Married, single and complicated- 'Proceeding'

Clarissa moved slowly as she approached her father's house. The last time she had been here was seven years ago when her mother had passed on. After hearing what Joel had to say, even the devil would forgive their father.

"Clarissa go on...daddy would be glad to see you." Joel smiled at her.

Joel, Clarissa and Ego walked into the big residence 

"Clarissa! what a beautiful surprise!" her step mother rushed to give her a hug

"hi Stephanie" Clarissa smiled faintly at the woman who had silently bore her father's burden all these years

Ego stood, from what she was seeing, Joel's younger sister had been a lost sheep. She knew little about this family but she could sense a wall between all of them. Joel's father walked in on his wife hugging and holding Clarissa like a baby, the duo stared silently at each other for split seconds. "Clarissa!" he gasped

"good evening daddy" she responded 

"i....am so glad to see you!" he rushed to hug her

"i missed you daddy, i'm so sorry... i didn't know you were hurt. I'm sorry" she rushed the words with tears in her eyes

"it's okay darling... this is the right time.... i waited this long so i wouldn't sound like a failed father... you are so beautiful" he observed her. "just like your mother... her eyes, nose....." he gasped

"Dad, she's only seven years older....." Joel chuckled

"seven years is a long time.... she looks so different. More like someone recreated your mother." They all laughed.

Joel held Ego's hands. "Daddy meet Ego, my friend"

"hello.... how are you?" Mr Okey offered a handshake

"fine thank you sir...." she shook him, genuflecting in the process

"Oga, madam, dining is set" the chef announced

Everyone walked to the dinning room to take their seats

"Clarissa go sit beside your father" Stephanie said smiling

"no steph, he's your husband....you should sit beside him." For once in a long time, every member of the family had a smile on their faces. They were all happy.

Joel said the prayers closing in with a Kaddish for their mother who rested in heaven.

After dinner, Mr Okey, Joel and Ego went on to sit in the living room while Clarissa joined her step mother and the chef in clearing the table. Ego had offered to help but she was asked by Stephanie, to go rest so as to allow her meal digest properly... Stephanie knew her husband wanted to have a heart to heart talk with her. She wasn't going to get in the way.

Joel, your friend here is a good woman i noticed how she observed the entire family before and during dinner. Most ladies would bring up obscene topics at such  moment. Ego do you have any siblings?

"yes sir i do...a sister. There are just two of us"

" Oh, That's some close knit. So, what do you do?"  Joel's father asked

"i'm a Medical Doctor sir"

"hmmmmmm..... that's honorable where did you school?

"University of Manchester sir..." She hated this question. It constantly reminded her of how her parents were quick to dispose of her and held on to Tonia insisting she schooled closer to the house. She had been asked to go school abroad as her mother perceived her as a burden

"It's Quite difficult to see a young woman with a career...most young girls hop in and out of bed"

Ego and Joel chuckled

"Ego, i haven't seen Joel this happy in a long time. We all used to think he might never leave his mother's bosom and when she died, it hit him hard"

"It hit us all hard dad"....Joel added

"yes it did... these past months my son has changed. His look- he used to be so obese i feared for his health and he snapped at every little thing. All that has changed. Clearly you have really positive influence on him"

"i'm honored by your regard of me sir"

"where are you from?"

"ikeduru local government area of Imo state"

"Oh, we are even neighbors... we are from Imo state but we are from okigwe local government area" 

Ego laughed...."i really don't know those places"

"You were bred outside your home town i guess. That's normal, my kids haven't been to our village in years. Dr Ego where do you work?"

"Hope-land hospitals on a full-time basis, then I work locum for an obstetrical walk-in clinic in Lekki during my free time"

"hmmm a hard worker. That's admirable. Why two jobs?"

"I like to work hard and serve humanity most of all, i love to pay my bills... so i work hard to meet my needs"

"hmmm...Joel, this one is an independent woman, a rare kind, Do you live with your parents?"

"yes i do..."

"and they work here in Lagos too?"

"Yes, my parents run a group of businesses on the island and mainland"

"oh....that's pretty i might even know them. What do they deal in?"

