Efe's diaries- uncertainties 9

Lanre rolled over on his kingsized bed, tangled in his sheets. His body ached from the shenanigans of the night before. He turned again and was repulsed when he bumped into something, someone in his bed! He Opened his eyes slowly to find a dark skinny stranger with long brown hair rolled up in his sheet.

"Shit!' He swore to himself. This was not the time to be rolled up in bed with someone else. 
He tapped the girl. She rolled on to her other side and murmured some words. 
"Hey! get up.... get up!" He spat.

The young lady whimpered and eventually got out of bed. "Hey you..." She smiled knowingly.

"Get out!" He ordered her. 

"What do you mean? You were a beast last night now you're in a hurry to send me out?"

"I said leave!" He pointed at the door.

"Okay, I'll leave." She said and picked her clothes that were scattered all over the room. "Care to give me some transport fare?" she stretched out her hand after getting dressed.

He pushed through the heavy duvet and opened the drawer by his bedside, took out his wallet, counted a few Naira notes and stretched the money to her. 

She walked out of the bedroom and banged the door so loudly he was certain a deaf mute would cringe. It rang in his ears. He rubbed his head, wondering how on earth he had gotten in bed with someone he barely knew. That was his life before he met Efe, now he had gone back to the same vomit he walked away from. 

He hissed, detangled himself from his sheets and rolled out of bed. His feet tumbled on a glass of wine that was beside his bed and he cursed again. 
As if in cue, He got a call from Segun. The daredevil was the cause of his mishap with the stranger in the first place. 

"Hey Man how are you?" Segun asked.

"Terrible Man, I woke up in bed with another woman." He hissed. 

Segun laughed, "That alone should clear your head of this love sickness you are going through, that's the best way to get over another woman."

"See Según I shouldn't have stayed around the bar with you. I love Efe with everything in me and heaven knows if I could rewrite last night I wouldn't have even drank so much in the first place. 

"Okay fine, you slept with a prostitute. Let it go, you can still focus and make things work with your girl if you really want this. See Lanre, I was actually happy to see you lighten up last night. You've become a sober eunuch because of a girl."

"Segun, that girl meant everything to me. You will not understand what it is to be in love because you are self-centred."

"Oh man, not again, I'll just leave you to wallow in your sorrow man. Talk to you later." He hung up. 

Lanre swore again as he walked into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, set it to his preferred temperature and reminisced on the sound from Efe's chuckles, her smile and soft-spoken nature.

His phone ringing drew him out of his reverie. He was about to get out of shower when he remembered he had activated the Google Smart Home. 
He activated the phone from the bathroom and his call connected to the speakers in the bathroom. "Hello". He managed amidst the water dripping down his face. 

"Lanre," A small frill voice sifted through the speakers. He recognized her voice immediately.

"Hey, ba..by" He stuttered. He turned off the shower because the drops of water suddenly felt like heavy pellets on his skin. 

"Hey, I'm sorry I asked you to leave the other day, I have just been a little paranoid plus I didn't want anyone in harm's way because of me but I spoke with Rose and she explained how life has been with you." She rushed.

Abbas had warned him, he told him she would call and have all of these sorted, why hadn't he been a little patient, it was barely 5 weeks.
"Baby, it's okay I understand." He swallowed.

"Where are you?"She asked. 

"Errm, at home, I mean in my bathroom, I was bathing."

"Are you alone?" She asked. 

"Yes, yes love I am... I just wanted to get dressed for work."

"Oh okay," She answered. He heard his bedroom door open and stepped out of the bathroom to see who had walked in. He hoped it was the cleaner so he could have him clean the entire house and rid the smell of his previous night's guest so Efe wouldn't perceive anything of her. 

"I wanted us to talk for a bit,"She filled the silence.

"Hey, I left my wristwatch." The stranger he woke up to had returned and was looking around.

