Married, single complicated-Road to Recovery

The following months saw Tonia having a quick recovery. After her discharge from the hospital, she had to move back into her parents' home. The new turn of events almost broke her as she had conformed to living simply with her late husband but like her family and friends had told her, life goes on. 

She picked her daughter who currently was now her only source of happiness... Some shield and Armour, a light in the dark times. "Baby girl...." she said, making funny faces and throwing her into the air

Baby Joelle giggled landing back in her mothers waiting hands.

"Hey sis...."Ego walked into the room

"Hey Dr..." Tonia smiled

"I heard you wanted to see me"

"Yes I did... I forgot to get Ben's number before I left the hospital. I tried to see him during my last post natal visit but I was told he was on leave then"

Ego laughed, finally her sister was gradually warming up to everyone. Jo's continuous advice hadn't fallen on deaf ears after all

"Errmmm...he was on leave a while ago, but I could give you his number....i have it"

"Oh yea... I didn't know you did"

Ego went on to give her sister Ben's number."Bye Joelle I can't wait to take you out on Sunday" she said as she closed the door after her.

"Tonia mumbled words to the baby, before placing her in the cot. Calling Ben to thank him yet again for his help during her hard times wasn't too much.

"Hi Ben..."she greeted

"Hello... I'm sorry who am I on to?" Ben's firm voice filtered through the phone.

Tonia cleared her throat. "My name is Tonia, Tonia Okafor....A patient at..."

"Oh Tonia... I know who you are, I've got just own Tonia in my life. Ben's excitement could be deduced over the phone

Tonia's surprise was evidenced by her silence

"Errmmm I just meant, I don't know so many Tonias so I can tell who's talking just from your first name ,you don't need to go further"

Oh okay. I realized I didn't thank you enough for the care you gave Joelle... my baby and i"

"Oh that, I told you before now, its my job to make people feel better... Don't sweat it"

"Ben, i'm sorry about the way i treated you in school I saw you as a threat to George....I'm so sorry."

"it is all in the past now my dear...Worry not. By the way I forgave you a long time ago."

"Thank you!"

"Mind if I take you  and Joelle out to lunch on Sunday?"

"Errmmm, she already has a date with her aunt on Sunday"

"We could all go out together.. If you don't mind"

"That'll be a good idea."

"Alright then...Say me hi to J.G"

"Who's JG?"

"Joelle Georgette... Heard that's her name"


"well, i thought she could bear both names if we abbreviate them"

"Nice.... I've been thinking of ways to keep the Georgette name from fading off... I'll start calling her J.G"

"I'm glad you like it. See you on Sunday"

"Thank you... See you on Sunday" she hung up.

Ben had been a very good friend. One who had loved her above anything else but she loved George so much she wasn't willing to jeopardize what they had for anyone. She still loved him regardless; All she needed was a friend and with Celia's current state, she could use an old friend; making new ones would be difficult in her current situation. Besides, she had resigned so she could nurse her baby and had been so lonely she could cry herself to death...Hopefully, Ben wouldn't take this south. Ben was understanding; he'd perceive all she wanted was a friend. George's memory were still fresh on her mind...Dating someone else months after his death was betrayal... Nah she wasn't ready. "Hey JG, let's get you fed" she smothered the crying child with kisses.


Monica gazed at the face of the white woman on her laptop screen. Chidi had lied to her about his wife moving out of the house. Her inquisitive mind had her investigating when she had waited endlessly for her husband to contact the US embassy. Today she had found a proxy Facebook page belonging to her husband. His Pictures showed they were still together. Chidi had been avoiding her calls for about a week a period that coincided with the time the picture showed them on a family vacation. This cold-hearted human being had lied to her through his teeth. She cursed her luck. She had gone from being a sophisticated single lady to a sick looking married woman. Her finances were depleted. Chidi had made her spend so much on their honeymoon promising he'd  reimburse her when he returned to the US. Months later, he had gone AWOL on her. She bowed her head as she cried profusely. This was not what she planned for herself. If only chief would take her calls at least. She had gone from being a ten to zero quickly.
The ringtone from her Phone jarred her. It was her mother. The one reason she had agreed to this farce called a marriage in the first place.

"Monica, how are you?" Her mothers melodious voice filled the air

"I'm fine mama" She replied coldly

"No... I sense you aren't."

