It’s been a while since the last time I freestyled, I missed this segment hornesly!

Alright, on to the brief gist for today... it's about a wedding I attended a few weeks ago.
I have been caught up with so many activities that I totally forgot to write about it. I didn’t even remember I hadn't written about it until Mona and Charitee asked me to write about the wedding I attended recently. How they knew of it, I don't know (awon monitoring spirits)....

This particular wedding was a 'mogbo moya’ attendance. I mean I didn't get a direct invitation from the host. I went with a friend of mine who is a close friend with the groom. The party rocker in me could not just say no! Y’all know I love parties plus it had been a while I last stepped into one. I just had to grace this event- plus I heard there was going to be a lot of blokes at the event: fa, fa, fa, and fowl!

Since I didn't have the color code, I made a new dress for this wedding oh. I mean the vibes I was given about this particular wedding made me go with my motto- I nor go carry last oh.
Hear me well people: never believe the hypes about every Abuja wedding oh, never ever! You might think most of the wedding parties thrown here are hosted by the elites therefore, all is well done, and it’s not always true. (I have been to an Abuja wedding where the rice was sour- ok it's a little bit exaggerated but the rice wasn't good to eat, the peeps who attended that ceremony with me didn't eat. we left like that. After I had sprayed my hard earned money oh.....this should in the folder highlights as a 2016 wedding guest….but errrm, that’s for another day.
 Back to my story:

So I dressed up on a sunny Saturday morning-midday actually because I missed the church event-hoping to turn up at the reception.
When we got to the venue we realized the hall was grouped in different sections.  Not the usual, friends of the bride, groom, etc.... as is usually the case. Instead, the older people were seated on one side of the hall while the younger folks sat on the other side. Initially, I thought this was a perfect idea as it could help youths mingle easily. 
mhen! People of the lord, I thought wrong oh.  That division created a kind of separation that I can't comprehend till this moment.
The youths never did mingle- those who did simply did so because they knew themselves well before, you could tell they weren't brought together by the wedding. It was more or less cousin meet cousin, friend meet friend and so on....
For this simple reason, if you did gbeborun (I mean oversabi) to this place you would be on your own!
Luckily my table was filled with great persons - I mean, my friends are the best.  We laughed and took so many pictures....that's all we could do.
For some guests the wedding was fun, as for me, it was comfortably boring. I left earlier than planned. Dance, dance, dance took too long, everyone was simply minding their business and the hall was so jam-packed, you could barely see the couple- bad hall choice.

One thing I loved though was the decor. The place the couple sat was well decorated.  I loved the home themed decor, the lighting and for once at an Igbo wedding, the food came in time- I just ate all the small chops, the rice and vamoose

Please, those preparing to get hitched, make your party a little one. Music should include something for everyone. And the idea of dividing the hall should be shoved off.—I was bored off the hook guys! Outside the couple's spot, everybody should be allowed to sit freely.
And oh before I forget, the bridal train had a nice style but it was too 'dramatic' in my twinnie's words. 
Less is more....keep it simple. While it suited the really slim girls the big ones like myself looked like they were dressed for Halloween.

I’m sorry if I’m too rash but you all know I’ve got an acidic tongue. In all, the wedding is over and I’m pretty sure both parties tried their best. Make I go marry sef i too judge people!

To those who are getting married soon, I wish you all a good home. To others like us, still waiting on God, enjoy your singlehood. It’s the only time you get to spend an hour reading your bible without anyone asking you to go make lunch/ brunch or dinner.

Peace out!


  1. Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! The king is back!!!!!

  2. Imagine this one calling me monitoring spirit whatever sheeee finally you post am. I hate when people from nonessential class ehnnnn

  3. Who send you? Hehehehhehehehehehehehe

  4. Dressed for Halloween? That's rather too harsh for someone who's never organised an event called marriage. Haba! If you no like am face front abeg

    1. Did she beg you to read or comment? It's her blog she can decide to describe it however she wants

  5. I am just thinking of how beautiful the decor must have been.

  6. Wedding party these days is something else