Efe's diary- Uncertainties chapters 8

My cousin looked at me with so much pity in her eyes. 

"Wetin dey worry dis one?" I joked before the teardrops flowed freely from her eyes. 

They were done with the semester. One of the many advantages of schooling outside Nigeria was that a 3-month semester was true to date. Thankfully, I hadn't missed a semester because the strike coincided with the time of my ordeal. 

"ASUU and the Government have finally come to an agreement o, when are you leaving for school?" Rose asked.

"I don't know, I have been cleared to use the clutches but I am still scared of returning back to school." I sighed.

Rose sighed. "You know if you don't go back, that'd mean an extra year for you."

"God forbid!" I shouted. She sat and relaxed into the sinking sofa in our living room not minding that she looked out of place there.

"How are daddy and mummy?" I asked

"They are fine. Everyone misses you, I miss you."

"I know, I just need to get better and return to school" I smiled weakly. 

"See ehn, I think you should talk to Lanre, he is going crazy because of you, he's been to the house severally thinking you would be there or should I give him this address?"

"Ehn? no o, God forbid. I don't want him to see the deplorable state we live in" I hissed. 

"What's deplorable about this place?" Rose looked around.

"This living room?" I asked as we both scanned the place with our eyes.

"Umm umm," We burst out laughing. 

"Well, he knows you aren't from wealth so?" Rose replied. 

"Yes, but I don't think I want him to see me like this."

"Look it's been 2 months since you guys broke up. Benin is a strong city o, don't let them take him away from you." She warned tugging her earlobe. 

"Take who? He can leave if he wants. Do you know what I just went through? I thought I would die." I paused to sob, she came closer and began to rub my back.

"I'm sorry" She whispered. 

"I mean my life flashed before my eyes. These days I can't even keep my eyes closed when I'm not in deep sleep, the memories still flash in my head and I get terrible nightmares when I finally fall asleep."

"Who did this?' Rose queried. 

"I don't know." I looked away. 

"Efe, you've never lied to me, we are best friends, please tell me; please." 

"You won't tell anyone?" I bargained

"Why? The person has to pay for this."She spat.

"He threatened me!" I wept, "if I told anyone he would come back and kill me."

"Not if we get to him first." Rose assured me.

"I don't think you know who you're dealing with."

Rose sighed.

"Even the Police wanted a bribe before they could go on and investigate the case, just imagine what would happen if the culprit can bribe their way out of jail, he will come back for me."

"I know...I was really pissed when Mummy told me. I mean, Daddy would have given them something; He of all people knows how the country is."

"Rear Admiral isn't  my father, besides his refusal to bribe anyone in UNIBEN made him pay for you to go school outside here, that's just his nature."

"If I were the one who someone butchered, he wouldn't dare, mummy would nag him about it every minute of the day."

"That would be his child. I am not his biological child." I said smiling tearfully. 

"I am sorry Efe, I know things like this remind you of how things should have been different but do know that life is going to turn out beautiful." She replied. 

"I know it will. I just have to leave school first and find my way." I rubbed my forehead and hissed

"And maybe marry a man like Lanre too." She smiled. 

'It was Kingsley" I told her in a tiny whisper.

"I figured." She replied. 

"I want this to stay between us please."



Lanre smiled at Segun, then waved so Segun could see him from the Lounge's entrance. 

"Brother, what's happening?" Segun took Lanre's offer for a handshake.

"I am good." Lanre replied.

"How are you?" Segun pressed further.

"I am alright." Lanre faked a smile.

"You don't look alright to me."

"Yea, it's just life and its uncertainties."

"She still hasn't called?"


"Maybe you have to forget about this chic o."

"That's the thing, I cannot."

"Have you tried calling?"

"She actually blocked my line."

"This is serious. Lanre this is getting out of hand, you need to let go."

"I have tried, I mean I have drowned myself in alcohol and it's not working."

"I thought you hadn't even spent time with this girl how did you fall so badly?" 

"I have no idea, just frequent conversations and honestly she is the most amazing person I have ever met."

Según sighed. Abbas walked to their table and took a seat. "Lanre what's wrong with you? This girl clearly needs some time. She's been hurt. I mean, only God knows what that person did to her. The last thing she would be thinking about is a relationship." Abbas joined.

"What are you saying? Girls want support from men for all I care, maybe it's some man she took his money."

"Hey! Segun, don't say that. I met that girl she's not even like any of those your many girlfriends this one is different." Abbas replied.

"Guys its enough!" Lanre interjected

"Man, you're a mess, I'll advise you take your mind off the situation for now, focus on business and trust me she will get back when she's done hurting. I heard ASUU has called off the strike, have you thought of what it must be like for her going back to school?" 
Abbas reasoned. 

Lanre shot him a glance, took the glass of whiskey on the table and gulped down it's remainder.

"Whatever you're insinuating, Lanre needs something to clear his mind and look around..." Segun smiled and spread his arms. 

Lanre looked around wondering, "What's it?"He asked

"Beautiful women everywhere." Abbas and Lanre hissed. 

"Come over!" Segun beckoned on the girls sitting next to their table; "Come join us" He smiled at them. 

The girls squeezed themselves in at the table and sat between the guys.

Lanre moved away from the girl beside him.

Abbas stood to leave, "I need to leave, I have an early meeting tomorrow."

"Honourable!" Segun mocked. 

Abbas smiled "Lanre, can I see you for a few minutes?"

Lanre stood and staggered slightly before Abbas moved to help him. "I'm fine, I'm okay." She smiled. They walked away from the loud music and came outside the lounge.

 "See, I know this hurts like crazy, I've been heart broken before and it took me years to heal, right now I don't think I have healed completely which is why I haven't even moved on with another, you have a good thing going. This is just a hitch."

"What if she doesn't come back?" Lanre asked.

"She would. From what you have told me about that girl, I think she loves you. Just stay put, you can even send her text messages daily to make her know you still care."

"She blocked my number."

"Lanre, you have several SIM cards from work. Keep sending at some point she would relent and return your message/call."

"What if she doesn't?"

"Then you'd know she wasn't meant for you, but at least you'll also know you tried. Trust me she will come back. Now go home, you're too drunk."

"Okay,"She said. "Thanks man."

 "You're welcome." Abbas replied and walked towards the parking lot.

Lanre went back into the lounge. "where have you been?" The girl who had been sitting beside him asked. 

" I..." 

"Shhh, come dance with me." She whispered

She led Lanre to the dance floor where they danced into the night. 

to be continued.......