Diary of a 9-5ver- cloak-and-dagger (Episode 3)

"Relax Eno, are you getting all worked up over that CD plate?" Cosmos asked

"That CD plate contains all the work Mr. Scott asked me to do throughout the week. I don't even know what to say"

"Eno I burnt them into two CDs we might as well give him one and explain to him why we couldn't deliver both" Greg said

"That’s the problem, both CDs were in my hand bag"

"Wow!" Greg sighed

"I’ll give oga something he can work with" Tobi called out

"Something? I thought he rejected the work you sent to him" Caroline replied

"Yes he made some corrections but said he wouldn't be needing them anymore after he saw Eno's work. I could effect those corrections and present it to him"

"Tobi has a point sha, at all at all naim bad pass" Cosmos said

Amara shifted in her seat. Mr. Scott was beginning to tire of her. She was used to getting everything she wanted by bargaining with her body. She flipped through the pages of the work on her desk. She had been on the team that prepared for the bidding at OPR. She had thought laying with him severally would change his mind.
But it was one thing to be clueless academically, and another to be smart in other ways. She had thought of a perfect way to please him. This time he would have to oblige her

"Amara, you nor just dey this office at all?" Caroline asked

"What is it? Must I contribute to everything? I have presentations too"

"Well, good-luck." Caroline tiffed

Eno sighed and stared at the street, but the view did nothing to cheer her up, today her mind was clustered she couldn't notice beauty in the view. Why would anyone target her for robbery? There were a lot of people on the road that day, why her?

“Hey, let's take a walk" Greg whispered in her ears

 "You thinking what I’m thinking?" he asked as they got out of the office.

"I have so many things on my mind, I can’t even think straight"

 "Sorry it's a bad time but think of it. This would have launched you to the next phase. Mr. Scott stated clearly that whoever had the best proposal would defend it at the OPR firm next week"

"Yes he did but it was just Tobi, Amara and I that he gave the task"

"And your proposal was the best of the three he got."

"You are right, are you then suggesting....?" they both snapped their fingers at the new revelation

 "Omg! Why didn't I think of this? But how could he?"

"He must have followed you and then paid the thug to do it”

“Tobi was the only person who was really unprepared, Amara had her work all the while.... or so she said"

"This is weird, I’ll go confront him” she turned towards the office

"No, you will outsmart him instead"

"How do I do that?” She paused

"We will do it all over again. I had the work backed up on my system, we can both work on the problem areas he highlighted and give him a more presentable proposal. This time, I’ll ensure the programming language is complete and even suggest a software package.... probably build a test-run software for OPR."

“This would have been a perfect idea, but I don't have any guide for the corrections"

"You gave me the hard copy he worked on after you had imputed the corrections on the CD plate" Greg assured.

"Oh, I did. You are a genius, but why didn't you say you had a backup copy?"

"I knew he did it. Telling him would have been giving ourselves out"

"Mr. Scott would want this by 2 pm today"

"Well, we've got 3 more hours... let's start working"

"Building a software takes a long time" her mood dampened

 "I thought you had a prototype already, I’ll just make a few amendments... trust me" he smiled
 Their gazes locked for a moment. Greg was such a great guy... someone who had had her back since she started work here. "Thank you so much!" she said

"Anytime" he replied taking her hands in his

"Where are we off to?"

"Find a decent place to do this job"

"And then?"

"Show up for the meeting by 2pm"

"Genius!" she laughed

"I’m not doing his for free though" he coughed

"Oh, name your price then"

"I have someone I really like, but I’m too scared to tell her"

 “Hey charley!! Don’t be lily livered! Just tell her"

"It’s not that easy, she's a friend and I wouldn't want to lose her friendship so you'd have to teach me silent ways to pass my message across"

"Why would you think I have a clue about winning a woman over?"

"You are a woman, you are in the best position to predict what another woman could be thinking"

"hmmmmm....since you suggested this deal, first tip, take her out on a date"

"That would be really difficult" Greg rubbed his head


Greg cleared his throat, "she's always busy"

"Then take lunch to her..."

"Okay good idea"

"Anyway, let’s go do some work" Greg smiled.

To be continued.......


  1. Gregoryyyyyyyyyyy leave my girl alone o all these office bromance never works.
    Ps: I'm back for good! Who missed me?

  2. I so hate lazy folks. Why will Tobi organise to have her work stolen so he could use it? Jealousy everywhere