from.
As usual, my day was damn hectic. Regardless, i had kept a calm attitude all day. I am usually soft spoken; c'mon, i'm a single lady-who knows? my Boaz might just hear my voice and fall in love(*yinmu* Le boo shouldn't see this too)

I got home that day, extremely tired that day and just slept off. Next day, i didn't go to work- i was off duty...(perks of my job-i get to have free time ) i was having a fun off day until my friend called to tell me about the problem of the month. Someone had reported  to management that i was rude and arrogant.!(ghen ghen)

I jumped outta bed and decided to pray about it. Some human being called to buy me free dinner. I love food! hello people, i am a foodie. I rushed through the prayer, got dressed and went out to get dinner. Anyhoos, i soon forgot i had such an issue; My friend was an amazing company and we talked about other issues in depth. I fed fat, (i cant see free food and look away. NEVER.) by the time i got home, i was too tired to even watch my favorite television program. I slept in my outing clothes.

On my way to work the next day, my friend gave me a download of what had happened; suddenly i had an eureka moment. I remembered the client some big woman from some establishment (omagosh!). With just a snap of her fingers, i'd be kissing my job good bye. I kept saying i didn't do it, and stayed extremely calm. Truth be told, i am an extremely calm person when i roll with clients.

Finally, i went down to the client's office to tender an apology (for what i did not do) it is well o... everything went down the drain and the lady ended up being like a mother to me.
I really want to say, sometimes, when you are led to pray some more, please do. You never know the prayer that'll be saving you. It could have been worse; but God averted a doom's day. I'm glad to say, i jump that one pass.

children of God shout halleluyahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Okay.. This is my favourite part of this blog. I love your free styling.

  2. Mrs Adaobi Okoronkwo10 April 2017 at 16:40

    You sound churchy. I love the fact that you acknowledge God in all you do. Go girl, the sky is your starting point

  3. Some clients will almost make you curse yourself for working in a particular firm. Thank God for you ooo I sometimes wonder why people can't be nice or rather, why people can't just allow things slide.Going to her office to beg her... Nawa oo

  4. Oh please! You had to beg her Who are these humans anyway? Thank God it ended well but I keep asking when we pole would let things slide easily.