Married, single and complicated- Making Headway

"Chidi why haven't you been taking your calls? I've been trying to reach you this past week and when it whimsically does,You never take the call."

"Are you going to nag about me not taking my call or ask what it is I have been through this past week?"

"What's wrong, why the silence? "

"I had a little issue at work...You know I took time off when coming to Nigeria and i stayed a few extra days for the wedding and honeymoon. I had to work for the extra days i stayed back."

"Oh yea...When were you going to tell me you were married?"

Chidi went speechless but recovered within the minute

"I'm talking to you Chidi Afor! when were you going to tell me about your marriage to a Hungarian woman?"

"What's this,why these questions?" Chidi tried to be defensive even though he knew the cat was out of the bag

"You want to deny the fact that you have been married to a white woman for over ten years and she has two kids for you?"

"Erm....erm.....Monica, I can explain" Chidi Stammered

"Explain what? Explain that you disguised as a single man to marry me?"

"Don't take this south. I have a very good explanation for this"

"You must think me a fool!"

"I don't...I actually care about you. Yes i was married but my wife left me three years ago and she took the kids with her. You know how these white women behave, she did it as a result of a little altercation between us, i tried resolving things but she insisted it was over and won't even allow me see my kids."

"Wow.. I'm so sorry, I didn't know...you should have told me"

"You see,that's the thing, no one knows this. I was so scared of losing you. I thought you'd leave me if i told you about it. My parents insisted I re-marry but this time, to a Nigerian lady so the incident wouldn't repeat itself"

"Wow... I'm so sorry. I acted based on the babble going around. I'm really sorry"

"Its okay. Thank God you even opened up...Now you know the truth"

"I promise I won't accuse you ever again without first hearing from you....I'm so sorry."

"its okay. I love you so much"

"I love you too"

"Babes you should get your things together, you'd get a call from the united States embassy pretty soon" Chidi smirked

"Wow! I can't wait to come join you... i really miss you"

"I miss you too..." Chidi heard the door bell ring, must be his wife he thought..."Errrm babes I'll call you much later. I'm at work my boss needs me..."

"Oh alright you can run along....I'll be expecting your call..."

"Alright bye." He hung up

That was close! Whoever gave Monica that kind of information must have been an insider... the details were too accurate to have been a mere gossip

"Hey baby!" he hugged his wife

"Hey! I heard you talking on the phone who was it?"

"Oh that? My mother called earlier, i missed her call and had to call her back"

"Okay, hope you sent my regards?"

"Of course I did...."He smiled as he walked her into the bedroom


Joel walked into the hospital complex and everything seemed familiar, not because he had been at this hospital before, but because the scent of disinfection and sterile look of the walls and nurses' uniforms or doctors' coats here and there brought memories; Dreaded ones. Memories of sickness and death. His mother had died in his arms after a long battle with diabetes and he had slept countless nights in the hospital ward trusting she'd make it out alive. After her death, he had also been hospitalized often times before his journey to weight loss began. Thankfully, he hadn't been in a hospital for months until today, and though his visit was as a result of a sad event, he was thankful it wasn't him. 

"hi... i'd like to see Dr Ego please.." he said to the front desk officer

"Full name please," she answered casually

"errmm... Nwakaego Okafor"

"Okay....she's not on call presently, but you can go to the outpatient department another doctor would see you"

"no, no, no... i'm not here as a patient; i'm here for an informal visit"

"Oh okay.... she's in her sister's ward..."

"room please?"

"hold on, someone would take you there"

Jo walked behind the gofer who took him past several turns..."this hospital is big!" he whispered

"yes sir, it is very big. In-fact, we have the best facilities here" the gofer smiled, and sustained the verbal tour as he showed him the way to the ward

"Joel!"Ego screamed as she ran to hug him

"thank you..." mr....

"Salasa sir..." salasa smiled expecting some form of appreciation

Joel understood, dipped his hand in his pocket and offered him a generous tip

"thank you sir,...ahhh i for nor take am o..." he said, giving Ego a blank look.. "dockay make i take am?" he asked Ego who nodded and murmured something only she could comprehend.

