IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade ( part 16)

Tony paced about the small office that held everyone. Today he would be handed the documents of his dad's firm.

“Tony sit,” Imade ordered calmly. She could feel the tension in the room
“Ember would be here soon so relax, please?”

Tony nodded and took a sit. He looked from one person to the other. The young secretary looked so calm and collected. The assistant manager wore a stern look. Two of the company’s board members were represented here. Imade flipped through a few pages. They were all waiting for Charles and Ember

“I’m so sorry I came late. I had some work to tidy up” Charles said walking into the room
Ember followed and filled an available chair.

“We all know why we are here” Charles said looking from one person to another. “I hope we are all well represented?”

“Yes... I’d like for Imade to be my counsel please” Tony said. Charles raised his head bewildered

“Okay... if you please” Imade ended the silence

Charles and Imade went through the documents and asked a few questions. After much deliberation, Ember insisted Charles sold his shares off to Tony.

“This is messy I want no part of it. Besides I’m pretty sure my dad would have wanted the Akandes’ to hold onto the business.” Ember said

“So you would rather pull out?” Charles asked

“Yes, I would” she confirmed 

“Tony, if she does that, it would make you the highest stake holder on the board. You are heading it already, but a certain Chief Osoba on the board is closing in; this would be a very good opportunity.” Imade suggested

“Ember, why don’t you think this through?” tony asked
“I’m relocating, I want a fresh start. I want my own business and the funds can help me start all over again.”

“I don’t even have enough to buy her own shares without touching the company's capital”

“You were the highest share holder anyway. Your father's profits over the years should be enough.” Ember replied

“It still wouldn’t do” Charles countered

“Your trust fund is still intact. We could value Ember's shares and then pay for it using part of your trust fund or even Sabrina’s” Imade suggested

“Okay... that’s wise- but I wouldn’t want to touch Sabrina’s. When she’s old enough to make the decision I could get her shares in the company” Tony said looking at Imade

Accountants were brought in and Ember's shares were valued, Tony bought them with a fraction of his trust fund.

“Charles, we are now business partners,           yea?” Tony asked, concerned

“I’m not going anywhere niggar... we are brothers!” Charles smiled and drew Tony up in a hug.  “I’m sorry T... I didn’t know Ralph was involved in this”

“It’s okay, we both had our losses....”

They shook and hugged again. 

 Charles turned to address the two representatives of the company’s board “all staff remain, Tony will handle operational and administrative matters, and I’ll stick with the legal matters”

“Charles we might need to employ a manger to handle operations, I barely know a thing about this”

“We had one who kept it running underground all these years, he would teach you a few things, besides you are smart with just a few days at work I’m pretty sure you would learn the ropes”

“Good... work resumes when?”

“Monday morning... first I’d introduce you to everyone”

“They know you?”

“Yes... as the company lawyer...”

“Now they’ll have to know you as their boss…” Imade said

Ember went to Imade... “Let’s dash out I need to see Ese” she said in an almost whisper.


“errm Tony can I see you for a minute?”
“Sure...” he said walking out with her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow I need to go home to my sister. Everything was signed you can move into any of the houses you wish.”

“We could go to the one in Ikoyi, renovate before I move in, I’d like for you to come with me?”

“You would?”
“I would, no one but you!”

“Okay...” she said blushing


“Ese I missed you so much”

“Me too!” Ese said side hugging ember her baby bump had so grown it was impossible to hug fully. “It’s such a delight to see you.”

“See how fat you look” Ember said wiping the tears from her face

“Fat? Baby, Ember said I look fat!” Ese screamed to catch Dave’s attention

“You guys still do this thing?”
“We do ooo....” Ese laughed

“I’m so glad that monster didn’t kill you”

“He dated Imade you know...”

“Yes... she briefed me on our way here.”

“This stomach looks so big I hope you are having twins”

“Yes.... it’s ten, I’ll give you nine and keep one”

They both laughed at the joke. Dave came in from the living room to find his wife and her longtime friend

“Hello Ember!”

“Hey you Mr. Dave”

“You haven’t aged a day!”

“I haven’t?”

