Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 4)- Uncovered

Caroline stooped by Amara's desk as she walked towards the coffee maker "Those two love birds aren't back from their short trip?" she hissed

"How’s that my business?" Amara flared up

"Calm down now, don't get worked up over this project, everyone knows you are oga's pet" Caroline replied walking away from her desk

"That’s your business" Amara stood to check the printer for paper

"I don't think those two have anything though" Tobi joined

"I don't think so too...." Caro agreed. She was back to her seat

"Even a blind man would notice Greg likes that girl" Cosmos added

"If na you nko, fresh oyibo like that? Ahhhhh” Tobi yelled

"She’s pretty no doubt, but no man in his right sense would ask her out" Betty said

"Why?" Cosmos asked

"Because she's so uptight" Betty replied

"I agree ooo... she dey do as if na she fine pass...." Amara hissed

"Women! Always envying one another na una sabi o" Cosmos hissed

“Greg does not strike me as someone who’s interested in women” Tobi added

“Meaning he’s gay?” Betty asked

“I didn’t say so o… he’s just not ready for any relationship. He seems distant” Tobi replied

“You are right though” Betty added. She had given him green lights, on several occasions none of which he honored.

"Okay guys that's oga's jeep.... he's around" Caroline minimized the video player she had been using to watch the latest episode of Jennifer’s diary

"But where are those two, they need to come and explain to oga about the missing files" Caro tiffed

"I’ll submit mine" Tobi said

"Me too...." Amara stood with her files

Everyone turned to look at her..." I thought you said oga had asked you not to participate?" Betty asked

"Well, he changed his mind" she rolled her eyes

"hmmmmm...." Betty shook her head. Apparently their affair hadn't stopped his brain from functioning normally.

Eno and Greg walked in to find the atmosphere tense. They had seen Mr. Scott and Gbadamosi walk in from the side office they had been working in.
"Eno, I’ll have hard copies printed for everyone present... just go in with those when he comes. Greg told her quietly.

Cosmos looked from one person to another. He had just today to tidy up his files before his leave began. 

"wetin dey happen between these ones?" Amara asked rhetorically

Eno ignored every eye in the room. If Tobi had decided to steal her joy, he was in for a rude shock. She had changed the entire work and test ran every sample software illustrated on the web planner

"I want everyone and their presentations ready in two minutes" Mr. Gbadamosi barked

“No, Gbadamosi, I’d rather they all assemble at the conference room right away, I don't have time to waste the best presenter has to go for the meeting with us today."  Scott replied

"Yes sir" Gbadamosi said leaving the room.

Eno staggered as she stood from her chair, she had done so much work in the last two hours her entire body craved for food...

"Here you go, Greg handed her the hard copies... see you in there"

"I wish you were presenting with me" she whispered

"I trust you'd do great.... it's your bid Eno, go kill it"

"Thank you" she mouthed as she walked into the conference room

Eno spent the next fifteen minutes explaining everything represented on paper. Mr. Scott was greatly pleased with the software demo.
The first two staff who had presented- Amara and Tobi didn't have a demo, besides their work seemed inconclusive. He needed a conclusive job, one that explained what both companies could gain from this venture. 
"I like this one," Gbadamosi smiled. "Ms. Eno prepare for the meeting with OPR your work sounds more reasonable"

"Finally, a woman who knows her onus" Mr. Scott smiled. "It’s been a wonderful presentation everyone. While I commend you all for your wonderful work, I still prefer that of Eno, with the software you and Greg created, I have no doubt we will win this bid

"She created it singlehandedly Scott," I only just ensured its proper running Greg replied

"hmmmm smart one" Mr. Scott said.

 Everyone stepped out of the room relieved. Except Tobi, who felt more of disdain, why they would always pick Eno over anyone baffled him.

Amara looked at Greg uneasily, she had presented a replica of the work stolen from Eno, and how had those two done something better within 2 hours? She thought
She had followed her after work and upon finding the right chance, paid a young man to have her purse snatched. 
She sat and rested her head on her desk, that way, no one would accuse her of anything

"We now know who the thief is right?" Eno whispered to Greg

"Well we do.... want to confront her?"

"ahh.... no, I’d save it for later,.. She owes me one" she smiled deviously

"Eno, I’m stepping out for lunch"

"Oh Greg wish I could, I need to prepare for the meeting"

"Oh it’s okay"

Eno walked to her seat, she would spend the next thirty minutes brushing up her work and then rest for remaining thirty minutes before they gathered for the meeting. She was so glad Greg would be part of the entourage for the bid. The guy was like a backbone. He seemed too polished to be here earning the change they all were clamoring for. He rode the best car as a staff, came to work very early and was a really decent young man

"Hey Eno, I’d like to speak with you" Amara’s voice jolted her.

"Yes, hi Amara," she replied without looking at her.

"I’m sorry I didn't know what to do... I’m so sorry"

"It’s okay, I forgive you"

"What... just like that?"

"Forgive others so you'd be forgiven..." Eno smiled at her

She was pretty, very pretty and had a good brain in her head too... "Thank you Eno"

"Next time, just ask and I’ll help with your work"

"You don't mind?"

 "No...I don't. I’ll be expecting my stolen stuff though."

"Thank you....I’ll make sure to bring them please"

"Anytime" Eno's eyes were fixated on her desktop... she didn't even notice Amara return to her seat "Christ the king!" she muttered beneath her breath. She had googled Gregory Ikechukwu Hammer-Smith. he wasn't  a staff of Midas touch, he owned Midas touch and several other IT firms across Africa, Mr. Scott and Gbadamosi were just figure heads.... no wonder, no wonder they accorded him so much respect. But why did they say Mr. Scott and his sister who lived in London owned this place?
Okay! Gregory had been married to Mr. Scott’s sister... for 11 months, they had divorced as a result of irreconcilable differences--- the article also stated that, he had been mentally ill for the period of marriage, but had recovered completely after the divorce. A fan had commented congratulating him on returning to sanity and he replied "I hope to remain sane....marriage and relationships are totally insane."
She scrolled through his profile and was dumbfounded....no wonder, no wonder he never got attached to anyone. But who was this girl he was interested in that he wanted to get her attention?

"Hey, I brought you lunch" Greg’s voice filtered through to her very occupied mind

"Uh?" she asked eyes widened  

"Are you okay?" he was bewildered at her response

"Yes, yes...." she cleared her throat, "I’m just busy with the work for OPR"

"Can I still help?” he moved to see her desktop

"urrrrr... no!" she turned the screen away quickly

"Okay, you seem weird" he frowned

"Thanks for the food" she took the plate from him and smiled 

 “You welcome,” he replied walking towards Mr. Scott’s office and wondering why she acted like he was mentally unstable. Wasn’t he though?

To be continued................


  1. Amara the thieving thief! Now I have to be really careful with all these my work papers flying about.

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