Efe's diary : New Born Chapters 13..

jumped excitedly from one person to another, unable to contain my joy. Why should I need to? I was officially a graduate! B.Pharm! my oath of induction ceremony just ended I’d never felt so fulfilled. Five years in this place and I got all I came for plus- a clarity of purpose.

Her classmates drew her into different photo sessions. "Send me all the pictures!" She reminded Kosi as she had with the others. Kosi chuckled back

She held rose tightly. "Thank you for coming all the way baby girl."

"Wouldn't miss your induction for the world. I am proud of you Efe!" she hugged me tightly. She too had graduated barely 2 months before, I couldn't go all the way to Ghana but my aunt and uncle had travelled for the graduation. 
My brothers were also present at my Induction. They were almost through with their youth service and one of them had gotten a job already. It wasn't a fantastic position, but a job that could pay over N100,000 monthly was a testimony for us. My second brother was still job hunting but he was also developing his singing talent. The boy could sing a dead person back to life. He too had towed my line by attending CFI on his campus then.  Though it wasn't long before he graduated, his talent was discovered. Now as a youth corp member, he had practically been the one feeding my family from the little extra he was making as a guest singer.
I even learned he was always booked for singing gigs. I rushed to embrace them as we all posed for a another picture.

 It was the beginning of my beautiful life!


I was sitting in the NYSC camp clinic pharmacy as i looked at the pictures from my induction and graduation. Since then, I had also completed my compulsory 1 year internship while waiting to serve. Looking back on it all made me smile, because I wondered if my life would have taken this beautiful turn if i hadn't met Prof and if Kingsley hadn't maimed me.

"Pharm, E" my partner called

"Hey Drey how far?" I replied

"I'm alright. Could you please look through this prescription and help me dispense the medication?"

I took the list from him dispensed the drugs in time to get to my ringing phone. 

I picked my call.

"Efe, guess what?" Rose asked me.

"You again?" I laughed. Rose had moved to Lagos after we served and now worked for an IT company. Since we were miles apart, we talked daily and even though I had tried to make her see the beauty being born again added to life, Rose didn't want any of that. She was more interested in living life to the fullest- "Church is not for me" she would say. But i constantly prayed for her. I knew one day, she would get to know Him like I did.

"Rose my current shift at this clinic has lasted too long to guess anything. Would you help me?"

"So there is this guy that was paraded on Crimes Watch, that crime show on Channels. He was arrested and while confessing his crimes, he also said he maimed his ex who was a Unilag student almost 3 years ago, he said he was bitter she had moved on,"

I was so shocked i had to sit down, this guy Rose was talking about was Kingsley. I never heard from him after the incident though i thought i saw him from afar a few times on campus."

"What did he do this time?" I soon found my voice

"Well, he led his robbery gang to rob a highbrow neighbourhood, and met his waterloo!" Rose Hissed

"Jesus Christ!"

"See how God fights for his people? You didn't have to do anything, his sins caught up with him."

"Oh I feel for him" I replied

"You're sympathising with someone who wanted you dead."

"I know, I just feel like those things he did helped me in a way, I found God, I found help in the most amazing way and I have found happiness and peace."

"And he made you lose your millionaire life ticket- Lanre"

I laughed. Lanre had suddenly gone awol, we had kept in touch for a few months after that call when I accepted his apology and he suddenly vanished. Well I had changed numbers twice- once I got a new phone as a gift, and when I lost the gift and had to replace the phone and didn't find good reason to retrieve the old sim. nevertheless, He was my Ex and his part in my life was over I decided.

"Lanre didn't leave me, I left him we didn't lose nothing. Our parts crossed and that's it, but I still feel pity for Kingsley though" I sighed.

"While you pity him he might rot in jail, his family may not be able to save him this time. I heard someone died in the robbery process"

"Wow!" I pray Jesus saves him

"Whatever! I'll talk to you later baby, love you"

"Love you too" I said ending the call.

