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Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 9) - Evil lurks around

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He giggled as he dragged the red lipstick across the photo on his pad. Crossing out a smiling face, he rushed to type another text message. This time they would be scared, really scared. The exact way he liked his prey, scared for their lives


Greg had seen them, he was on the phone with Tolu but he had seen them both. “Tolu take it easy I can’t hear you” he said into his phone. 

“Hi,” he greeted Eno lightly as he walked out to take the call

“I’m far from hearing, what’s wrong Tolu?”

“Someone is threatening to kill Eno, more like he’s saying Eno is his, or like he will kill her if she leaves him; I don’t know” she fretted

“Take it easy... Do you have the number?”

“I do, but it never goes through”

“Send it to me…”

“I will, please Greg don’t ever take your eyes off her not even for a minute, please. Eno is such a good person and I don’t want anything happening to her”

“I will not allow anything happen to her” He replied firmly

“Okay, thank you”

Greg rubbed his head and kicked the wall hard, who wanted her dead? She had just two admirers Odetola and Jayson. Right now, she was more engrossed with Jayson. Even though she had spent her lunchtime yesterday with Tola he could tell Jayson had won her heart. Who was this mysterious person? He stared at the number on his phone. He knew this number, it looked familiar, and he was going to get to the root of this

“Greg?” Eno called

“Yes...” He coughed

“Are you okay?”

“Yes I am… just some family issues”

“I need your help”

“What’s wrong?”

“Scott saw me and I’m guessing you did too”

“If we did, it’s your life and you owe no one an explanation”

“No I don't, but he just called for me”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know i need to come up with a reason for coming late”

“Why did you come late?”

“My car broke down”

“Then tell him”

“I can’t”


“It sounds like a flimsy excuse,”

 “It’s not… tell him”

“Alright wish me luck” she hurried off

Greg looked at his phone yet again. The number seemed too familiar….
He walked into the main office and sat at his desk. In a few weeks he would be done with the legal battle and out for good. Leave Scott and Cherry forever and he can return to business. The cyber world was cold without him... He smiled
Eno walked slowly to her seat, she seemed ruffled. Greg walked to her, “what’s up? How did it go?”

“Not good. He said I slept out in a man’s place that’s why I came late”

“So? Is he your father?”

“He’s just so angry. At the wedding I ignored him totally”

“But he was also there with Amara” he spat


“He should go and die!” Greg hissed

“Shhhh, reduce your voice, you are calling unnecessary attention” she marveled at his outburst

“I don’t want anyone dictating your life for you”

“I’ll be fine, I just need to keep him off my case”

“Please do, and be careful”

“Are you okay? You sound too edgy for comfort”

“Yes I’m fine” Greg scratched his head

“Careful? You sound too serious”

“Whatever!” he laughed.

“I’ll be out with Jayson for lunch today, it’s mostly business. I’ll explain details later"

“Okay big girl….. I’m off to my desk” he smiled. The whole idea of her being alone with Jayson or anyone bothered him especially with this stalker around the corner

Eno smiled and took Tola’s call, she had wanted just one man’s attention, now she was getting two. After a few minutes, the call ended on a good note.

“Mr Gbadamosi wants to see you Eno,” The awoken Amara announced.

“Okay” she said walking towards his door.

Meanwhile, Greg’s phone vibrated as a text from Tolu arrived.
“He just sent a warning text again… this time he’s warning me too”

Greg knew he needed to get to work, or everyone would blame him too. History wouldn't let history repeat itself. This wasn’t Jacinta’s story.

To be continued.........

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