IT'S BEEN SIX MONTHS- Chronicles of Imade (Part 18)

2 months later.....

“My sister is due back in two days, I need to start preparing” Imade argued with Tony over the phone

“Christ! She can handle all of it I guess, better still, your mum or her mother-in-law would be around her. Babes please stop troubling yourself”

“Oh yea... whatever! I’m off to work” she said slamming her bedroom door

“It’s about time you brought this man home!” her mother screamed after her. She had spent one whole week with Tony. One week of happiness and jitters. Her mother had asked where she had been all the while she returned and she had lied about going to a friend's place to stay a while. But they weren’t so easily deceived, they knew someone had her undivided attention.

She got in her new car- Tony had gifted her a car on her return.
“You should return the company car and ride in something more befitting” he had told her

Settling in the driver’s seat, she turned on the ignition and drove off. Her birthday was only 2 days away. Same day her sister would be returning

“Happy birthday in advance Sabrina.” Charles' voice jolted her

“Thank you sir” she said smiling into her office

“Any plans?”

“errrmmm of course there are.” Tony would probably have her locked indoors while he told her  stories, ate off her body or did both all day...oh! How he loved her, gosh!

“Yes?” Charles asked, calling her out of her reverie.

“Nothing concrete yet sir.” she coughed

“Okay... see you later” he said walking out. Since Charles returned he had seemed withdrawn. She felt sorry for him. He had been caring for his brother and Stephanie’s son like his and that was enough for her to adore him.
She settled into her seat and turned to her ringing phone. It was Tony again; she rolled her eyes.



“Aren’t you ever tired of calling?”

“Well, I...”

“You what?” she asked sternly

“I have to check on you. Who knows, you probably drove off to work and didn’t get to work because you had a flat tire, or a bad engine, you can’t blame a man for being too caring now”

“Well-done... I’m fine and I’d like to get back to work”

“Come work for me Ima....”

“Sounds nice but no, we would do nothing but talk, laugh and do nonsense all day”

“ummm... depends on what you call nonsense” Tony smirked

“Don’t you have serious meetings to attend? I thought that was what CEOs did?”

“Well yeah... about that, my secretary just drew my attention to something urgent; talk to you later”
“In five minutes you mean?”

He laughed she joined him.

“You can’t blame a man for being insanely in love... I love you Ima”

“I love you Tee. Okay bye” she said hanging up

Charles walked back into the office... smiled and nodded in approval. “He really likes you”

“Who?” she feigned ignorance


“You know?”

“Yes I do...”

“I’m sorry...”

“No, no.... he deserves you”

“Thank you Charles...”

He nodded yet again. “Conference room in five, I need to debrief you”

“Okay, see you soon” she said picking the files she needed.


Imade sighed. She had driven all the way to the airport because Tony was held up in some sort of emergency meeting. Today was her birthday she deserved all attention he could offer. She hissed.

She looked from side to side. The flight had been delayed, but even its delay, estimated time of arrival was overdue. Finally, arrival of the delta airways flight from New York was announced over the p.a. system.
“It’s them she said to herself” several minutes later, she saw her sister walking towards the arrival lobby.
“Hey sis!” she ran towards Ese and the baby “oh my god, Ember and Jeremy came along?”

Ese nodded

Unexpectedly, music filtered through the p.a. system. Startled expressions were exchanged all over the international airport as a softly played violin delivered Runtown’s "mad over you". Most people went on with their activities as voiceover announced that someone special had her birthday today.
“What’s happening?” an also confused Imade asked when everyone she knew was staring at her. She looked from Charles to Dave, Ember and Jeremy, little Sabrina and then some of Tony’s friends carrying placards. Together, they read, “will you marry me?"

“Oh my god!” she gasped and then turned to find Tony who had claimed he was in a meeting when she called him only a few minutes ago. 
He took the proposal pose, then revealed a beautiful rock.

