Married single and complicated- We Got Served

Remi Ran out of the hotel room, he didn't know how his wife knew he would be meeting chief Mrs there. Come to think of it, he had been set up, set up by that slimy woman. He hated to deal with old women who were so detached. Gosh! he had lost it all. His phone rang.... not now
Mandy not now he said as he found a hiding place
"hello Mandy how are you?" he bent to catch his breathe

"we are in trouble, he found out and i ran away I've been trying to reach you all this while"

what was this one saying... he would not be involved in any other misfortune. He had his own problems to solve."Mandy where are you?"

"i'm at the Cotonou border...what should i do?"

"run, find a place to hide i'll meet you up"

"Okay...." Mandy hung up

Remi stood for a few minutes and then without thinking he ran across the road. An oncoming vehicle threw him in the air and he landed on his skull crashing it. Remi died on the spot.

the vehicle zoomed off immediately leaving Remi's body on the floor.

Two years later

"Baby!....." Celia smiled as she walked up to Gabby

"Hey Wifey! You look excited"

"Well, guess who's joining us for dinner?"

"Errmmm... This family is larger than i can think of please help me"

"Tonia, Ben, Ego Joel and your mum"

"Hmmm....What of Clarissa and Mr Okey"

" I guess i should have just said everyone; Well don't blame me. I'm pregnant" she rubbed her stomach..

"Let's just say everyone is joining us for dinner then" he laughed

The last one year had been an awesome one. The lord had blessed him indeed; He had the love of family to be thankful for. His beautiful wife showed him more love and care than anyone ever thought he'd find.

"Arrrghh... I'll just go join the chef in setting up the dinning table....Stephen should occupy you till I come." She kissed her son and husband as she walked into  the house.

Joel and Ego arrived in the company of his parents... "Hello newly weds!" Gabby greeted

"Old woman" Ego mocked Celia who had just joined them in the living room

"Well, I give you two months you'd be in my state." They all laughed

Stephanie stood to join Celia in the kitchen."Thank you so much Cece I have known you for the past two years as a good woman. I didn't meet his last wife but I heard she was a horrible person. Thanks for giving him so Much joy"

"I love your son ma. Thank you for coming into our lives, Gabby and Stephen needed a mother and grandmother"

Stephanie laughed. They both heard voices from the living room

"I don't want to hear another word push her out!" Tonia screamed

"Calm down Tee...." Ben begged

"This woman seduced my husband and made him run into his death now she wants my forgiveness. She has been on my neck for one whole year, I'll never forgive you! Get out now!" she cried."

Ronke had followed them in a car from Tonia's parents home so she could apologize and plead for forgiveness again. Since the first time she had confessed to her eight months ago, Tonia did not listen to her anymore. After meeting secretly with Ego who she met with Tonia on many reconciliation visits, Ego became concerned about her and had promised to let her know when next to come.  She had informed her about the family dinner at the Gabbys'

"Please Tonia;" Ronke cried. "I need you to forgive me"

"I will never forgive you!" Tonia spat.

"Tonia Onyinye Okafor" her mother called 

"Mama..." She teared

"Sit down"

Cece and Stephanie who had walked into the living room in the heat of the event, also took their seats.

"Remember when I refused you marrying George and insisted the wedding would not hold but you threatened  to kill yourself if I continued?"

"Yes...I do mum" she sniffed

"This is the first time your father and I would be sharing this with anyone. Months before your wedding, I was on my way to the shop when one of these prophets stopped me and asked that I ensure my first daughter does not marry the man she is insisting on marrying. His reasons was that your real husband was somewhere waiting for you to notice him and that George had a short life span, one filled with turmoil and pain"

Chief Okafor sighed. "I got home that day and your mother told me of her encounter with the prophet. I refused to believe it and insisted she allow you marry George. You both were married for two years and in those years, you suffered so much despite all we did to help you both. The two businesses we started for him failed and all the job interviews he was called on never pulled through even though we tried to influence some. That was when i began to believe what your mother had told me before the marriage and we both braced ourselves for the worst as we continually prayed for you both."

"His life was cut short like the prophet prophesied. You can blame this woman all you want. But his destiny was already written" Her mother clasped her hands

Tonia cried.... "I knew he had spiritual issues. His family had been haunted by a wicked distant relative over the years and his parents and two siblings died mysteriously. He was hoping his closeness to God could save him. I was hoping too." 

Cece was stunned."Sisi, I'm so sorry" she held her close.

"George was my friend way back in school. I saw him struggle over minute things. I always knew things weren't right with him. Forgive this woman Tonia... She might have been wrong but George had been destined to go that way" Gabby rejoined

"Ronke I forgive you... Its hard to, but I do and I hope you find the peace that your heart needs"

"Thank you so much!" she cried.

Ben walked towards Tonia..."Tee... I don't know why it took me this long to speak up again...I have catered to you and George's daughter for more than a year and I can say there's nothing else I wanna do for the rest of my life besides nursing her and making you happy. The story of our love is only beginning; Let's write our own happy ending. Please Marry me"

"Oh my Goodness!" Surprise filled the room

"I...don't know if I'm ready.. I..." Tonia cried

"You don't have to rush things.... I have waited ten years to make things right. I'm in no hurry. I love you tee, i have loved you since the very first time you slapped me when i sat too close to you while we ate at the canteen and then i stalked you to your hostel"

Tonia chuckled and looked at her mother who nodded in approval.

"Did you ask my dad?" she whispered and shot her father a quick glance

"Yes... I did.. I asked him in church last week and he told me i could do it today..."

Tonia smiled weakly at her dad... 

"You deserve to be happy Onyinye...." Her father smiled back at her

Tonia held his hands, stood to lift him up his knees and hugged him.

"Yaayyyy!!!!!!" they all clapped

"Can we all eat now..?" Stephanie asked

" I'm Starving!" Stephen mouthed incoherently

"he now talks?" Mrs Okafor laughed heartily

"Stephen and J.G have become adults..." Celia laughed."And Ronke, you are welcome to join us for dinner." Cece and Stephanie smiled at her.


"Natasha, I heard your husband is insane."

"Yes, he's been insane for a very long time"

"Have you called his family?"

"I don't know any of them" Natasha sipped her wine

"How so?" her friend gasped in disbelief

"You know African men-he always spoke to his parents but insisted I will only speak with them if I followed him to Africa"

"Joker, he might as well take you to the jungle" she mocked."So where is he?"

"He's in the asylum. I don't care what happens to him; I've moved on. He's been insane for the past year"

"It's so sad. Was he on drugs?"

"He wasn't. It happened suddenly. Kept mentioning some lady's name Monica this that..."

"That's surprising.. was he having an affair?"

"Well, nothing is new under the sun. Probably some African voodoo"

"So his family will never hear about him or know where he is?"

"That's their punishment for not wanting to know his wife."

"The kids?"

"As far as they are concerned, their father is dead"

Her friend laughed...."Life goes on"

"Oh yeaaa... I'm remarrying soonest"

"Very good dear...."


Lisa became a proud mother, bettering her life she learnt from her mistakes and is working hard to do things right


Becca and Clifford started dating and though everyone knows where it's headed, we are anxious for their better beginning,  Even king Becca can't wait to write their love story.


And Oh! Papa Afor had no idea his son was mentally ill they just assumed he's off the radar so no one would worry him over Monica's death.... What a world!



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