Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 18)

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 “You are going out because of Amara?” Chudi voiced out. Chudi was cosmos’s wife

“Babe can we have this conversation when I return?”

“No we won’t. I love you Cee, I know you had something with her but we are married now”

“Babe, I love you too”

“Then why are you still getting messages from her asking you to save her”

“It’s not what you think, I’ll explain everything when I get back” cosmos kissed her and left house.



“Go to any police station and make reports, I’m headed towards Gregory, he suspects foul play concerning Eno’s whereabouts. I want you safe just in case Scott comes for you”

“Okay I’ll be”

“Alright bye” he said ending the call

Cosmos drove off before he could notice a car parked outside his house was now trailing him. 


Jayson held onto Eno’s neck, squeezing the life out of her. “Jayson stop you’re hurting me!” she gasped for breathe

“Who do you think you are, ugh? I have asked you out for almost a decade” he spat back at her

“But I only got to know about it a few weeks back and I obliged you” she said painstakingly

“Sit down” he pushed her on the sofa

“Why are you doing this?” She cried

“Because I always get what I want”

“But you are married!”

“She left me just like you would if you knew the demon I was”


“Yes, I had to put up a charade, woo you and make you fall for me, but I am a man of many desires” he said cuffing her to the chair

“Jayson, stop, stop!” She cried, “Please don’t rape me please”

“Rape you, no… I enjoy watching the act instead” he said as Gbadams entered the now smaller room

“What? You are sick! Perverts!” she spat at the both of them

“You don’t know the half of it...” Gbadams laughed wickedly

“You can start now,” Jayson ordered

Gbadams moved in to take off her dress but stopped upon hearing the pandemonium outside
“What’s happening dawg?” Gbadams asked

“I’ll go check. Don’t start without me”

Jayson stepped out
Eno kicked the table TO spill the drink on the floor.  oblivious to the hazard the spilled wine created, Gbadams  launched towards her but slipped and hit his head on the stool beside her, and fell face down unto the shattered glassware, he screamed as the pieces dug into his face and body, writhe painfully and went still. 
“Jesus, Jesus!!” Eno screamed, “I’ve killed someone!” she panicked


“May I help you?” Jayson asked his visitors

“Hello my name is Gregory and this is Cosmos, we want to see Eno and Gbadams”

“Well, welcome to Da-lams, there’s no one like that here, although we are closed for today you can sit by the bar and have a drink on the house” Jayson smiled

“I called Gbadams and he said he was here” Cosmos spat

“Young man, I know no such person, even if he did say that, we aren’t open for business today, he probably left when he noticed” Jayson straightened his trousers. 

“Jayson, Eno your supposed girlfriend took off to see you, I presume you know her and I’m guessing she was here” Greg replied

“I was benevolent enough to offer you both drinks you can get out now. Eno is totally my business and I make sure of that”

“No she’s not, she’s everyone’s business. She’s a dear friend, and I’ll like to know where she is”

Jayson beckoned on the bouncer to show them out

Gregory pushed him, the bouncer reiterated, and landed him a blow to his head. Gregory staggered but before recovering from the blow, another bouncer hit him with an empty bottle from the floor. A fight ensued

Eno heard the voices scrambling outside “Help!!!!”  She screamed

“That’s her voice” Greg said to Cosmos as he struggled against the bouncer gripping his torso. Jayson hit his head with a bottle from behind and launched his attack at Cosmos who was coming at him. Cosmos’s trailer watched as things unfolded and then joined the fight.

They fought for a few more minutes before they were separated by the noise from the police siren outside the building. Amara had called the police as instructed and she had tracked Cosmos’s phone to get to their location.
A few police officers stepped in the building and ordered the arrest of Jayson and his men.
“This is private property” he spat

The police men ignored him and did a quick search; they found Eno cuffed on the chair with her assailant laying cold on the floor
Cosmos held her as she staggered out of the room. Gregory was rushed into the ambulance, his head bled horribly.
“Who are you?” Cosmos asked the young man who had come to his aid

“Your wife thought you were cheating and paid me to follow you”

Cosmos laughed. “Tell her I’m out here ensuring these lunatics don’t remain on the streets while we raise our kids….” he laughed again

“Go on,” cosmos said to the young man who stood fixated
Greg turned to see Eno by his side as the paramedics wheeled him into the ambulance “Wait” he whispered to them.  “Hey, thank you for saving my life” she cried and hugged him

“I’m glad I could save this” he said faintly

She leaned on him and kissed him

He kissed her back and smiled at her

“He’s going into a coma!” one of the paramedics announced. 

Eno held his hand tightly but saw him slip away. “Greg, Greg stay with me Greg, stay here don’t go anywhere!” she cried

She stood as she saw the paramedics’ battle for his life. He had been wounded in the fight and Jayson had jabbed him with shattered glass severally.

She walked away to catch her breath and found Tolu running towards her, she held onto Tolu and wept
“Why do I have to go through terrible things?” Eno sniffed

“If I had a dollar for every time I asked “Why do I have to do this?” as a kid, I would probably be a millionaire by now.”

“I don’t want to lose him” she cried

“You won’t... You won’t...” Tolu held her closely as the siren faded from the distance


Eno, wake up! Betty shook her vigorously. “Wake up now, na sleep you come sleep?” She hissed

Eno raised her head to see Scott and Gbadams walk into the building, her phone rang, it was Jayson. She checked the time on the big wall clock hanging in the room, it was 12.45 am; she had been asleep for 2 hours. who wouldn't?After the struggle with her car earlier this morning, she had delved into a long nap lined with a nap-mare

"Eno are you still going out to lunch with Jayson?" Greg asked

“No, no, no, no!!!” She screamed and ran out.



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