 “When I first talked with you at the mall, I thought you must be the best thing that happened since cold stone ice cream- in Sabrina’s words”

Imade looked in Sabie's direction and let out a chuckle when the kid gave her a wink. “When you asked me to take up dad's case and promised to be there for me at all times, I knew we were meant to be. Before I met you, I was hollow, empty, and chauvinistic- like you’d say. Now I am a better man- happiness lives right here- in me because of you. I love and respect your kind heart- how you go out of your way to make others happy, and it makes me want to try harder to be that way myself. Babes, we both love to be happy, and dream of doing great things, so together we can make the world a better place. And those are just a few of the reasons I’m hoping you'll spend the rest of your life with me. Imade, Sabrina Ekhator, will you do me the honor of being my wife and best friend… forever? Please marry me?

Imade knelt with him... the rush of emotions had tampered with her stamina. “Did you ask my dad?”

“Yes I went over to your house last weekend” he smiled

“Yes, yes I’ll marry you!” she said amidst so many tears. Tony slid the ring in her finger and kissed her “oh you naughty man!” she kissed back. He rose to his feet and helped her do same. He held onto her hand as they thanked all those who came around to express their congratulations. “Everyone cheered. I had no idea anyone was watching,” Imade whispered into Tony’s ears.

“I wanted you to be the center of attraction”

“How did you pull this off Mr Akande?”

“Mrs. Akande, you’d have to learn...” he laughed singing along to the new song from the violinist- I want to give you more by j moss

“I love you” she said hugging his torso tightly...

“And I adore you!”  He replied kissing her forehead.

“Ember! You made it.” Imade screamed hugging her...

“Yes... Jeremy thought he'd try Nigerian Jollof” she laughed

“Oh yea?”

“Yes and the kpomo...” Jeremy said in a funny attempt

“Sis, you are just everything... I love you! How did you pull this off without me knowing?” Imade went on to hug Ese

“You should ask your man- he will make the best husband by the way”

“Congratulations Imade!!!” Dave came closer hugging her

“She’s not going to disappear Tony!” Charles mocked Tony who still held onto Imade like she would vanish into thin air if he let go. “She wouldn’t dare” Tony laughed back

“I’m glad for you both”

“I’m gladder! His mum stepped in to hug her son “Imade- I already welcomed you into the family. So I’d just say- thank you for staying”

“awww- I love you mum” Imade hugged her

“Already warming up to your mother-in-law” tony mocked

“Mother-in-love you mean?” Imade chuckled

“errrm can I get a picture of everyone please” little Sabrina spoke up

Click! The camera captured everyone

“Hey Mrs. Akande, mind kissing your husband for another picture?” Sabrina asked again

“Of course…” she said taking his lips in hers

“The limos are outside, we are taking this party home. Everyone let's go” Tony announced. Everyone headed towards the waiting cars outside. From the Itinery sent out, there was also a house warming party for Tony. It was going to be a wonderful night

“I don’t think you want to retire to bed anytime soon” Dave asked Ese

“No darling, jet lag can wait, I have to party for another one hour”

Ember and Jeremy laughed and everyone joined in.
Tony and Imade went into a separate car, as their vehicle moved, he sneaked a little gift box into Imade’s palm. On opening it. She found a car key

“Another car?”

“A Mercedes is just another car”

‘Wow! Whoop!! Whoop!!!

“It isn't just a Benz ma’am, it’s a G-wagon” the driver chipped in

Imade shook her head, “a G-wagon?”

“Yes, and it’s yours” Tony replied. “Once you marry me”

“Why the clause?”

“So you won't change your mind”

“With all these? Nah…. not a chance. We are stuck with each other”


 “Forever baby... forever with you!” she leaned in to kiss him

He picked the remote to roll up the window between them and the driver

“Go on please, I can’t wait” she muttered under her breathe as his palm found its way into her shear top.


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  7. He picked the remote to roll up the window between them and the driver

    “Go on please, I can’t wait” she muttered under her breathe as his palm found its way into her shear top.

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