"Mama, you see why it is good to be patient? I just found out chidi is married"

"Married ? I don't understand. Where did you hear that from? Monica be careful of rumor mongers. You know this marriage is still young"

"Mama I'm sure. I'm looking at a picture of his family-His wife and kids"

"Chineke! (Meaning God!) What have I gotten my daughter into?"

"Mama...You have ruined me!" she cried

"There's nothing to lament over. If we find out it is true, we will have to return the dowry and you'll find another suitor"

"Just like that? Do you know how my life was before all of these?"

"Monica calm down..We will find a way out of this"

"What way mama, What way? Mama please I'm in no mood to talk right now. Have a nice day!" she ended the call

Monica saved several family pictures of chidi on her laptop. If she was going to confront that liar of a man, she would be needing proof...He could lie his way out of anything but not this. She stood to walk out of the office but felt a little light headed...
She staggered as she leaned on the table. Feeling an urge to void the contents of her belly, she hurried into the convenience. This was the third time she had thrown up today... The last one week had been hell for her.

"Wait! I haven't had my period this month" she thought. "Even the last two months was scanty. Oh my God! I hope it's not what I'm thinking? If it is, I'm ruined.  Monica relax, go see the doctor first.....This could be diarrhea, malaria or even typhoid." She said to herself as she walked out of the office.


"These papers show you still want the divorce. I'll sign them but just know you pushed this first. Since you want the divorce, you broke the pre-nuptial agreement and the court will see to it that I'm not cheated."

Gabby chuckled

"What's funny? Amanda eyed him

"This had been your plan all the while? Shame on you!"

"You want a divorce, then so be it. You bloody cheat." Amanda growled

I'm a cheat, Really? Let's get Kimberly's DNA done then.. And I'll also pay for the DNA of that child in your womb when its born. No... Technology has evolved. We could have the DNA done in-utero when the time is right... Deal?"

"DNA, what's that? Kimberly is your daughter!"

"My daughter? Are you sure about that?"

"I am! She's your child; If you thought I got impregnated by one of those men I had a thing with... Never! I wasn't stupid enough to do that"

"But you were foolish enough to keep a lover and plan with him to rip me of my money.
The prenup will only be overlooked if you agree to a DNA test for Kimberly first and the child you are carrying later on."

Amanda swallowed hard. Christ! Someone was behind her downfall and she would find out who it was

"Did you lose your tongue?" Gabby mocked

"I will not allow you humiliate our child.. Never ever. So just know I'm not agreeing to any DNA test"

"Whore! That's what you are... Devilish whore! You kept a lover all these years. He fathered a child for you and you had the temerity to force the child on me. How much of a fool have I been to you, Huh?" He barked

"Gabby...Where did you get this gossip from, where??"

"Oh now they are gossips?"Gabby laughed. Get ready to face the tune. I'm prosecuting you for this. If you insist it is a lie, then get ready to have a DNA done. I'll forgive you for all your sins, but I'd never forgive you for killing my child behind me....for deceiving me all these years" Gabby walked out of the house.

Amanda sat on a stair. "Oh Lord!" she gasped. Everything she had carefully planned out had suddenly been undone. If gabby could prove that this child wasn't his or that Kimberly hadn't been his all along, she would burn for it. She rushed upstairs to pack her remaining possessions. Gabby would never disgrace her... All she had to do was sign the divorce and walk away peacefully, if she didn't have the money, She didn't also need to burn for all her transgressions... She had too many of them, if Gabby dug deeper, he would unfold all her fraudulent activities in his business in the past. Signing the paper on the dinning table, she picked up her heavily packed suite case.

"Kimberly let's go!" she shouted at her daughter as she exited the building.


"Aunty good afternoon ma." Ronke greeted chief Mrs Adebisi

"Ahennnn omo Adelaja, bawo ni?" (Adelaja's child how are you?)

"Fine Ma"

"How's that your husband?"

"Hmmm that toy she married?" Ronke's mother cut in

"Mummy he's no toy.. He's just..."

"Just a robot then?" her mother mocked further

"Ronke you don't look too good what's wrong?" chief Mrs asked

"Mummy mo ti daran"  (I'm in trouble)

"Kiniiiii? (what is it?)

"The man that died three months ago, my last driver..."

"Yes.. George abi? She's my god daughter's husband" Chief Mrs replied

"Mummy I caused his death!"