"You look pale" he drew her closer as Salasa walked away

"i wish my pale look could make my sister feel better"

"she's awake now right?"

"Yes she is...we just told her about her husband's death a few days ago. she's awake but her speech is incoherent"

"oh dear....she must have loved him"

"she did. I have a feeling that Even in death, his spirit lurks around to keep an eye on her. Those two loved themselves beyond words"

"That's so sad"

"Really sad... you told me you were extending your trip the last time we spoke. what changed?"

"i couldn't concentrate, i didn't like the way you sounded on the phone. Figured you could use a friend around"

"Awww.. Jo thanks a million this means a lot to me"

"i haven't been this happy in a while; talking with you every day has changed a lot for me"

"i see you have changed... you look slimmer by the way"

"okay....i haven't gotten the diet plan yet, you apparently have a lot on your plate. Still, you ensured i always made it to the gym even when i was away working"

"That's the least i could do."

"Let's go see your sister i'm sure she could use a new face"

"hopefully your face does the magic we've been hoping for." Joel walked into the room hand in hand with Ego

"Nwakaego, this man looks good.. just like my George!" Tonia smiled faintly

"big sis this is Joel, he's my friend.. he's here to see you"

"oh...." she turned to catch a full glimpse of him. "He looks so good....reminds me of George"

Joel cleared his throat. "I'm indeed sorry for your loss ma'am... i know this is really hard for you"

"hard? George isn't dead. You are just too blind to see him" she flared-up

"errmm sis, please stop talking like this..."

Joel leaned closer to her bed side... "Tonia, George isn't dead! he's with you everywhere you  go or turn to, he's around you"

Ego shifted on her seat, she wondered what point Jo was trying to make

"so you understand? thank God you do. Everyone keeps thinking i'm crazy"

"Tonia, that's because no one else can see him...but i guess you can"

"You can't see him.... Joel, and why's that?

"i can't  and it's because, he's taken an angelic form. But i can see someone i lost a while ago; someone i really loved and cared for. she's always around me everywhere i go..."

"Just like my George? who's that?" Tonia looked bewildered

"Yes Just like George, she's now an angel, my guardian angel....she's my mother. I lost her six years ago and my whole world turned around. I thought i'd never see her again but unlike others, i soon learned that i didn't have to wait till the Resurrection morning, she was always beside or around me watching over my little sister and i"

Tonia broke into tears... i don't know how i'll live without him. My life hasn't been devoid of him in eight years; i don't know how i'll survive this"

"You see, that's the thing. We all think we won't survive the loss of a loved one but if we can accept that they are around us at all times, we will... Tonia..why do you think you have a daughter?"

"i don't know....he promised to take care of the girl and i"

"And he'll keep the promise. My mother promised to take care of my sister and I. Though life was difficult after she left, i can see she has kept her promise indeed" he turned to smile at Ego but Mrs Okafor had joined them in the room

"thank you,..." she whispered to Jo

"so Tonia what's your take? pretend like George isn't gone from us and be tagged a mental case or accept he's gone from us and taken up an angelic form to protect you and your daughter forever?"

"it's so painful" she burst into tears

"i know... i know...." he whispered as he took her hands into his

Ego left her seat to sit beside her as she rocked her gently

"George is around you somewhere in your heart or head, he's here... just take a deep breath and keep him where you want him to be"

"he'll always be in my heart.. always.. i love him so much"

"and he'll remain there forever Tonia...."

"Ego you found a jewel, his kind is rare...." Tonia managed a smile

"This is the first time you are saying something coherent in two days..." her mother jumped off her seat

"that's because I've accepted my fate. George might not be here, but he's with us; he's always in my heart.. where he has always been" she cried

"thank you Joel....i'm naming my baby after you..."

"wow.. that's a rare privilege...i'm so honored"

"mum call my daughter, Joelle, Georgette Okoro"

Her mother whimpered and dried her eyes with the hem of her scarf..." okay baby"

Dr Ben walked into the room to see Tonia, looking much better."To whom do we acknowledge this sudden recovery?"