"a wide range; from textiles  to building materials and marble but they are mostly famous for their textile business... O.Okafor textiles"

"oh, oh, oh.. i know your father he belongs to the knight of St John"

"yes he is a knight of St John...." Ego chuckled heartily... Joel liked the fact that his father was warming up to her. Lisa and his dad never had this kind of conversation. As Matter of fact, he never even went past a few sentences with her; his father just concluded from her few answers that she was a gold digger.

 "i have met him on several occasions at knighthood meetings and conferences. Hmmmm.. now i understand better, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Your father works so hard he deserves all his conquests. 

"He Ingrained the value of hard work in us. We were taught to work for every penny we spent"

"You and your sister both schooled abroad?"

"No. Ego sighed, she hated this question... "she schooled here mostly because she was older and my parents needed someone they could trust on their business."

"Joel, she's a good one when you see a good one, you'd know. This is not like the last gold digger you brought home. You are welcome home Ego....what's the full name?"

"Nwakaego Sir......"

"Nwakaego... that's also a beautiful name. I have a doctor as a daughter, it's safe to say my family is in good hands."

"yes sir....Ego was jarred by the sound of her ringing phone. Why would her phone chose to ring at this moment. Excuse me sir....she curtseyed"

"it's my sister she whispered to Joel."  Joel squeezed her hand.... encouraging her to take the call

"hello.... sis"

"ego where are you?" she panicked

"i'm at Joel's place; what's wrong? you sound off"

"we are headed to the hospital....Celia is in labor"

"labor? she's not even due yet"

"that's why we are scared... they say she had a premature rupture of membrane so her water is leaking out seriously.."

"okay, okay, Tonia calm down; take her to the hospital I'll be there shortly."

"errrmmm sir,  i have to leave right now...my friend is in labor and she's on her way to the hospital, The one i work at. Duty calls"

"oh no... do run along. It was nice meeting you Ego i hope to see more of you around" Joel's father patted her

"yes sir.... Please give my regards to Ms Stephanie and Clarissa. I'll call you Joel" she rushed out of the house.

 "Joel i'm so proud of you. That girl is from a good home. You should move things up quickly...." Mr Okey and Joel were both startled by the screams from the kitchen...

"What is going on here?" Joel asked the little crowd consisting of the domestic staff and Clarissa..."Jesus!! what happened?" he asked again upon seeing Stephanie laying on the floor

"she....she.. just slid and fell" Clarissa stuttered

"was there water on the floor?" Her father asked

"No sir,  she complained of feeling  light headed..."

"help raise her!" Joel's father shouted... "Stephanie! Stephanie!" he called out. "Joel get the car please, get the car!"

Joel rushed out, the gateman rushed in to assist  in carrying Stephanie to the car

"where do we take her to? the family hospital is far away. 
Hope-land is closer dad..... that's where ego works"

"Just drive! anywhere, i want her out of this state. Stephanie please wake up...." Mr Okey touched her face

"she will be fine dad, she's going no where. Mum will make sure of it.." Clarissa held onto her father's hand

her father cried....he couldn't bear to lose another partner now, not when everything was starting to get better


"mama i have another plan... since Chidi was married abroad before now, i was thinking of going to the US and when i get there, I'll find a way to divorce him. He could even be prosecuted for deceiving me."

"hmmm but do you know where he lives in America?"

"i have done my findings i have all the details I need when i'm ready to leave I'll let you know. I have to go back to Lagos You know i told my boss i'd be away for only five days and it's seven days already"

"Okay my dear, go safe, please stop worrying. You have your health and that of your child to be responsible for"

"okay mama"

Monica waved her mother good bye as she drove out of the compound. If Chidi and his parents thought they were smart, she would have them dealt with. There was no way she would be turned into a baby making machine for some useless man who wasn't satisfied with what he had. She would teach him the lesson of his life."

"Hello Donald," she was on the phone with her agent

"Monica! it's been ages"

I know, Work has been hectic. Please can you help me secure a visa to the US"

"oh you are finally going to visit your husband?"

monica went silent...."errmmm...yes,yes"

"oh finally, thank God o. I was beginning to think he had abandoned you here"

Monica laughed

"What's the duration of your stay? you should apply for a two-year visa hope he has sent the invitation?"

