Efe's Diary : Newly opened chapters 5

Efe! I was beginning to think you would not take or return my calls.” Larry’s tone expressed worry.

“I have been very busy.” I replied faintly.

“Baby are you okay?”

My stomach knotted as it did every time he addressed me that way.

“I’m fine, it’s just been a busy day. That’s all.” I sighed.

“You can talk to me you know, I was really worried about you. You told me you would return to school yesterday, I waited endlessly for your call; even thought you had gone without informing me.”

“Oh yes, plans changed. I.... was asked to wait till next week,” I coughed.

“Why? Won’t that be too late?” Larry asked.

“Errm, not really,” I sighed. My uncle had travelled for another political meeting and was retuning next week. Being a new session, I needed some money and though I hadn’t told him, he figured. I hated to ask. Rear Admiral probably wouldn’t give me as much as I needed, but he would try. “Next week would be just fine, I also want to wait for Rose to be ready to leave too.” I added.

Larry sighed “Okay babes, can I see you tomorrow?” 

“Well, my aunt would be going for a naming ceremony so yes I could steal a few minutes to see you.” I replied.

“I want more than a few minutes”

I swallowed.

Baby, I actually meant to say I want us to spend more time together. We could go to Kada cinema or even stay at my lounge if you want.”

“Oh, that’s much better.” I responded.

“Plus, I could ask them to do a full hair makeover for you at the saloon beside the lounge.” He said.

“You own that too?”

“The saloon? Yes.”

“That big saloon?” I was bewildered. That saloon was the biggest in GRA and probably Benin-city.

“Common, you should know your boyfriend likes good things, it’s not that big though.” He replied as though he had read my thoughts.

“Larry, it is. I went there once and the price sent me right out” 

He laughed. “Babe, are you saying we are not cost friendly?” 

“At all Baby, you guys aren’t.”

“Hmmm, did you just call me Baby?” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry.” I replied calmly.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, I liked it,” he chuckled again.

I stayed quiet.

“Be mine Efe, please”

“Okay!” I replied surprising us both.

“Is that a Yes?”

“Yes…Okay?” I laughed.

“Oh wow!  Thank you Baby. Thank you. I promise I would never let us down...”

“It’s okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

“Perfect. I’ll pick you up at 2pm. Is that okay?”

“Yes please.”

“I love you Boo.”

“Errmm,” I coughed.

“It’s okay, I love us,” he laughed.

I burst out laughing too.

“Goodnight Love.”

“Goodnight Larry.”


My younger brother walked into the compound. He looked more frail than I remembered.

Deba how far?” I greeted him.

Efe, see as you fat! Jesus you dey enjoy o!” He ran to hug me

I got teary. Why did he look like he hadn’t eaten in weeks?

“Make I cook indomie for you?” I asked.

“Yes o, I go chop” he answered then followed the boys into their room to play video games as soon as we got in.

Rose had been sleeping when I left our bedroom earlier, she was a late riser and never really cared much for breakfast. I entered the room and met her smiling at her phone.

“Madam, this one you’re smiling I hope all is well?” 

“Hey stalker!” She looked up at me.

“Morning, Big Head.”

“So Efe I was wondering, what if we took a few pictures together today and opened a Facebook account for you?”

I laughed. “What would I need a Facebook page for?”

“Come on, you’re turning 25; no Facebook account! What is wrong with you?”

“Rose, leave me alone. When I open it, how do I keep up? I use a Nokia torchlight phone.”

“Well, that’s about to change. I’m giving my blackberry curve 2 to you.”

“What?! Rose!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, Kenneth got me a new phone.” Kenneth was Rose’s boyfriend.

“Oh! That’s nice. What phone?” 

“Bold 5, the Blackberry model launched just 2 weeks ago.”


“Ken likes to do great things you know.” She laughed.

“I was wondering how you’ll cope, you know you like your two phones.” She had a bold 4 and curve 2 which was about to be mine.

“You need a phone. The curve 2 is newer because I haven’t destroyed its body yet, so you can take that to school.”

“I’m so grateful!” I said hugging her.

“Get off me you!” She said pushing me away.

We stumbled together and laughed.

“So, Deba is around” I said.

“Oh wow, where’s the Big Head?” She dashed to her brothers’ room to find him.

I heard their excited voices as I made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. As I cooked I reminisced on my conversation with Larry the night before. He had been very plain with me, he had said that he found what he had been looking for all the while. I liked him, but I wasn’t too excited, he was my poverty alleviation plan but something was missing. A spark. I sighed.

Efe, you should pack some foodstuff so Deba can take home.” Rose said when she joined me in the kitchen.

“You think mummy would be fine with that?” I asked.

“Who will tell her? Arrange and sneak it out, Mumu.

We both arranged the foodstuff and took it out by the fence so my brother could carry it on his way out.

After my brother ate, I gave him the money I had saved. He counted - N6400.

“Wow. Efe thank you!” He said.

“How things dey for you now?” I asked.

“Well, I don start home lesson for some students, from there I make a little to help everyone. You heard what Daddy did, right?”

I sighed yet again.

Mehn, that man is a shame!” His annoyance was evident.

“Just make sure you support mummy and the rest. I’ll graduate and support everyone soon” I assured him.

“God bless you Efe. Thank you.”

My aunt came in and they exchanged pleasantries. She gave him N5000 for transport before excusing herself. In my head they had N11000, N400 would do for transportation…

Deba take for transport” Rose said handing him a Thousand Naira.

“Rose,” I whispered.

“Sharrap my friend,” she laughed.

We both walked Deba to the gate and handed him the Bagco bag of foodstuff.

“Thank you aunty Efe.”Deba said to me. He was my immediate younger brother but they all called me aunty as a sign of respect.

“Take care of everybody and call me once you get home”

Just as I opened the gate I noticed Larry driving past. I waved at him and he stopped. 

He beckoned me to come closer, I hesitated. “Go nah,” Rose encouraged.

“See what I’m wearing, it’s skimpy.” I tugged at the hem of my little dress.

“The more reason why you should go.” She nudged.

“That’s your brother, right?” Larry asked when I approached him. 

“Yes he is”

“Where is he headed?”

“Ring-road, he’ll get a vehicle to Sapele Road from there.”

“Alright, I’ll ask one of my cab guys to take him home,” he smiled.

“What?” I suddenly went breathless.

Larry made a call and asked us to wait for the cab. “Babe, I’ll see you later, I’m rushing off for a meeting.” He blew me a kiss and left. I was shy that my brother had seen that.

The cab guy arrived within a few minutes to pick my brother. “Aunty Efe, marry that man o, he looks like he loves you.” Deba said before getting into the cab.

I smiled and waved enthusiastically until they were out of sight.

“See, I told you Larry is good news.” Rose said excitedly as we entered the gate.

I smiled and pushed her gently.

to be continued.....