"mehn....Joel here did the magic o and my sister is a lot better.." Ego poked Tonia

"wow.. Mr Joel thank you. Tee, how are you feeling?"

"i'm alive....." she sighed

'That's a nice response....i'll ask the nurse to come check your vitals"

"Ben,..." Tonia called with a teary eye

"yes...."Ben was stunned. This was the first time in years that Tonia would be calling his name

"thank you..for me, for the baby.. i heard you worked swiftly into saving our lives"

"it's my job. You need not thank me.. i'm so sorry for your loss Tonia"

"it's okay... he's here...." she touched her chest. "In my heart always. "It hurts" she broke down in tears "but i'll live, i'll live"

"i'm so proud of you tee....i'm really proud" Ben said as he rushed out of the room. It took him a lot to hold back his tears. Seeing Tonia like that broke him. He loved her and wished she'd be his, but not this way... no, not this way


Celia hurried into her car. These past week she had been handling her own personal issues and barely had time to go see Tonia at the hospital save a few days ago when Tonia lost touch with reality. Everyone knew it'd be difficult for Tonia to move on but having her sanity affected, that disturbed her. The love those two shared felt like they took a blood oath... she didn't think so. Her love for gabby surpassed human understanding....if anything happened to him, it'd be hard to move on.. she shuddered at the thought of it.

She picked her phone to listen to an old voice note sent in by Gabby. For some reason, she had ignored the message when it was sent-listening to some love note from Gabs wouldn't help her heal and move on. Not like she had moved on, but the incident was no longer fresh in her mind; she had stuff to deal with.
She sighed as she dropped the phone in the pigeon hole.... "Let's get to Tonia, register for antenatal and move on... Gabby has a family and I can't be caught in the middle" she sniffed 

Celia walked into the  room to see Tonia sitting up. "Hello angel tee... You look remarkably well"

"Celia.....I miss you" she hugged her closely

"I have missed you too baby girl"

"You look worried; are you okay?" Tonia asked

"I have some personal issue I'm dealing with but it's okay I'm here for you"

"No, no..I know I'm mourning but it's okay if you want to share"

"I haven't been entirely honest with you and I apologize. I promise we would talk about it when you get better"

"Okay... But if it helps, I'm worried about you"

"Its okay.. So to whom do we owe this sudden uplift.... The Last time I came here you could barely put together two complete two statements"

"Joe came in here"

"Who's Joe"

"Some dude that's got eyes for my sister"

"Hmmm... Ego finally met her Prince charming"

"I doubt they are dating yet...But i can tell he likes her. He had the same look George had when he came for me. Remember the first time we met him at the canteen?he couldn't even pay for his meal and I came to the rescue." she burst into another round of tears

"Eeeyyyy come here" Celia drew her closer. It is okay to cry and mourn but you have to be strong for the baby... She needs all the strength you can give her. George wouldn't be happy if he saw you crying; always keep that in mind"

"Yeaa... Besides, I realized he now lives here in my heart." She touched her chest. "It's so sad and I doubt this pain will go away." she sniffed

"I can't pretend to know how you feel. I mean, the only person I have lost is my father and I didn't feel anything more than hate and appreciation for birthing me but I do know what it is to be hurt by the absence of someone you love."

"I just have to learn to live with it... Celie what's wrong you are talking in riddles."

"I'm pregnant Tee!"

"Okay, while that's some good news, who's responsible? I haven't seen you with anyone" 

"It's Gabby... My boss"

"Oh no! I thought you said he wanted to have an affair with you and you declined."

"I lied. I know how much you'd detest an affair with a married man so i kept it away from you"

"Celia! so how long has this been going on for?

"two years? maybe a few months added..." 