"no...i'm going there on a surprise visit... errrmmm.... six months would do."

"why six months?"

"See... my husband doesn't know I'll be coming. The whole process is delaying,  we've been away for too long and since i'm pregnant, the six-month visa should allow me deliver there, that should  help with the processing too"

"ohh... smart move. Okay send me your details when you are ready"

"oh my God!" Monica gasped. She hadn't seen the oncoming trailer...

"Monica are you  there?"

Monica struggled with her steering as she tried to boycott the eventuality

"Monica... hello, are you okay?" Donald kept asking

"oh Christ...Jesus!" she screamed as the car went head-to-head with the trailer and was thrown off the road in a serial somersault.

"Monica...!!!" Donald screamed from the other end

Monica breathed her last as she closed her eyes to the oblivion


"Celia breathe in and out... please relax." Tonia instructed

"This baby isn't due yet" Celia cried "why this? he will be too young to be born"

"Celia.. remember Joelle was also premature, have you seen your Goddaughter recently, she's so big..."

"i know, but you were eight months gone... I'll be seven months in 7 days.... it's too early"

"relax Celia, just relax.... if you worry, you could put the fetus in distress and worsen the case Ego reassured

"Sir could you please come sign the consent form so we can proceed with an emergency caesarian section" a nurse beckoned on Gabby

"Okay..."Gabby fidgeted as he kissed Celia and followed the nurse. 
Ego accompanied him

"Ego!" Joel called out from the hallway

"Hey Joel what are you doing here did you follow me?" Ego was bewildered

"Noooo;" he laughed. "My step mother slumped... She's being examined over there" He pointed to the observation room just at the end of the hallway."How's your friend?"

"She's fine.... About to go in for surgery now"

"Oh okay..."

Gabby shook Joel but tension could be read from his facial expression

"Relax sir... She will be fine. Women are way stronger than we think." Joel smiled

"I hope so." Gabby rubbed his palms together... this was one way he eased tension. like it could generate enough heat to quench the chill inside of him.

"Let's see his step mother after you sign the form Gabs, you can't just wait around ..... Talking with other people can help ease your tension" Ego dragged him along

Gabby followed Joel and Ego into the observation room, They were all introduced and pleasantries followed 

Clarissa and Joel's dad stared at Gabby for seconds. "You look a lot like my wife!" Joel's dad said.

"I almost said the same thing when I met him outside." Joel laughed

Stephanie lifted her head to look at Gabby... "Jesus!" She gasped.

"Steph, this is the man I told you I saw with Clifford the other day" her sister said.

"What's happening here...? Gabby looked confused 

"He's my son.. Stephanie mouthed"

"Son?...I'm sorry ma'am I lost my parents nine years ago to a fatal motor accident"

"Your parents, what were  their names?" Stephanie's sister asked

"Mr and Mrs onyeagbulam"

"They were both lecturers?" Stephanie asked

"Yes they were..." Gabby seemed more confused 

"You are my son. I named you Gabriel and gave you to them to be adopted." Stephanie sat up

Mr Okey's  mouth dropped 
open in surprise."Stephanie, how come I don't know anything about this?"

"No you don't.... I have kept this secret for over thirty-three years..."

"I always knew i was adopted. My parents told me my mother gave me up for adoption to them and promised she would be back for me when she stood on her feet. But they said she never came back so they assumed she had moved on after having other kids and remarrying."

Stephanie broke down crying....

"Steph, I never knew about this..." Mr Okey was bewildered

"I didn't want to burden you with my past."

"Gabriel, your parents left town and all my efforts in finding their new location proved abortive. I searched for you everywhere."

"Yes when i turned three, we moved up north - Kano Precisely, But we relocated back to Lagos by the time I was twenty years old."

"I searched for you my son...." Stephanie cried

Gabby broke down crying..."I thought you had moved on because you had other kids."

I couldn't. A mother's love never dies Gabriel, Even though I knew I could never bear another child. I always wanted to find you."

