Rita's Diary- Part 3


"Omo dayo! Romoke n robi ooo" (Romoke is in labour)

"Mama really, please take her to the hospital then"

"No o... Her father has midwives and traditional birth attendants on call. I'll take her to them"

"Mama what is that? Take her to the hospital!"

"Okay which one?"

"Take her to the family hospital please"

"Okay o... Come meet us there"

"I will mum"

Dayo hurriedly cleared his table. This was his first child's birthing and he wanted to be there to usher the child to this world. His phone was ringing he checked the caller it was his father-in-law the bishop. This man had called him severally in the last five months. He never gave up. There was nothing for them to discuss.
He turned off the phone as he dashed out of his office. The call can wait. He and Rita were done with each other.


Dayo's mother fidgeted over what Baba said on the phone.

 "Iya Dayo are you there?"

"Yes baba..."

"Ehennn Dayo must not see that baby immediately he is born o. He will regain his senses and the Child will die. Everything that was done would be undone."

"Yepa! Mogbe" (I'm done for)

"I told him to come already. He should be here any minute"

"Then find a way to delay him a word is enough for the wise." Baba hung up.

Dayo rushed into the hospital and found his mother in the hallway. "Where's Romoke mummy?"

"She's in the labor room"

 "You can start leaving Dayo I'll handle things here" his mother frantic

"Handle what? Omo akobi mi le leyi, (this is my first child) I'll be here till she puts to bed."

"Dayo go home, leave here" his mother commanded

"Who's the husband?" a nurse walked in on the both of them arguing

"I am...” Dayo rushed to her side.

"Please follow me sir you wife just had a bouncing baby boy"

"Dayo come back here" his mother shouted after him as they both rushed towards the ward. Dayo looked at the baby he was so small, and his hands, cute." JESUS!" Dayo cringed from the pain in his head

"Kilode? (What is it)" his mother asked

"I feel like a weight dropped off my head" he cried

"Oh my God! I'm done for." His mother cried

"Rita... Rita is that you? He called out... Mama where's my wife?"

"Which wife? This is the only woman I know" she pointed at Romoke

"Dayo, your wife is at my house..." Dr Kamsie smiled as events unfolded, she had taken the delivery

"Who is this stranger? And whose baby so this?"

"A woman you left your wife Rita for" Kamsie replied 

"Leave my wife, how? When? Oh my God, what did i do?" he cried as he rushed out of the room.

"Dr Kamsie, the baby is seizing" one of the nurses drew her attention

Kamsie and her team tried to rescue him but all efforts proved abortive. "Mama Dayo, we lost the baby..." Kamsie reported to Dayo's mum.

She rushed out of the clinic crying and clasping her hands over her head. "Baba it has happened o.... Omo yen ti Ku (that baby has died)"

“I told you mama Dayo. Where's my daughter?"

"She's in the labour ward"

"You know we tied the two of them together spiritually using a figurine. I checked two days ago and the figurines had been separated more like someone went there to lose them."

"What's that baba, who else’s lives with you?"

"There's no way a mere mortal could have loosened them. I did the charms same night you requested that I kill the first wife. When she didn't die... Two weeks later, I suddenly realized the calabash was broken and two nights ago the figurine loosened.

"Ahhhhhh baba you have killed me!"

"Iya Dayo it's worse ooo if he sets eyes on his wife again, you will run mad! Remember that's what we did. You have to do all you can to ensure they don't see each other. Bring him to the shrine now now!"

"Okay Baba" Dayo's mother rushed off


 I'm awake in my hospital bed with my husband beside me. I always knew he'd come to his senses. When I battled in prayer those months,I saw him in shackles. The story was that, His mother owed the priest a debt and promised their children would be wedded. I came into the picture and dragged Dayo to Christ. The mother became angry and closed my womb. When she realized Dayo wasn't going to be moved by my barren state, she went on to manipulate him spiritually into marrying Romoke the chief priest's daughter. You may ask, how come the mother was able to close my womb when I served God all these years? Remember Daniel in the bible? He asked God why his blessings were being delayed and God told him he wasn't the one who delayed it. He had sent his blessings but the prince of Persia blocked the blessings from manifesting. It took him twenty-one days to realize his enemy and when he prayed, an Angel Micheal, came to his rescue and he left the angel  to complete the battle(Daniel 10:13) God had given me children but Dayo's mum was that prince of Persia standing against it. All I needed to do was pray and invite the fighting angels!

Dear diary, I battled in my war room, I got my home back. My mother-in-law is currently in a psychiatric home. She confessed and ran mad. My husband has found his way back to God and he understands the role his mother played in all these. Romoke died hours after having the baby and her father the chief priest, died mysteriously months before I delivered my twins.
Oh yes! I have a boy and a girl. Took me fifteen years to have them and I'm so glad I never doubted God.
Kamsie and her husband now head the Nigerian church. My parents are still burning in the Lord and I and Dayo moved to the UK to have the babies and also begin a new life there. We are all united in love.

Hey diary, that's Kehinde crying, time to breast feed....


Don't give up....fight hard. The angels of war are just a prayer away


  1. Thanks for giving us a reminder that God is still in the business of taking us to our destination.

    1. A perfect reminder. This tale is also a reminder that nothing happens ordinarily. Gracious God!

  2. God is God, regardless of what man thinks

  3. I will worship him forever, love him forever because, This God is too good oooooooo

  4. The way MIL's interfere in homes ehn can make someone wonder if they never wanted their sons to marry. Thankfully, this woman didn't lose her home to the vol-trons that wanted it. God is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and ending... He remains God forever

  5. Oh Lord be glorified. This is a wonderful piece. Welldone Becky.
    You suddenly went cold hope all is well o nne?