"that's a long time"

"i know... i fell in love with him or rather, we are both in love with each other"

"What will you do now? I'm betting he's not ready to leave his wife"

"That's not even the case. He wants to; Hold on." Celia brought out her phone and played the voice note for Tonia

"Hmmmm... He's in a real mess I presume. But maybe you should stick around him. Your baby needs the father and you need to be loved for once. Celia you should have told me, I won't judge you, you never judged me for loving a man who couldn't meet my needs; We are friends"

"I'm sorry my Light....It won't happen again. I promise on scout's honor" she chuckled

"Come here....You are all I have left of friendship and love..."

"Nahhh you've got your mum, dad and Ego"

"I know.... I just...." She sobbed

"It'll hurt accept it, it'll hurt"

"Yes it does hurt...." Tonia wiped her tears "So as for the baby, when are you starting antenatal"

"Right about now. When Ego comes in I'll leave to go do the formalities"

"I'm so proud of you Cece"

Celia smiled. Tonia was a friend who saw the good in others. Any other person would have queried her for being so stupid; Tonia never did. She wondered why she had kept this away from her all the while... Maybe because Tonia was really spiritual and never would have approved of her dating a married man. But then, love is found in the dirtiest of places.

"Celia... I haven't seen you in days" Ego smiled into the room

"I've been busy... I heard your Knight in shining Armour turned out saving my friend..."

"Hmmm he's not entirely my knight.. He's just a friend"

"You better hold that one. He's a keeper. I knew George was when I met him" Tonia joined 

"Big sis... I'm so happy you are here with us. I mean, I'm so happy you sound a lot better. Your recovery is remarkable."

"We've got your knight to thank for that" Celia laughed 

"I love you so much big sis..."Ego smiled

"I love you too.."Tonia said with a teary eyes

"I met Ben..." Ego coughed

"Ben... Same Ben?" Celia gave Tonia a side look

"Yes Ben works here".. Tonia replied

"No.. His dad owns the place"

"They are that rich? Never knew this when we were in school. He almost died for Tonia..."

"I heard..."Ego and Celia burst into laughter

"At least he could be a friend in these dark times" Celia held Tonia's arms

"I'm fine... I don't need anyone replacing George so soon. I can't live with that fact" she snapped

"No... No one can replace George. We meant an old face would do"

"I don't need an old face who's in love with me.. I love George!"

"Its okay....Its okay, our faces would do right Cupcake?" Celia shook her

"Yes...." She cried

Ego and Celia gave her a group hug and silently prayed the healing and recovery wasn't ruined by their insensitivity. 


"Becca I heard Gabby asked after you..."Damian took a bite from his sandwich

"He did?"

"Yes; Clifford told me a few days ago that he wanted reconciliation."

"Hmmmm.... How do I meet him?"

"I described this place for him he should be here any minute."

Lisa walked in looking very worried.

"Are you okay sis? Damian asked taking another bite from his sandwich

"Yea. Yea.." She stammered 

"She's sad.. Her lover hasn't been here in a while" Becca replied sarcastically

"Oh shut up you little whore!" Lisa tiffed

"What happened between her and Jo? Lisa what's it? I could speak with him" Damian looked confused

"It's not Jo; she's seeing someone else"

"Becca! I warn you!" Lisa growled 

"Someone's at the door please open it" Damian requested

Becca opened the door to see the man she had once loved or maybe lusted after. "Good day Mr Gabby"

Gabby cleared his throat. He didn't know what to say

"Please take your seat" Damian asked

Lisa sat not knowing what this little gathering was for.

"Becca I'm so sorry about what happened. I didn't know I impregnated you i am so sorry"

Lisa was amazed..."What's going on here?"

"Lisa please just stay out of this...You were too busy living a lie to even notice Becca was in pain.." Damian rolled his eyes at her...Lisa swallowed hard

"Mr Gabby i think i might be the one to apologize to you. I liked you and I wondered why you never walked away from Amanda even when she kept cheating so I spiked your drink and thought if you slept with me It'd change everything. When I found out I was pregnant, you were away on one of your business trips and your wife sensed i was and forced me to talk. She also made sure I had an abortion."