"You could never bear another child?" Okey asked 

"Yes... In the course of giving birth to Gabriel, I attended a local hospital I could afford since my parents had thrown me out but they made a mess of the delivery and I lost my womb in the process. A complete hysterectomy was done after I had bled so much from uterine rupture. The bad doctors ruptured my womb."

"Wow...they could have been sued for that!" Ego found her lost voice. Today was a drama filled day

"That was a long time ago I was helpless and happy to be alive. Okey, I knew how much you adored your late wife and you would never be bothered if I didn't have any kids for you. So I accepted the offer when your family met mine to arrange the marriage between us."

"You should have told me. You were in so much pain yet I tortured you daily with my behavior."

"It's okay.....Gabby I'm so sorry....." Gabby cried as Stephanie stood to hug him

Ego's Pager beeped. "Gabby the surgical team just paged me, Celia is out of surgery."

"Mum, I'll be back. My wife is out of surgery"

"He's married?" Stephanie cried. "I want to go with him" she said as she rushed after him

The Head surgeon noticed the patient's spouse and two likely family members- one of them was a colleague, rushing toward the recovery room and stopped them halfway. "Mr Gabby she's still under the influence of anesthesia... Give it a couple of hours. She'll be more alert"

"My son?"

"He's in the ICU... He's very small but we are hoping he survives this"

"Can I see him?"

"Yes you can"

Gabby followed as the doctor led him to the ward his baby was being nurtured. "You can't all come in." He addressed the crowd following Gabby. "Dr ego please have him suited up for this room. You can accompany him" The doctor instructed.

"Gabby saw his son. Small but strong... He knew this child would live. He would defy all odds and live. "Stephen, I just met your grandmother, I mean your real grand mother. Her name is Stephanie and I'll name you after her... Please be strong for me. For your mother and everyone." He said as he touched the incubator.


Tonia paced the room as she fed her daughter. The last twenty-four hours had been hectic. she trusted Celia's child would live, God wouldn't bring her this far and leave her alone. He was with them. 

"Hello pretty woman" Tonia smiled upon seeing Ben

"Hello Dr...."

"You look like you haven't had a good night's sleep in two days"

"I haven't really... J.G has been a bad girl and I have had Celia to worry about"

"Can I help feed her?" He asked

"Tonia placed JG In his lap as she handed him the bottle"

He looked so lovely in the act. Ben had managed to stick around all the while. Losing her husband had been painful but with friends like Ben, she was grateful, grateful for a better beginning.

"Tonia, I'm so glad you are finally getting back to yourself. The joy radiates through you to everyone around you. I was in the the theater with Celia and she kept saying how much of a strong and supportive friend you have been"

"I thought she was knocked out..."

"No...It wasn't like yours.. She only had spinal anesthesia. We had to knock you out because your subconscious state wasn't too good. You kept asking to see George."

"I remember.... I can't believe I have come this far... I have you and everyone around me to thank for it"

"And we will all be around for a very long time... I will" he smiled

"I know Ben." She smiled in return "I don't know when, but having your support means I did something right at some point."

"That means a lot...thank you!" Ben said smiling 


"Wait, did you say my Monica was involved in an accident?"

"Yes ma....She's dead. Her body is in the mortuary here at General Hospital Owerri..." The caller affirmed

"Chimooooooooo!!!!( meaning, My God!!!) papa Afor has ruined me. My eye; my only eye." Monica's mother lamented. "I forced her to marry and they took her away from me. Ehhhhhhh!!!!! But I won't let this slide. I can't be the only one to lose. Chidi will pay for this, He will pay!"

She jumped out of the house angrily snatching  her charms and amulets along, she went behind her plantain trees and recited some incantations. "Chidi wherever you are, listen to me! You cannot cause me pain and remain well I decree madness. Begin to run mad into the streets of the white man. Remain useless until your dying day... Iseeeeee!(Amen)"she spat in the air thrice, turned her back against the charms she had thrown in the air and walked back into her house.

" Monica my child. I'm so sorry... I hope this act of mine appeases you. He will remain insane till he joins you in death."

to be continued.....


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