IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade(Part 5)

"boothang!" Tania threw her arms around kunle... "i thought you wouldn't make it here"

"well, i promised... and why did it take you so long to call me?"

"i was waiting for the dude but he never showed up"

"and why must my stopover be dictated by this dude's presence or absence?"

"long story, i won't bother going into the details, it's also somewhat boring" she closed in with a kiss

"your parents?" He asked surveying the environment

"They are in the house"

"well maybe we should get to your room before we begin our rampage"

"well yes...." she chuckled

Their heated session of foreplay was interrupted by Kunle's phone that hadn't stopped ringing since they got to her room...

"who keeps calling you at this hour?"

"i don't even know... the number seems strange"

he took the call and tried to decipher who it was from the voice."Good evening, yes who am i speaking with"  he replied the caller's greetings

it was Imade...he went on to talk to her for about four minutes before ending the call. She had called to inform him that she saw the new replacement for the firm and to also apologize for not calling him like she promised. The girl was so humble, she even promised to go with him to see Ade in prison. Everyone was glad over the new change. Since his last visit, Ade had really changed. Having given her life to Christ, She was now more welcoming, prison life had really changed her. 

"so Kunle who was that?"


"which imade?"

"same one you told me you bumped into"

"i thought you said you guys had nothing together"

"Tania from my end of  the conversation, you can tell we had nothing together. She just called to tell me about her meeting with you and also called to apologize for not reaching out to me since she quit working for the firm"

"i don't understand, why would she have to keep in touch with you?"

"darling, this girl is like my sister i thought i told you"

"well i don't believe you"

"wait, you think i had  a thing for her? imade is just twenty five- she's a baby"

"well i'm twenty eight and i'm my parents baby"

"no one is dragging that fact with you. She's a baby to me, to everyone who's come across her. She's really kind at heart"

"i don't like this her new found friendship with you"

"i knew imade through Ese, i was friends with Ese way before she got married"

"you guys dated?"

"no we didn't, though i liked her, she had a thing with a friend of mine and that just turned her off"

"or maybe she fell for the boss because she realized he was a bigger fish"

"Ese was never the gold digging type. She's from a comfortable home too. She and Imade schooled abroad, i guess that would mean a lot to you"

"it's enough!" she shivered with anger. I don't like it when you talk about other ladies with such passion in your eyes. i'm also a rich kid and i'm an only child, meaning i didn't have to share my parents wealth with another"

"nobody is disputing that... it's okay, i'll just go home" kunle said picking his shirt from the bed

"you want to leave? we haven't done anything yet"

"i lost interest... i'm no longer in the mood"

"what's that?"

"T, i really like you, but i do not like the way you talk to me. See you later"

Tania screamed his name after him. Kunle always did this. He walked out on her every time they had a disagreement. Why did that devilish girl have to call at this time? why?

"Tania," her mother called out

"yes mum"

"who's the young man leaving?"

"he's my friend"

" The one that comes in to see you every night? i hope you know our plans for you and tony?"

"yes...but mum i'm still young and tony isn't ready too. Having fun with a couple of other men wouldn't hurt"

Her mother ignored her. Shutting the door after her, she walked back to her room. Being an only child, everyone walked on egg shells around her. If she was reprimanded in a way she didn't like, she would threaten to harm herself. keeping quiet was a away of allowing her have her way and yet passing across the information you wanted subtly.

"arrrghhh...i hate that girl" she spat. Why did she have to come in the way of all she wanted? The law firm, and now kunle? that girl had better be careful. She was deadly and everyone knew it. Even her parents did.


"Ese, where are you?"

"at the office; what's wrong?"

"my teeth hurt, feels like my braces picked a few pieces of what i just had

"oh dear, i'm so sorry, why don't you gurgle some warm-water?"

"I was hoping to do that when i get home"

" or would you rather see the dentist?"

"He's not around. Last week, i visited the clinic for my regular mouth wash but he wasn't around and i didn't like the way the young doctors there handled me. I'd just like you to come take me home"

"On a Wednesday? i doubt if papa and mama would allow that"

" they wouldn't mind... i wanted some TLC"

"okay i'll send you the driver"

"on a second note, i have to do a little work at home. The documents are at home. Don't worry, i'll just ask my driver to take me home"

"you have an official car now? That's surprising. How come i didn't hear about this?"

"i haven't been to yours since i resumed work here and i tried calling you after work last night you didn't take your call"

"yes i was on a dinner date with Le boo... you know how i love to keep it simple, last night was one of them and....."

"hey, sis...i'm not interested in that gist..." Imade snapped

"i'm sorry...."

"it' okay. I got a driver and an official car"

"that's awesome! congratulations!!"

"Yes...errmmm, Ese there's this new girl that's just been employed in the legal unit; her name is Tania"

"well, i wouldn't know about any recent employment; what's wrong?"

"i just want you guys to be careful, Met her at the interview here in Charles solicitor and i sensed a bad aura around her"

"well, i have no business with recruitment. That's the Job of the HR. I guess she's filling the position you left open....her head of department should be able to handle her"

"yes...but she reminds me of Ade"

Ese went silent

"i apologize for bringing back old memories but she really does remind me of her"

"i'll check her out and keep tabs on her..." Ese replied calmly

"i'm not asking you to go extreme you are the director there, be yourself but be vigilante"

"i will...you should be too..""

"if i wasn't i won't be telling you about this...by the way, i might be going with kunle to visit Ade in Prison"

"oh really, are you sure that would be a smart move"

"i'll furnish you with the details much later. The pain is back"

"okay take some pain medication and send me a text when you are home"

"okay sis"

"Madam, the director wants to see you..." Charles secretary requested

Imade walked from her office to Charles's office. She knocked this time and waited for his response before heading into the office. The toothache had worsened due to the verbal interaction with her sister. With Charles, she would have to speak less and nod to all his questions, talking only when necessary

"miss Sabrina, i heard of the court proceedings regarding our client hon. diobu...i commend you for your doggedness...everyone in court said you did great as the defense counsel

"thank you sir...." she said half-opening her mouth

Charles wondered why her face was expressionless. "errmm...i plan to expose you to greater challenges...there are a few sessions the Visiting senior advocates and i would be handling, you can come along for the court hearings. I hope to assign a few more cases to you soonest"

"okay sir...." she replied almost inaudibly again

"you can leave" 

imade turned to walking away without asking him any question
That was so unlike her. She was the talkative. He could have sent a memo regarding this information he just passed across to her but he had wanted an active interaction. Work today was dragging and he needed some some sort of intelligent conversation as a distraction. But she seemed so uninterested, Maybe she was going through a heart break- women always took these issues seriously....But in a previous conversation, she had told him out-rightly that she was emotionally unattached. Whatever it was, he would not meddle in a woman's private affairs

imade walked back into his office, this time without knocking. "Sir i'd like to take the rest of the day off; my tooth hurts" she said painstakingly

"oh my...." A swoon of guilt swept through him. He had judged her without thinking twice. "You should go see a dentist i could recommend one"

she nodded

Charles barely understood what she meant by the nod but he went on to scribble quickly on a notepad and attached the doctor's complimentary card to it.

"Thank you sir"  imade took the note as a sign of his approval to leave the office. On exiting Charles's office, she took a quick glance at the note Charles had given her..."Dr Tony?" she read the name aloud. She quickly checked the complimentary card attached to it...it was him, the young man she met at the departmental store...The Tony she was too scared to start a conversation with!

to be continued.....


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