"Jesus! Don't even say that.. You employed him but you never caused his death" her mother corrected

"Remi has ruined me mama"

"I knew that before" her mother concurred

"I had been sleeping with the drivers we had... The two previous ones before this last one. I was doing it to spite my husband. He's so irresponsible and it started when he stopped touching me. He hasn't touched me in years."

"What?! You slept with your drivers? So, did you sleep with George?" her mother asked

"No ma....That fateful day, I tried to seduce him and he rushed out of the house refusing to join me in bed. He hurried off with the car before he met his Waterloo."

"Ronkeeeeee..... You killed an innocent man" her mother cried

"Mama Ronke that's okay. There's nothing new under the sun." Chief Mrs added. "She was wrong and she had a fault but she never pushed the man to an oncoming vehicle"

"But she made him run away" her mother argued

"Yes she did.. But he drove off in her car that's not her fault."

"Chief Mrs.. Stop spoiling this girl she had a fault in it." Ronke's mother spat.

"If you flog her would you also flog your late husband for imposing on her that stringent rule?"

"What rule?"

"Forcing her to marry so she could access her inheritance was too hard on her. Her decision to marry was too hasty,it forced her into making the wrong choice. I'm glad she has realized her mistake"

"Hmmmm you are right ooo" Ronke's mother concurred

"Ronke!!" Her mother called out

"Yes mummy"

"You will have to go see the girl's family and pay your respect. I won't advice you to tell the wife this; if you do, she might raise alarm and bad things might happen. This has to remain your secret."

"Yes mummy"

"And as for your husband, you have to divorce him. He's no good for you"

"Mummy the terms of the marriage states he would only leave without a dime if he's caught cheating or he initiates the divorce. He hasn't initiated it and though I know he cheats, I haven't caught him in the act."

"Well you just might have." Chief Mrs joined.

"He's my sugar boy... Iya Ronke you know I keep these small boys to warm my bed. He's a steady one and I've been paying him for the services."

"Adebisi!!!!!" Ronke's mother hailed

"Yes oo... Body no be firewood. Chief is dead, let me enjoy my life"

"So mummy how do we catch him?"

"I call him when I have need for him. I'll set a meeting and let you know the details of location."

"Ore mi!" (my friend) Ronke's mother hailed again

"Aunty thank you...."

"Now all you have to live for are your kids take good care of them please"

"I will mummy. I've learnt my lesson, I feel terrible for what happened"

"Just let it go, its past now... Everyone makes mistakes" Her mother consoled

"Thank you ma.." Ronke thanked both women as she made her exit.

Ronke soliloquizes as she walked towards the car. "To find solace I'd have to go apologize to his wife and tell her everything. If she mobs me, then its my fate. I can't keep this a secret. His wife deserves to know she married a good man. As for Remi... God would expose him through chief Mrs."


"Remi I'm pregnant!" Lisa cried

"That's good news we could get married soon"

"Good news? you never told me you were married with kids and that you had several baby mamas"

"What's this new story you are churning out? Remi asked

Don't your remember your lover's husband Gabby? He happens to know my baby sister and she told him everything about the both of you. She also told me you were married"

That bitch! She finally let the cat out of the bag..."Ermmmm I never told you I wasn't married either Lisa." Remi panicked

"What's that supposed to mean"

"I never told you I was single so don't blame me"

"Now I'm pregnant what do we do?"

"We? You can do whatever you like to the baby I care less"

"Care less, after ripping me of my money Remi?"

"How much have you given to me? Not even up to one million Naira."

"Have you ever made that kind of money genuinely? You bloody gigolo!"

"G what? You greedy whore. You left someone who loved you thinking I had some money to give. Well sorry to disappoint you. Karma has dealt with you"

"Remi why are you so mean, why-y???" she cried

"Take care of the baby Lisa...Thanks to your sister I don't have more explaining to do"


"You can keep the baby as a souvenir for our time together... I'll lend you my name after-all, Solomon did it- with his 300 wives and 700 concubines "

"You can make a joke out of my predicament Remi?"

"Have  a nice day Lisa. It was nice doing business with you!" He hung up

"Remi....no-no, please don't drop the call Remiiii!!!!"  she screamed as she threw the phone on the floor.
Her entire life had been reduced to nothing; Nothing! everything she had worked for had been robbed off her. Karma had paid her a visit.

to be continued


  1. No matter how long he truth is hidden, someday, it will come out in the open. Gabby go look for Celia please.

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