IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade (Part 17)

Six months later

Tony closed his laptop. He looked around his new office. Even though he missed his full time dentistry practice, he loved his new life. His phone rang 

“Hey babe” Imade’s voice came through the line

“Hey... miss” he smiled at the sound of her polished voice

“errrmmm, mind if I stay at yours when I return from my omugwo?”

“I was actually going to call you. My mum is coming over to the house. She, Sabrina and my would be step-dad would be visiting this month”
“I’d have to push my visit till they leave then” she said feebly

“No, no... She wanted to see you. So you might as well stay here when you return. When are you due back?

Imade went silent

“Unless that's too much to ask” he filled in

“It’s not, I’m just worried”

“Your folks; what if these few days with them would make them like me less”

“Are you kidding? My mum adores you. Sabie thinks you are the next best thing after ice cream”

She giggled

“It’s just a way of bringing everyone together. You know I haven’t spent a full weekend with my mother in the past six months”

“Yes... you moved into your palatial residence”

“And you decided to go do aunty duties. How’s your mum anyway?”

“She’s good….I was with you before I left, don’t be a selfish man”

“I would love to spend every day with you” he chuckled

“My stomach just churned...”

“It should. I made a lasting impression the last time”

“What last time?” Imade feigned ignorance

“Whatever has been keeping you away from me has got to stop. I haven’t seen you in four months” he replied ignoring the question.

“Well, I have been handling aunty duties and I also had to stick around with Charles for some international conference”
Tony’s stomach churned. He always worried when she was around Charles

“How’s Charles?” he asked

“Fine, he's pretty occupied with the boy but he's fine”
“You know I’m...”

“You are not comfortable when I’m all alone with him?”

“Yea... something like that”

“I love you Tony!”

“What?” Tony smiled. It was the most romantic thing she had ever said... “Can I hear that again?”
“I love you! These past few months I have been around you have been nothing short of amazing. You remind me of my brother-in-law Dave who loves Ese like his life would stop if he didn’t”

“You give me too much credit babes. I don’t think I’m like Dave, I mean, I see how well he treats your sister I wish I could be that great to you”

“You are everything I prayed for and more”

“Now I’m blushing” he said smiling

She chuckled

“How’s the baby?”

“He is fine. He looks a lot like Dave.”

“When are you due back?”

“Fingers crossed...maybe before the weekend”

“You should just tell me baby!”

“Ima surprise you boothang” she laughed

“Okay, I’ve got to go... I need to attend a meeting and then go to the orphanage I volunteer, couple of kids need a dental check”

“Aww that’s cute...” she laughed

“Yea.....I love you baby”

“I love you T”

The line went off. This month would be the one he had hoped for. The very month his life would take a turn for the best.


Ese rocked her son, the last six months of her life were filled with stories. Her sister's story was tangled in hers and the birth of the wonderful gift her son was.

“Hey baby boy...” she smiled and mumbled on 

“How’s Tony? She raised her head from the cot she had laid the now resting child to speak with Imade who had just come into the room

“He’s fine, we just spoke” Imade replied

“Does he know when you are returning yet?”

“Nope... it’d come as a surprise to him”

“Nothing, I just want to be mischievous”

“So have you made up your mind yet? I have seen the way Charles looks at you. He liked you before Stephanie wanted to rekindle things, now that she’s no more, he might want to come back. And now, he's been here in New York hopping from one training to another so he can stick around you”

“Sis, remember how you felt when Dave came around?”

“Yes...” Ese smiled

“It’s the same way I feel around Tony”

“I have not spent one day within the last six months without talking to him. He’s a great guy and the few months we spent together before you had Davidson, made me realize how much of a good man he is.”

“I want Tony for you too. You both remind me of Dave and I”

“He wants me to meet his family.”

“I thought you had met his mum a time or two?”

“Yes...we interacted briefly when I paid him a visit just once.

“I am really glad for you baby girl”

“I’m glad for me too”

“So what do we do to Charles?”  Imade asked

“He will be fine,”

“Has he even said a thing?”

“No... He’s just here and there”

“Maybe he needs the time too”

“I wish Ember was around him”

“He said he didn’t like her in that way…besides Ember wouldn't want anything with any man for now, maybe someday”

“Yea... they have their story, this is mine sis...”

“Yes... it’s yours”

“God, I love the way I love him...” Imade smiled

“I can relate…let’s get you packed for your trip”

“Okay then”

“When will Dave be back?”


“He will probably arrive immediately you leave”

“So much for a happy ending”

“Your chronicle though!” Ese chuckled

“Yes... so it's so twisted, I nearly got lost, so deep it nearly drowned me but that's how I found my diamond in the rubble”

“Yes you it is....”