"Wow! I'm so sorry...I wish I had been around"

"It's okay...I hope you do forgive me for complicating your life"

"No you never did... I didn't even know you were pregnant until recently. I'm divorcing Amanda and a few things came to light"

"At last...You needed to break free. I'm glad you are finally moving things up"

"Clifford told me about his feelings for you. I think he's sincere you should give it a thought"

You think? Becca asked, looking down at her feet

"Mr Gabby, Clifford already told me and we would work on it. I'm glad this incident is finally being resolved."

"He's not getting away that easy. He took advantage of a child" Lisa blurted out 

"If you were listening, your kid sister said she drugged him... And what's with you  and your recent snaps."

"She's seeing Remi"

"Which remi"

"Same one who was dating Mr Gabby's wife"

"Clifford's friend?"

"Yes bro!" Becca was defiant

"What happened with Jo and since when? 

"She thought remi was better and dumped Jo for him"

"What a shame. You just dug your own grave!" Damian stood..."Mr Gabby, I'll walk you out"

"Please send my regards to Amanda and the kid.." Becca said to him

"She won't hear but I'm sure someone I love would"

Becca smiled, she understood. Gabby had finally moved on from his whore of a wife. Thankfully, her brother would approve of Clifford and she would fulfil her heart desires of being with the man she cared for.
Gabby and Damian walked out of the house.

"You had to tell Damian about him yea? Because your little secret was out in the open. Who would have thought you were capable of drugging a man? cheap whore!"

"You caused it. You wouldn't allow me be with Clifford....I was frustrated. You pushed me to go work as a maid, I thought if I tried harder I could land a rich husband and make you happy."

"I never... pushed...you....to marry" she stuttered

"But you never approved of Clifford and i"

"I didn't because he was no good for you. He was jobless and I loathe jobless men."

"Today, he has a job and he's doing well. Who did you end up with? Remi! all because of your greed and indecisiveness"

Lisa cried...."Remi might have had a bad past but he's promised to marry me"

"He's married with two kids!" Becca shouted "and he's sleeping with the wife of that man that just left. Their kid is his, coupled with several kids he has outside!"

"Oh lord.. What did you say? No!... " Lisa gasped 

Gabby walked back into the room. He had been outside because Damian wanted to speak with him privately but he had heard the last statement made by Becca. She had raised her voice in anger while she said it and it had been loud enough to reach him. "Becca what did you just say?"

"Ermmmmm... About what sir?"

"About Kimberly!"

"Remi is the father of Kim..."

"How so?" He slid into the chair

"She always said it. Remi knew and they always talked about it when you weren't around. They even planned to rip you of your money and run away when the time came. She said something about divorcing you when the time was right, it could have been because of me, but she realized I was no use since I insisted I drugged you and it wasn't your fault. I'm sure she's waiting for the right time."

"She isn't...I moved for a divorce and she never supported till she found out I was having an affair with someone else. Now I know why she suddenly came up with the idea of being pregnant. If I pushed hard for the divorce, the pre-nup wouldn't stand. I'll end up losing so much based on infidelity. I married a demon!" Gabby growled

Damian rubbed his head... All this was deeper than he thought. "I don't want to see Remi here anymore!" he warned Lisa

"I'm ruined." She whispered. 

"You aren't; You might have left Jo but you can still get back to him. Just show him you are remorseful." Damian consoled her

"You don't understand!" she cried

Gabby stood to leave...."thank you Becca, You just saved my life."

"Its okay, Go and work on your home sir; and whatever you do, remember your happiness is paramount."

"Thank you Becca"

Damian walked him to his car. The revelations were enough for one day

"I'm ruined....Lisa whispered as she walked to her room. How was she going to tell anyone she was pregnant for a gigolo, A serial sperm donor? She pushed the door hard to stop Becca from coming in as she let out a loud scream. "My life is ruined!!!" she cried.

To be continued 


  1. I can't deal how can Monica be this foolish

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    2. So because you are married you automatically become a saint? Married folks especially women, always play the saint card... Better tell your husbands to keep their eyes away from single women and stop casting blames

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