When i retired to my room that night, I closed my eyes to pray but I found myself praying for Kingsley. I didn't want him to die unsaved. I swallowed hard at the thought of him going to jail, even though he had done the most unthinkable thing I still wanted him to experience the love of God and enjoy his divine promises. i had forgiven him. 


Service year ran fast. I was posted to Ogun state from Lagos camp. I had asked to be transferred to Ogun when I was in the NYSC clinic, Lagos life wasn't for me, I wanted the quiet and the epic lifestyle that came with a smaller town. It was A great time.  I had always thought I'd end up working in Abuja or Portharcourt but overtime, I always prayed before I took my decisions and soon found that what I wanted in those busy cities, a smaller city could give. I served my time there and returned home towards the end of service year to see my parents. 

I had made new friends but none came close to dating, I subconsciously wanted more. I wanted to feel safe with anyone I planned to date or marry.- I didn't know if I was day-dreaming but I knew my heart was calling for Lanre. I still smiled at thoughts of him but knew there was no way I could get to him. I checked for him on social media but couldn't find any trace of that name. I found his cousins who had similar last names but none for him. He was from a small nuclear family and had one sister. If I knew the sister's  last name- she was married and didn't go by her father's name anymore, I might be able to find him. Nights turned to days and months and the hope dwindled. I later heard he left Nigeria and returned to America. Rose had told me he was born there and it was only normal for him to return home. I wanted that friendship we had, the one that made me smile when he spoke, the trust i experienced just from the words he spoke.

I scanned the new environment we lived in as I alighted from the Taxi. Oh yea,  I now take taxis and I even flew from Lagos to Benin. I had started flying since my internship. I bought a plane ticket during internship and wanted to try the plane thing- everything I had earlier dreamt of, I did for myself. When I received my salary after sending money home, I would save a little, buy new clothes and try out new restaurants and even take small trips. I was planning to go back and get my doctorate in pharmacy hence the saving but I made sure I had a little fun while at it. I also volunteered at my local church and gave back to the society the little way I could.

My youngest brother won a scholarship to school in Togo and he was away reading, serving God and fulfilling purpose. My father had since changed from being a womanizer to a family man and my mother- we set up A small shop for her to sell household items. All thanks to my immediate younger brother who had moved up from his N100,000 job to a job in government house.

My singer of a brother, was a famous gospel artiste. People invited him to concerts, churches and he was even releasing a song with Timi Dakolo.! Life was goooooooood!!

"Mama!" I screamed as I saw my mum approach me.

"Efe Omo miii ( my child) my blessing, how the service for Ogun?" 

"Great mummy. I had fun"

"Thank God,"

"How is everyone at home? Where is Papa?"

"We dey o. Hmmm." She suddenly became moody

"What's wrong?"

"He commot for house for like 3 weeks now and he never even call us, I hear say he get girlfriend for Etsako, them commot together."

Well, good riddance I wanted to say but I replied "He will be back if God wills it"

We entered the house and got to talk about many other things and I saw my mum’s spirit was lifted, we now had someone who came to clean and help with chores and she had begun to go to the village market to expand her business.
We talked into the night and later made a conference call with my 3 brothers who were away.

The next morning while I was getting dressed my mum walked in

"Where to?"

"I want to go see someone"


"A friend" I smiled

I called a cab that took me to Kingsley's home.

Immediately I walked through the gate, his mum froze.

"Efe we are sorry" she began to apologize and offered me a seat once we entered the living room.

"Mummy its all in the past now, I am only here to see everyone and sympathize with the family."

"Thank you. Your kind is rare" his father had joined us in the living room

"May I know your next visiting day i would like to visit." I said

Everyone was shocked

"You want to see him despite all he did to you?"

"Yes I'd love to" I smiled."


"Next weekend then." His mum replied

I left that house joyous. Next weekend I'll see Kingsley again, not as my attacker but as someone who I could extend the love of God to. I smiled as I got into another cab....

to be continued.......