Rita's Diary- Part 2


Kamsie got to me at about 10pm. "I'm so sorry" she said as she alighted from her car. "I was in surgery and didn't get your message till I was done. I rushed over as soon as I listened to the voice message. Why didn't you take cover?"

“Take cover from what kam? My life has been exposed and God is there on the throne, He's there!" I looked up and cried bitterly. Kam, I know I wronged him by defiling my marital bed but I have asked for his forgiveness and served him with my heart all these years; where did I go wrong? Why is he still punishing me?"

"It's not God punishing you darling it’s the devil testing your faith. You can't give in now... Be strong. Hey get up let's leave here. You are drenched. But you could have taken cover."

"This house is over twenty minutes away from the major road. My things are everywhere and the next house is another five minutes from there. What would i have done?"

Kamsie sighed "get in the car please"

I got into the Car while kamsie and her driver helped put my things into the trunk. The cold from the rain had set in and I was shivering.

"So what was his excuse for pushing you out" kamsie asked me

"I don't know he just said he was tired and I'm ill luck"

"What's that? Is that your husband even smart at all?"

"Kamsie I'm broken. I didn't expect Dayo to treat me in this manner it's like something has possessed him"

"I never thought Dayo could be this wicked....I banged on your gate for a while before I joined you in the car and he was not even bothered. He didn't even think it could be you after this heavy downpour. I'll have my husband speak with him. I have to find out what's taken over him."

"Why have you forsaken me Lord? That Romoke girl is not even up to my maid"

"Take it easy Rita consider the babies' health please"

We drove in silence to kamsie's home....she was too scared to talk for I had sunk into deep sadness

"Babes I got your distress call, ah Mrs Jesugbemi you look tired..." Pastor Obi greeted his wife and me as we entered their house.

"Darling not now..." Kamsie smiled at her husband.

I sat in my wet clothes waiting to be told what to do. I was just too tired to think for myself. My world had just crumbled and I could do nothing to restore it. Dayo had betrayed me and everything we stood for.
"Promise you won't leave me Dayo, promise you won't betray me"

"I promise Rita, I would have asked that we take an oath but you are a staunch Christian..."

"No don't worry your word is enough."

"Okay as a sign of my unfailing love, I am going to convert to Christianity and serve God your way, I'll love you till my dying day." Those were his words twenty years ago when they were both undergraduates at the same university.

"Rita you need to go inside and take off your clothes" kamsie's voice brought her back

"I should..."Rita sniffed

"Hey, come with me I'll take you to the bathroom" kamsie offered. “I spoke with my husband and he thinks it's some sort of manipulation. You have to pray for Dayo, baby girl you really need to. I have known you for a long time and I haven't seen a more steadfast and praying woman like you. Take it to your father in prayer."

"I don't even know where my faith has gone"

"It's still there Rita, he gave you these babies after fifteen years. Don't you think he has a plan for you? Jeremiah 29 vs 11 says for I know the thoughts I have for you, thoughts of good and not of evil to give you an expected end. Remember Job, he went through trials but he came out better because he never doubted God; are you now doubting your Father?"

"I can't... I'm not... I'll never doubt him." Rita's phone rang

"Kamsie it's my mum what do I tell her?"

"I'm very sure the bishop would have a thing or two to tell you. Talk to your parents"

"Hello mummy..." Rita fretted

"Rita, where are you?"

"I'm with kamsie... I'm at hers"

"Your sister told me what Dayo your husband has done. Why did you keep this away from us?"

"Mummy I thought I could salvage it"

"Salvage what? A strange woman came into your home and you didn't tell us. Did you even pray about all this?"

"I did mum...I think God hasn't forgiven me for defiling myself before marriage."

"Baby keep quiet! God forgave you a long time ago. He's merciful. He can't hold such against his loving child. Take the bull by the horn and fight for your home Rita!"

"Yes mummy... Yes mummy..."

"I'll be praying for you. Your dad is out of London for a crusade. When he gets back I'll speak with him. In case you need to come over for a while till this wind blows off then no problem. For now, pray for your home."

"I will mum"

"Pass the Phone to Kamsie please"

"Rita walked into the bath, turned on the shower and allowed the water drain mindlessly"

Kamsie spent a few minutes talking with her best friend's mother then ended the call.

"Rita, that's enough, you have to get out of the shower you could catch a cold. Remember you were drenched by the rain"

Rita came out of the bath dried her body and walked into the room.

"This will be your room for now please Rita if you aren't comfortable I'm just a ring or phone call away."

"Thank you kamsie... Thank you!"

I stepped in front of the mirror as I dried my body and applied oil. For the first time in weeks, I looked at myself in the mirror.
Me Rita, I can be pregnant again? I had a baby, no two babies growing inside of me... Whoever said God isn't good doesn't know the kind of God I serve. I looked at the dressing table before me. A bible laid there. I picked it up and randomly flipped the pages. It took me to a passage. 
God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry land. (Psalm 68:6)...
 Hallelujah!God had a plan for my family, The devil was the father of all lies.
 He was the one who wanted me to think I was being punished for my sins. God loved me so much and ensured that I am settled in my family. I knelt in front of the mirror and prayed out my heart. The devil would not win this case not now, not ever.


Three days later

"Jesus!" Rita's mother screamed from her sleep.

"What's wrong?" Her husband asked

"I just had a scary dream, I saw Rita dead"

"God forbid! It will never happen"

"Amen..... That's your phone daddy"

"Hello," bishop answered his call

"Daddy it's me, I just had a terrible dream I saw Rita's body she was dead in the dream"

"Oh my God... Never! Your mother just had the same dream"

"I tried calling her but she didn't take the call"

"Then call kamsie..."

"I just did she's on her way to her room already."

Cheta, we have to go on a conference call we need to pray seriously tonight"

"Yes dad, I thought so too."

"Drop the call so I can call back"

"No dad it's fine I'll just call Rita and place it on conference"

"Okay then go ahead"

Cheta went on to dial kamsie's line

"Hello Kams I just called dad and mum they are on the line right now have you been able to get to my sister?"

"Yes I'm in her room she also woke up suddenly."

"Kamsie let me speak with her..." Okay bishop


"Yes dad"

"What's wrong?"

"I saw someone chasing me in the dream trying to yank off the kids in my stomach... I screamed the blood of Jesus and woke up"

"Rita, kamsie we are going to stay on the line and pray"

"Okay dad."

And so a session of prayer went on for about an hour. My entire family joined with kamsie and her husband to pray fervently. I knew that night that someone was after my life and my happiness. After we had prayed, I didn't sleep I took the bull by the horn and continued praying. I prayed so much it could be likened to that moment Jesus was sweating blood. Kamsie met me on my knees singing worship songs the next morning.

"Rita, I heard your melodious voice from the living room... I think we need to go to the hospital I had to skip the part that you woke up bleeding so your parents would not be scared"

"Hospital? God gave me these babies and no demon can take them away. I'm going nowhere. I'd sit in his presence and watch any devil come dare me" I spoke with so much authority kamsie was shocked

"Now this is the woman I have known all these years. I'll bring the fetal Doppler home to check for their heartbeat."

"Don't bother, the babies are there nothing will happen to them."

Kamsie gave me one more glance before leaving the room.

to be continued......