Married, single and complicated - Nuptials

Tonia walked from the bus stop to her house. Although it wasn't too far, she would have taken a taxi or even boarded keke napep if she could afford the luxury. Times were hard; and saving money from which ever way she could, would help her moneyless marriage.

"Welcome home honey..." George greeted

"Hi you..." Tonia mouthed 

"Seems you trekked round the entire estate. You look worn out"

Tonia shot him a glance...

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean it that way. I actually feel horrible for saying that."

"George, we need to do something about all of this. I'm tired. I'm pregnant for crying out loud. Suffering in silence won't help matters. I could speak to my father he'll assist us financially"

"And then what? When the money gets exhausted we would be back to square one. Let's just manage things as they are. I have a job interview within the week. I am hopeful; You should be too."

Job interview?" Tonia chuckled. "You know how many you've had in the last two years? I have resigned to fate George....If you don't want to ask my parents for help, then i don't have to be hopeful about your joblessness."

"That's a horrible thing to say Tee... I am working hard to get us out of all this. Don't sabotage my efforts"

"I'll just go into that tiny kitchen and make us dinner... For all I know, this could be the last supper."

"Tee...." Tonia walked away. Leaving George in the little living room.

Why George couldn't secure a job baffled her. He had good grades from school. Every firm he went to for interview rejected him. They lived on her little salary and even the money was no longer enough to cater to their basic needs.

"Tee your phone is ringing..."Tonia took the aged Nokia phone from her husband 

"Its Ego my sister" she said

"Hi Ego...."

"Tonia are you okay? You sound tired"

"I am...I'm just pregnant. Pregnant women are always tired" she lied.

"Okay... I'll be coming over to yours... Mummy gave me a few things for you and that your lazy husband."

Tonia switched the Phone from one ear to the other. "That's not a good thing to say"

"We know its true... By the way, have you called Celia? Today is her birthday"

"Oh dear... I totally forgot! I'll get to it now....Ouch; i don't have call credit on my phone."

"What has that your Lazy husband got to offer you? You work in a large firm with a good pay; yet, you cant afford call credit. I'll top up your phone soon. Please call Celia. she's your best friend."

"Thanks baby sis... I'll do that once i get the top up"

"I really pity you sis... I fear for your wellbeing. See you soon" she hung up

Tonia dropped the phone by the stove... She bent down and shook her head. Even she, feared for her wellbeing in all these. But she loved George regardless and she knew he loved her to death.

"Baby I'll make dinner you should go rest." George said to her.

"I'm really sorry about what I said earlier... I had a moment" she apologised 

"I understand....Its not easy for you to be the man and wife at the same time. I'm putting too much strain on you and this union.. I promise it'd be over soon."

"I pray so too... we didn't wait this long only  to have this baby born into abject poverty" she rubbed her stomach.

George chuckled.. "She will have the best of care..."


Ronke  took the flight of stairs in split seconds. The demon in Re-mi had shown forth. What she had done to deserve two consecutive slaps this afternoon amazed her. 

"I'll kill you today!" Re-mi spat.

"Kill who? I'll kill you first shameless man" Ronke spat back at him

 This was the norm in their home. Re-mi would hit her at the slightest provocation while she would nurse her wounds for days until he launched another attack.

"I don't want you touching my phone. I have warned you severally not to touch my phone....did you loose your hearing or understanding ability?" 

"Re-mi, I am your wife...We live on my trust fund- I have the right to every damn thing you have. You freaking bought that Phone with my money! If you have an issue with releasing your phone, then go out and work to buy things for your self" 

Re-mi launched forward to hit her, Ronke circled the centre table in the living room

"Daddy, mummy," a toddler called out.
Reality suddenly dawned on Re-mi. He had so much respect  for his kids. He won't allow them see the beastly part of him.

"Baby...." Re-mi dropped the weapon he held to go hold his daughter

"Are you guys fighting again?" the innocent child asked

"No no no...Mummy and I are just resolving things like grown ups do"

Ronke hissed and walked back upstairs. Rushing into the room, she picked the entire car keys and locked them in her safe- that'll be his punishment for hitting her. He should go on a cab spree. 

The only reason she was in this cursed marriage was because, relieving her trust fund from her late father, was not only dependent on her getting married but also staying married. She was a successful woman to the core. Haven inherited a trust fund worth millions of naira from her father, she had gone into business and was one of the most successful car dealers in Nigeria. Ill fate had brought Remi to her. He seemed like an absolutely loving guy initially, but Re-mi was a direct descendant of the devil. Five years after marriage, he saw no reason to be gainfully employed, fed faty whilst he remained an active sperm donor - Three years, they had two kids. If they had to continue living like this, Re-mi would be the one to suffer! The only way a divorce would pull through with her keeping her entire money was on the grounds of infidelity... She needed to catch him red handed... Hold him by the elbow!


Chidi arrived Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Nigeria seemed very much the same. He had been away for almost fifteen years; yet on returning it felt as though he had only been gone a few days.

He brought out his phone to check the network reception... He needed to make a call...Trying severally, it met a dead tone. "Gosh, i'm in a different country i need to get a new sim card" he laughed. "Mtn please..." He waved at the attendant.

The guy went on to give him a registered sim

"When can I start using it?"

"Now now Oga just load am with recharge card" the seller smiled 

Chidi retrieved his luggage and walked out of the Arrivals. His dad had told him someone would be waiting at the airport to pick him. He loved road trips, hence this car would be taking him straight from Lagos to Owerri. 

"Mr Chidi  Aformezie." A young man called out

"Hello...You are the chauffeur?"

The man nodded...Not understanding what the last word meant. "All these obodoyibo with their big grammar sef. " He sighed 

Chidi got into the car; relaxing, he brought out his phone to make the call he had wanted to make all the while..."Hi baby" a shrill voice rang from the other end

"Hey Latisha I just arrived Nigeria. How did your even know I was the one calling?"

"With a ±234? I have just one person who's in Nigeria at the moment... My husband." She chuckled

"Oh well, I see.."

"I guess you are on your way to the village now"

"Babes... Owerri is no village. Its a city"

"Have you seen the documentary? Even the capital city Lagos, is a village."

Chidi knew not to argue with his Hungarian wife. "You should make out time to come on a trip to Nigeria with me"

"Arrrggggg...We've been through this; the kids can...But me, I'll have to think about it."

"Alright.. Kiss the kids good night for me"

"Alright babe...Stay safe and please don't do anything I wouldn't do." She blew him a kiss and hung up.

He had two kids...He knew how these whites behaved, they'll run off with their  childrenat the slightest provocation. This trip to Nigeria, was to find a Nigerian wife. Someone who understood him better. Latasha had the money, influence et al,; He wasn't gonna divorce her, he'd simply have a side family here; something to balance the equation.

To be continued  


  1. The woes of marriage... So the Remi our aunty is leaving a good man for is even a married man. Washiereeeeee Becca I can't wait for Thursday!

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