Ember walked to the psychologist's office. She had just finished with the grief recovery support group she joined seven months ago. The pain that had brought her here was gone. She had overcome her fears and groomed her inner survivor into the warrior she had become. She now focused on giving her daughter the best of herself and most of all, she saw life from a better perspective. Moving to the US had done her some good. Her life was in a good place right now.

She sent Ese a text saying she would drop by theirs after seeing her psychologist friend. He had been the one who referred her to group therapy. Smiling, she slid her phone into her purse and entered the reception.

“I’m here to see Dr. Sheffield” she told the smiling front desk officer

“Welcome Ms. Ember, room 4 please" the young looking Indian woman pointed her in the direction

“Hello Jeremy” she smiled at him as she came in. 

“Hello Ember”

Jeremy was a well-known psychologist around here, and it wasn't just because he was a native of the region. She had stumbled on his web page two months after the feud and decided to relocate here shortly before Ese had her baby. Her first visit had been really emotional. He had let her cry and encouraged her, until he believed she was alright. 

“You don’t have a problem” he had said after hours of interaction. “You just need to grieve”

They had spent the next hour discussing further and at the end he reiterated, 
“The only challenge I see here is your need to grieve… you can improve faster by joining a grief recovery support group”. And so her journey into happiness had began

“How are doing now? You’re though with therapy?”

“Yes, thank you so much Jeremy. I have improved tremendously since I first came here. You have been very helpful and supportive. Martha and I are thankful”

“Yeah...” he blinked, then stood and walked towards her.

Ember, you are such a special lady. I am attracted to your mind and body. The real reason I referred you to the group outside my clinic is because it would have been highly unprofessional of me to treat you as a patient, now that you've concluded your treatment I can't help but ask you to be my friend. More, actually....” he stopped to think of his next words. She could assume he wanted to take advantage of her trust and friendship. 

Ember smiled, stood and levelled up to him... “I know what it is you want to say....” she stroked his chin. His pointed jaw had an auburn stubble. Gently, he drew her into an embrace and testing, he brushed his lips with hers lightly.  

She stiffened and moved back... “Was that a kiss?”

“I...I’m...I....maybe I shouldn’t have” he stammered

She moved in and took his lips in a full kiss.

Her phone rang and she broke free to take the call. It was Ese.

“Hey chic, I’m heading to yours right away” she pecked Jeremy’s cheek, signaled she'd call him later and dashed out.

“You should, Imade would be leaving tonight”

“Oh she is?”

“See you soon” Ese said ending the call

Ember walked out of the building smiling... the attraction was mutual, she had felt connected to him since she stumbled on his profile. She had known.... known this would lead to this. 


Imade juggled her way through the arrival... she had dropped a message requesting the company driver pick her up from the airport. Hopefully, he had gotten the message in time to be here already. 
She pushed an older woman who stood shouting and raining curses on an airline staff, apparently all her luggage had not arrived with her flight. She spotted the driver from a distance and waved him to come help with some of her thankfully complete luggage.
The drive from the airport to Tony’s took much than she was used to. “Lagos traffic!” she said hissing. She wondered how he would react to her surprise arrival. The gates flung open and she could see Sabrina playing in the lobby downstairs

“Here, here, stop!” she told the driver

“Hello little angel” she said smiling as she entered the house. 
Sabrina leaped on her excitedly. “What are they feeding you with? Good gracious!” she announced after recovering her balance.

“Food I guess” Sabrina chuckled. Listening to Sabrina rant, she walked into the house and greeted the domestic staff who had come to help with her things.
The house looked beautiful. Tony looked down on the source of the sound of voices from the sitting room upstairs, gasped and descended the stairs in split seconds.
“Baby!” he said and rushed towards her. “You gave me a surprise!”

“I did?”

They were locked in kisses for a couple of seconds. “Hello, there’s a kid in here” Sabrina said laughing.

“Oh you little monster,” Tony teased
Tony lifted Imade like a pricey piece of art and took her upstairs

“Your mum?” Imade asked when he entered his room.

“She’s asleep, we would see her after this” Tony kissed the bridge of her nose

“After what?” she chuckled as he laid her on the bed and buried his head in her neckline

“This….” he said lifting his head

“urrmmm...” she moaned softly

 He leaned on her and kissed her deeply. “Welcome home babes” he said taking off her corset styled blouse.
She closed her eyes, bit her under lips and got lost in oblivion. This was home, her own home indeed!

To be continued…..


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