“No, you haven’t” he smiled and went to his wife. “Mrs. Brandon, I’ll see you shortly, I need to see mama and papa”

“I thought we were going together?”

“Well, your feet are swollen you need to rest”

“It’s the baby he’s urinating in my stomach and the urine settles in my feet”

“Good God! Who told you that?” Ember hadn’t gotten the joke

“It’s a joke we share around here” Dave left the room laughing.

“You are so lucky ese”

“No I’m not; I’m blessed. How’s your daughter?”

“She’s great... I came to tell you I am relocating. I’m leaving for the US.”
“What of the firm?”

“I sold out to Tony... I need a fresh start- besides this kind of business isn’t my thing. I’m a bloody millionaire. I’ll just go into entertainment.” she laughed

“You’ve always had a thing for entertainment. I’m sure you would excel in it. If that’s all you want, you have my support. And I love you em.”

“I know!” she burst into tears...

“I’m just glad all this ended in praise”

“Yes it did...can I stay until I find my way out of Nigeria?”

“Of course…you are welcome to stay till you are ready to leave”

“Thank you...”

“arrrghhhh stop it. Let’s show you to your room” Ese said as she struggled to stand up from the chair

“Are you sure it’s not three babies?”
“Now you came down? I thought you said ten”

They both laughed.


Imade and Tony spent the next few weeks together. When he went to his new work-place every day, Imade remained at Charles’ solicitors but spent all the time outside of work with Tony redecorating his new house and putting him through on anything she could.
“We should spend this weekend together at the new house”
“Your mum?”

“She isn’t coming. She wants to stay at the small house. Reminds her of my dad. You know, no matter how many times he made her cry, she loved him regardless. So the weekend?”
“I don't know... it's just...”
“Too fast?”

“Yes sort of” she smiled

“Well, I like fast things” he winked. “I mean my whole life changed because you came into it. I never thought I’d find out about my dad's death. Never thought I’d fall in love, never imagined my whole life would change for good. I was not broke but I wasn’t this rich till you came and did all of that stuff- you’re magic.” he chuckled. “And then I became better, found closure and I’m happy.”

“What a speech... Yes Tony, i’d spend the weekend with you but, you’d have to tell my sister!”

“Sure let’s go.”

Tony met no hitches, Ese readily allowed her leave. Imade smiled as she looked at her older sister and her friend chit chatting about everything. Their lives were surrounded by lots of mysteries. Everyone who came across them found peace... sort of. Charles had been troubled, but he’s better, Ember was almost dead but she’s alive, Tony, ah Tony.... she couldn’t quite say what it was all this did for him except unraveling the mysteries around his life- she knew more would come. For now, this man was happy. Happier than he had ever been.
They held hands, nodding and singing along the tunes from the car stereo as they drove into his new residence.
“Wow, this place looks big.”

“See why I can’t be here alone?”
“You’ve got domestic staff Tony!”

“But they aren’t family”
“Neither am I.” Imade said almost whispering

“Hey, leave the bag, someone would bring it upstairs” Tony said to her when they got out

They walked hand in hand like newlyweds into the house

“I love this place” Imade said

“You do?”


“You redecorated remember?”
“Yea...” she chuckled 

Tension had so built up by the time they entered his bedroom that Imade didn’t know whether to act on it or run from it

“Come here” Tony gestured

“The room looks different” she cleared her throat

“Yes, I changed the decor...”
Oh I see... she swallowed when she observed he was closing in on her. Tony caught her waist and drew her to himself. Her fruity scent filled his senses. She made him think of fresh peaches. She started to relax in the generous glow of the chandelier and matching light pieces on the wall. They were oblivious to the clouds gathering outside to share the moment with them.
“You are family to me Imade and I love you... very much…I...”

“You talk too much” she replied and followed with a gentle kiss.

Tony chuckled, lifted her and placed her on the bed. She looked like a flower in its bloom.

“I don’t know what happens after this but I will always care about you, whether or not you want anything....” she whispered when he joined her.

“Everything happens after this....we happen after this!” he proceeded to undress her following his hands with little feathery kisses. “Peaches” he murmured.