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Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 17)

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Scott hurriedly packed his suitcase, Monday was just two days away, and he would disappear from work with Eno to hatch his plan.

He peeped at the ringing phone on the bed, it was Cherry
“Hey sister” He leered

“Scott, I got news that you’re off your medication again, need I remind you the damage that attitude has cost us?”

“Cherry, you are shouting and my head aches right now” Scott hissed

“I will shout at you. You’ve refused to make your life meaningful, our parents would turn in their graves seeing the way you’ve turned out to be”

 “You should take out the log in your eyes first”

“What do you mean log? I might not have a perfect life but I have it all planned out”

“You do? Who’s your daughter’s father?”

“What do you mean who’s my daughter’s father? Everyone knows I was married to Greg”

“But you were impregnated by another”

“Now, you are just being psychotic, I didn’t know it had gotten to this, your speech isn’t even coherent” she sighed

“Gbadams is the father of that child and Greg knows. Why else do you think he never called to check up on his own daughter after he left prison?” He mocked

“But... but... he always sent her upkeep money, I never even slept with Gbadams, we experimented on drugs together but I never slept with him”

“How would you know, when you spent the better part of your married life hooked on alcohol and the same drugs you’re scolding me for? You both had an ecstatic night that led to Lisa’s birth” he spat

“I hate you Scott, you brought that demon into our lives”

“Just sort your life and leave me the hell alone!” Scott spat and ended the call.
He hissed as he angrily took another call. Everyone kept disturbing him, leaving his phone unanswered could make people suspicious
“Yes…?” he tiffed

“Scott I need to see you,” Greg’s voice filtered through the phone

“See me for what?” If he knew it was Greg, he would have ignored the call. He staggered from being fainty

 “You’ve been abusing Amara and that’s a criminal act”

“Can you just learn to put your life together for once?” Scott spat

“I’m trying to, but you and your evil friend keep ruining every effort I make at doing that”

“Shut-up Greg. You are just a coward!”

“Me? Coward?”

“Yes that’s what you are. You can’t even take over the company, you can’t find the guts to tell Eno you care for her, get you some effrontery for that aspect of your life and stop meddling in my affairs” He rushed

“I’ll report to the police, and this time you are not getting away with any of your crimes, I think I’ve been a coward for too long, now is the time to sit up.” He hissed and dropped the call.

Scott shivered and fumbled through the clothes on the bed, he was having a tremor – a withdrawal symptom from a particular brand of drug he was becoming addicted to. ‘Damn it…” he cursed as his hands found the container. Gbadams had introduced him to this on one of their escapades and he was now too dependent on it.  He tipped the container and its contents scattered on the floor, Scott bent to pick the drugs, but banged his head on the bedframe. He slowly let go as his body hit the cold floor tiles. His heart was faintly beating when he heard a siren from afar off.


Gregory sighed, he had been a coward for too long, and shut out his emotions because he didn’t want anyone to shatter his heart like Cherry did or cut short anyone’s life as he had done Jacinta’s.
He picked his car key from the television stand in his living room and made his way out of the house. Starting the car, he connected his phone to the car stereo so he could take cherry’s incoming call as he drove out
“Hello C,”

“Greg, you knew Lisa wasn’t yours?” Cherry sniffed

“I don’t know how you heard this but…”

“I lived a terrible life, and I deserve everything I am going through, but you don’t; you are a good man Gregory, a good man. I’m so sorry I pinned this on you”

“It’s okay, you never knew.”

“If only I had made my life meaningful, appreciated your love for me and came off drugs, it wouldn’t have happened”

“Cherry, it’s a good thing you aren’t hooked on drugs anymore. I’ll do anything I can to make you and Lisa comfortable”

“Well, I just wanted to apologize and ask that you move on with your life. I’ll mail you the company papers once I have my lawyers change the ownership deeds”

“They are with you?”

“Yes, Scott made me keep them, said that was the only way you’d care for your child”

Greg sighed

“I’ll have them sent over”

“Thank you cherry, I want to make a fresh start but I don t think Scott would allow that happen”


“He and Gbadams are currently threatening someone I care greatly for”

Cherry went mute, she knew how Greg would go all out for someone he loved
‘I’ll speak with him” cherry replied

“You don’t have to, I’m making an official report at the police station”

“Are you?” Cherry panicked

“Yes, I will not take this lightly, Eno is a young woman who needs to be protected. She will not end up like Jacinta”

“Is she?”

“Cherry……!” Greg barked.

“Okay… I’ll speak with him while you go to the police”

“Okay fine”

Greg ended the call to take cosmos’s call

“Comos, I’m off to see Eno, she left Tolu and I at about 2pm to go see some lover of hers at his guest house, and I don’t feel good about it. More so, I’ve been trying to reach her for over an hour but she’s not responding”

“Which guest house?”

“Da-Lams, it’s in Lekki”

“Oh, wait, I spoke with Gbadams a while ago, wanted to know if he was with Scott, he said he was over at the same place. That’s even why I was calling, I wanted us to go see him together”


“Yea, something doesn’t feel right”

“Cosmos, where can I pick you up? I smell evil” Greg exited his street into the highway

“I’ll meet you there”


To be continued.................


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