Efe's diary- Clarity chapters 12..

I spent the short break we had from school with Prof and his family. My mother even called to thank them. One day, I preached Jesus to her over the phone, I explained that Jesus loved us and had a great future planned for us all. She was also overwhelmed at the thought of his love, she had a few questions and I answered based on what I had read from the bible. She was really excited to learn of Jesus and she gave her life to him. 

Prof's Son Sam, was around during our holidays, he had taken a few weeks off from work. During the days we spent the days together I came to understand his difference from his father- He didn't really believe God existed; his argument was that the world had so much suffering and if God really existed he would wipe out suffering from the earth. We talked and interacted so often that I became fond of him like a big brother but I could tell he wanted more. I wasn't interested, the person I was in love with seemed outside my reach. 

I studied my bible and learned what it had to say on different life matters. It wasn't just about going to church for me, I was developing my relationship with my heavenly father.
In the past I wanted a relationship with someone who could care for my financial, and maybe emotional needs but these days I found myself depending solely on the Maker. He filled the void created by my absent earthly father. I felt peace that couldn't be explained.

I went back to my hostel when school resumed but spent most of my weekends at Prof's place.
He and his wife were now my extended family. Sometimes they visited me too in the hostel to bring me meals and food for my pantry.
My maker was supplying my needs - food, money for daily expenses and even friends. Rose called me a few times and I tried to explain what I had experienced with her, But She laughed it off. "Those church people don get you oo..." She would say.

I knew it was beyond church people. This was different, I had a hunger for the things of God, i just wanted to be in his presence.

My siblings graduated while we were on the short holiday - theirs was a 4 year course while mine was a 5 year course.  We had gotten admission the same year - another blessing I had never noticed before now. My father knew no one at Uniben or Unilag but we got three admissions while Rear Admiral's kids couldn't get into Uniben despite having notable surnames and all my aunt tried. The Rear Admiral cared less, he would never bribe anyone for admission, so he sent his children to universities in Ghana. 

I had suspended schooling immediately after WAEC to help my mum bring my 2 brothers to the end of their secondary school too before we all wrote JAMB and got admission. It had not been an easy year for us, but i even gained admission into my desired course of study-pharmacy. God did have a purpose for me, all of us by the way.

Final year had its own high spirits we were excited to be rounding up. Super glad that we were finally leaving Unilag and going on to pursue our dreams.

My ringing phone drew me out of my reverie, I assumed it was one of the many calls i got from the fellowship daily when i didn't recognize the phone number. I was an executive in the sisters’ fellowship.

"Hello," I replied happily. I was always so joyful at the time. 

" Efe" A familiar baritone filled my ear.

It had been over 8 months since I heard from Lanre, it was nice to hear him again though.

"Hi" I replied.

"How have you been? I have missed you, I am so sorry Efe, I didn't mean to break your heart."

"That's okay," I chuckled. "It is alright, I found a new love and I'm alright."

"What do you mean new love?" His voice broke. I only waited all this time so you’d forgive me and we could get back to each other, I will make everything up to you. I promise."

"You did nothing wrong, it was a mistake, God doesn't scold us for making mistakes, He's always there waiting on us to come back to Him." Lanre went silent.

I went on to talk to him about the love of God and how it set me free.

He didn't understand anything I was saying but he listened to me nonetheless.

"Can we see and talk? I could send you a ticket and bring you to my place."

Until she knew better, she would have the plane ticket offer and lectures had barely begun. But She knew that going to stay with him for a few days could lead to actions they could both regret. She wasn't ready for any of that.

"Lanre, you do not have to buy me any plane tickets, I'll be home after my final exams in a few months and I'll definitely see you."

"I cannot wait that long, I don’t want to lose you to someone else."

I laughed loudly. "Okay, there's no one else, there has been no one else since we parted and I want it to remain that way. I found my purpose in God and I am happy to pursuing it."

"I don't know what you're saying. You sound different from the Efe I used to know but I'm glad to hear that you are not in any other relationship. Thank you." He expressed his relief. 

"Thank you. But i did it for myself not because of you. I used to dream of a man who would love and provide for me like my parents never could but i've learnt that the first goal to finding love is loving yourself greatly."

"These are great words and I am really happy to hear them." He replied. 

"Lanre I have to go now, my class starts in a few minutes."

"Okay, go and take your class. I love you now and always."

I smiled.

"That's okay, you do not have to respond."

"Thank you." I replied.

I stopped for a bit to turn my phone off before I walked into class, this time, I was relieved and happy to hear from Lanre. I didn't like the way we had ended things but I liked the fact that I had a new friendship, one that didn't have to do with feelings for anyone but with a lot more- forgiveness.


As Lanre walked out of the restaurant he had been in, He replayed his conversation with Efe in his mind. She sounded different and he was curious to know what had led to the change he perceived.

The last few months without her had been miserable for him. He saw Efe as God's gift to him, she was his choice and desire, his destiny even,  and he wasn't about to ruin it.
His mind wandered back to the difference he observed, she had sounded a little like those church fanatics, he wondered if she had joined them but on second thought he decided she seemed to know what she was talking about. His Efe had an intelligent mind after all and she spoke like the words has meaning to her, not like a zombie or fanatic. Whatever had come over her seemed positive, he didn’t mind it coming over him too. He smiled to himself. He’d do whatever it took to win her heart again, he wasn't letting go.

Satisfied with his resolution, he dialled his lawyer’s number. He didn’t see any use hanging around since he lost elections for the Edo state House of Assembly and with everything happening, he wanted to leave Nigeria. It was time to cash in on his American citizenship. He considered leaving everything here and moving. He could sell a few of his properties and get enough capital to begin investing in the U.S. economy then find viable businesses he could venture into. He had nothing in mind but he knew he would come up with something once he spent sometime in the environment again.

