Efe’’s diary: Newly Opened Chapters 6

Life with Lanre was so good. The next few months saw our relationship blossom and I continually thanked Rose for bringing him my way.

“I didn’t you fool, God did”, She often replied.

 Meanwhile, Kingsley hung around me like a shadow. He was everywhere I went. When I had complained about the suspected stalking to his family, his sister explained to me that he moved to Lagos so he could get a job. The problem was that rather than stay at his sister's that was far from UNILAG, he chose to stay in Yaba and did little or nothing but to gallivant about the school. One time I had met him at the school's library and we had a small talk – he said he was doing a short duration programme. I researched his claims and found it was a lie, UNILAG didn't offer that kind of program. Every time I walked from the canteen to my department he would be lurking somewhere around and it scared the hell out of me.  I mentioned before that he never wanted to see me around anyone so he would hit me and drag my hair if he saw me with any boy. This breakup was hard on him, I guess he didn't understand how that little naive girl could break up and move on. My Mother was a victim of domestic abuse and I didn't want to end up like her. She was constantly used as a punching bag by my father and on some days, though my siblings stepped in he would still have his way with her.

I didn't want that life, I wanted more - to be loved and cared for and most importantly, I wanted a home with money. My father lacked everything good any woman would want and on several occasions I was almost tempted to ask my mother what she saw in him.

As I hastily crossed the verandah that linked Faculty of pharmacy with the other nearby departments, I could feel someone's eyes watching me. I became less nervous as I saw students murmuring in clusters as I got  closer to the classroom entrance.

"Hey, what's wrong?' I asked Kosi. She was the only person I was close to; as an introvert I kept very few friends and didn't want anyone prying in my business. 

"I heard ASUU is moving to strike, they are currently in a meeting with the President and anything they conclude would decide our fate."

I sighed. Every day I spent within the walls of this school irked me. I wanted to be done with school so I could move on with my life – when I thought about moving on, I knew exactly what I wanted, get a great job in Abuja (I didn't want to live in Lagos, the craziness here was too much), get a good apartment and also take good care of my family.- Marriage? I wonder why I never thought about that, I guess deep down, I was too scared to commit to anyone but Lanre. I smiled, travelling with the thought of him, he oozed of perfection, who wouldn't want to just marry and enjoy life with that one?

I fiddled with my GSM as I walked away from the increasing crowd and dialled his number. We hadn't spoken for 2 days because I was preparing for a test and now, this school's board was about to go on a strike. What wasted effort, I hissed.

"Hey Mama!" Lanre's voice sifted through the phone.

"Hey Lanre."

"I missed you. Is this how I have to stay away any time you've got exams?"

"Yea, I need to focus you know."

"Yea I understand." His environment seemed a little noisy, I was uncomfortable but too scared to tell him so I wouldn't offend him.

"Are you okay?”  He’d sensed my unease.

"Yea, your background noise is quite annoying; where are you?" I said the last word almost shouting.

"I'm at my lounge."

A quick glance at my watch told me it was 11.30am, how do people actually gather in a lounge on a Thursday at this time? I wondered.

"Are you there? Mama" Lanre's voice called her back to reality.

"Yes, I am..."

"I'll walk away from the noise so we can talk better."

Wow! ”Thank you Lanre" I chuckled. This man was everything, smooth and awesome, he even read her mind.

"Baby, I know you're worried about all of this" he said when he was away from the noise. "But I have plans, I intend to build a hotel close to the lounge that way, it'll become quieter and only guests would lounge here and it'll no longer be a club. The hotel would have a mini clubbing section but I won't be in there unless I have to run the numbers."

"Lanre, it's okay, you don't have to make any adjustments for me."

"Oh no, on the contrary I have to, ever since you came into my life, I have consciously thought about what you would want. I'm even thinking we may just own a huge pharmacy here so you can practice."

I swallowed. I didn't want community Pharmacy. I wanted to own patents, wanted to be a doctor of pharmacy, become the best and even develop drugs if I could.

"See," He continued. "I know you have a lot planned for yourself, we can do this together, all you have to do is tell me what plans you have and I'll support you."

"Well, Lanre the pharmacy idea is great but I want more. I want to go into Pharmaceutics, production of drugs, having my own patents and maybe even research."

"Wow." He chuckled, "That's huge. Do you know how?"

"I'm reading up. I might have to go to Uniben for my Doctor of Pharmacy"

"Okay, isn't that like getting a doctorate degree?"

"Well sort of, but it doesn't take as long as the usual doctorate degrees, it's just about 1-2 years after my B-pharm. They do not offer a direct program for that here in UNILAG."

"Okay fine, we get it then,"

"Yes, but the problem is that, I have to get a good job that'll be able to pay for my time back in school"

He laughed, "Let's say I'm your employer and I have to pay for it."

"And what would I be doing for you?" I asked.

"Well, you'll be in charge of the happiness and sugary department of my life."

I laughed so hard I almost drew attention to myself. "That's an easy job."

"Oh well, so what are you up to?

"I had a test, but..."

"Oh right! About that, how did it go?"

"Unfortunately it might not hold, these people are planning on going on a strike."


"Why are you glad?"

 "Well it means you'd be in Benin"


"And, just maybe you can spend a few days with me before going home, I promise I won't do anything you don't want. Scouts honour."

"Hmmmm, I'll think about it." I noticed Kosi approaching me. "Hey Lanre can you hold for a bit?"

"Sure Baby."

"Hey what's the latest?" I asked Kosi as I took my phone off my ear

"It's over, they've gone on an indefinite strike."

"Jeez, these guys are gonna truncate the one-more-year plan I had with UNILAG."

"I don't know how long we would have to wait for them, but I know that all classes are cancelled and we've been advised to go home."

"Alright thanks."

"You're welcome."  Kosi said walking away.

"Hey Lanre,"

"I heard the news. I am so sorry."

"It's not your fault. The system is flawed,"

"I know. So you want me to book your flight home for tomorrow?"

"Erm actually, I don't have a passport."

"It's a local flight, you can use your school ID and when you're here we are gonna fix that"

"Okay then."

"Lagos to Benin tommorow morning, I'll send you the flight itinerary. Please stay safe, I'll call you later in the day."

"How long can I stay with you?" I thought about the many chores I had to do at Rear Admiral's especially as Rose had returned to school.

"As long as you want."

In all honesty, I could use the space from all of my family's worries and constant chores; "Okay I'll be at yours for a few days."

"3 weeks plus incentives" He laughed.

"That's a long time." I said factually.

"2 weeks plus more incentives?" He pushed.

"Okay 1 week." I laughed.

"Take care of you Baby, love you and you don't have to say it back"

"Alright bye." I laughed and ended the call.

I took the shortest route to my hostel,  it consisted of narrow paths but I preferred the paths to the busy and long route.

I could hear fast steps approaching me from behind so I increased my pace.

"Efe!" a familiar voice called out. I turned, "Jesus! Please don't kill me, please!!!"

to be continued.............