His friend thought he was a fool but he was tired of this place already. The country had bleak hopes for anyone who chose to stay back. He only needed to be back in the US to decide what he wanted. He would probably buy into a franchise, he paused and gave the idea some thought. He knew a few cool places that didn’t cost too much for franchises - with $100,000 he could get a franchise, run it and maybe start receiving returns on his investment immediately. He would leave a few of his properties here. He could raise enough capital by selling his lounges in Abuja and Benin.

The group of hotels could stay. That was his father's legacy. He had thought of building more, but that would come later. For now, every hotel they had, was built by his late father and it brought in streams of income. His mother was in charge, and he only visited them for board meetings or when he had other business in the state. His sister could as well handle the business she had enough time on her hands since she was not pursuing any career at the time. She was married to a Politician's son. He was done with the life here, he concluded. he would move away, start a franchise and shuffle between this place and America.


"Barrister!" Lanre stood to receive his lawyer a few days after. 

"Lanre, there's news. We found a buyer for your lounge in Abuja but he's only willing to pay N85M." Barrister announced as he took his seat. 

"But that's low for the standard of that place. I built that place only a few months ago, and i know what it cost me to acquire the land and put up that structure in a prime location like Wuse 2." Lanre replied.

"Yea, but you know how these things are."

"What about the one in Benin?"
"That'll go for a lot less... the only appreciable thing is the fact that the lounge is within GRA, someone is willing to pay N25M anyway."

Lanre breathed hard. He had invested a fortune between both properties. 

"I'll push the buyers for the lounge in Abuja, estimates are about N100-120m but just so you know, it won't go higher than that, they'll likely pay that because the structure is massive."The lawyer added.

"I spent close to 100M getting the land and building that place."

"I understand, so let me encourage them to raise their offer."

"Okay then, and you think the one in Benin wouldn't go higher?"

"No.. it wouldn't. That's as much as they'll offer."
"Sell that place off." He didn't mind. He had made so much money from there and he didn't think he would want to go back to Benin. He had moved fully to Abuja when Efe left him. That place remind him of the costly mistake he had made.

"Were you able to reach the lawyer you said you knew in California that could help with my acquiring the franchise I’m looking into?"

"Yes, he will be ready to contact you as soon as he gets a hold of the details you might require. You also need to call your mother, she was wondering why you are so bent on selling it all."

He laughed, all he was selling were his personal assets, he didn't touch anything his father left for them, neither did he touch the homes he built. He was selling the lounges because he couldn't run them anymore. He could have expanded with his father's legacy building more hotels but, that was not the life he wanted with Efe. He wanted to build a home outside this hell-hole. His only other sibling-His sister, had married the son of the Chief of Staff of the Federation and their mother had said he should join politics to leverage on the in-laws political influence. "Lanre you need to venture into politics that way your sister's father-in law can help us climb politically." She had said but it hadn't been his dream.

He had lost to an older man, one old enough to be in retirement because he didn’t play dirty and he didn't think he had the strength to repeat the process though the Chief of Staff had told him that he had to be patient and assured him the next election was going to be in his favour. But he knew It wasn't he life he wanted.

"I'll talk to her." He replied the lawyer.

The lawyer stood up to leave. "Lanre, before I forget. While investing and starting up there, you’ll need other things to keep going, It is quite different out there. The bubbling might not be the same."

"I guess I want more quiet in my life, without the bubbling. Did you know Abbas is also moving?"

"Abbas? Honourable?" The lawyer asked in disbelief.

"Yes, his wife did the skilled immigration for Canada and they're all moving. Once he is done serving, he will be out, he's tired too."

"Wow!" The lawyer replied.

"Life brings you so much clarity you already know the bubbling and shuffling is enough. I have had enough bubbles to last me a lifetime, besides I can always come home when I want, I'm not an illegal immigrant" He laughed. 

The lawyer joined.

Lanre saw the lawyer off and headed to his car. They had met in the restaurant right beside his lounge.

Taking in his surroundings, he was sure he was done with this life. He wanted a different start, a much calmer one. He was an aggressive business man and he would win anywhere. "I would win anywhere." He assured himself. 


As I entered my hostel block, I recognized the tall lean man standing outside my dorm room. I had just gotten back from classes. 

"Hello." He mouthed and smiled. 

"Hey Sammy." I rushed to hug him. 

He held onto me a little longer so i coughed and withdrew from his embrace.

"I missed you." He said

"You too." I replied casually.

He stepped closer and reached out to hold my hand but I shifted back. I suspected what He was about and I wasn't ready to give in to any form of intimacy with anyone. 

"I got you something" He tried again.

"Sam I really care about you- as my brother, I don't want you thinking I am interested in anything more. I’m sorry if i’ve led you to believe otherwise." 

"I understand, you don't have to say anything. I like you, differently, not as my sister. I want more from you but you did not lead me on in anyway and I totally understand if you want nothing to do with me." 

"You're a great guy and would likely find the person who would love you in return.” I consoled him.  

"Thats okay," he said smiling.

They went on to talk about his travels and work for a few more minutes before she bade him goodnight. 

" Efe, please I do not want my dad to know of this, he actually warned me against it." 

"That’s fine, no one has to know." I replied smiling. 

It was good to know Prof thought highly of me and I was glad I had gone past being thirsty for a relationship. The old me would have wanted to be with anyone who had the glimpse of removing me from the troubles I had. But that void was now filled, I knew who and what I wanted and if he wasn't coming back to me, I would wait for someone who fit into the Maker's plan for me.

to be continued 


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