Lanre stopped dead as he realized he should have grabbed his bathrobe or towel before stepping out naked. "Okay get out!" He yelled at the girl, silently promising himself that he would fire all his domestic staff- how could they allow a total stranger into his bedroom? 

"It looked smaller than this last night," She waved at his manhood and walked out as he rushed to grab his bathrobe.  

"Baby, This is not what it sounds like, I promise I can explain." He gushed to Efe as he tried to salvage a situation he felt hopeless about. 

"Wait, you moved on?" Efe's voice broke. 

"I can't. I didn't that was just some..."

"Fling? I should have known you were nothing but a bloody cheat." She spat.

"Baby!" He called out before the line went off. 

Lanre screamed for his security man, struggling to belt his robe as he rushed on to his balcony,  "So you allowed a stranger into my house and upstairs to my bedroom?" He fumed.

"Oga I been see am with you yesterday and she just commot this morning." 

"Consider today your last day on this job!" he spat and ran back inside, shutting his screen door angrily.

 He picked his phone and dialled Rose's number "Rose, e don happen... I am finished."

"Calm down, what's wrong?" Rose asked.

"I need to see you" He pleaded.

"Okay I'll be at the Lounge soon." 

"Thank You." He sat on the floor and threw his phone at the wall. 
How could He be so stupid? How???


Rose smiled at the Bar Manager, he was so tall and handsome. If Lanre wasn't her friend, she would have made a pass at him. "bitter Lemon on the rocks please" She said in a lightly flirtatious tone when he asked her what she would like to drink. It was too early for alcohol.

"Thanks for coming to see me in short notice Rose." Lanre began. 

"What's happening to you? You look like you would drop down and die. This Efe matter should be sorted soon, I spoke to her yesterday; she was in high spirits and promised to call you." Rose rolled her eyes, Efe did not say she would call, but she knew the message had hit home with Efe when she suggested they would snatch Lanre from her after awakening her sympathy by narrating how Lanre had been crazy since the break up. "Wait it out Lanre, Efe will call you."

"She has..."

"Oh okay that's good news. What's it?"

"I messed it up." He bit his lower lip as if to stop it from quivering. 

"How?" Rose sipped her drink.

"Err, last night I got terribly drunk and went home with a girl,"

"Oh my! Don't tell me how this ends... you slept with someone else? So move on! She doesn't have to know about that. Don't tell me you've turned to a softie o," She mocked.

"That's not the issue,"

"What then is?"

"She heard the girl's voice."

"Wait, you had a girl sleep over and you guys cuddled in bed until your supposed girlfriend called?"

"No, see..." Lanre went on to narrate how things had happened. 

"This is bad... I won't lie; Lanre this is terrible. Efe is going through a whole lot right now. I mean, you letting her down would just do her in." 

"I know.. I am sorry I swear I am, I really want to apologize but she's not taking my calls."

Rose sighed. She brought out her phone and called up Efe, 

"Hey big head what's up," She tried for a light tone. 

"I'm alright" Efe replied calmly.

"So how's the leg?"

"Good enough for me to return to school tomorrow."

"That's early, I thought you said next week."

"Yea I did but I just want to go back and write that exam, get into final year and jump right out of school."

"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean what's wrong?" Efe feigned ignorance.

"I know you Efe, something is triggering you."

"Well, your friend was in bed with another woman, same one you were here telling me was sober and dying."

Rose sighed

"Oh, you know?" Efe laughed.

"He told me, as a matter of fact he is even here with me."

"Good. Rose I appreciate all you have done for me but listen; I mean this with every fibre in me and you know when I am dead serious. I do not want to ever see Lanre again."

"Wait Efe, you're being inconsiderate here."

"I'm done with all the men who think they can come into your life and mess it up with so many uncertainties because they are rich."

"See don't sound this way, he loves you it was just a one time mistake." Rose begged.

"Yes and that's how it starts, first they start cheating, then they hit you and then ruin your life.  Kingsley always cheated, then he began to hit me and then he graduated into trying to maim me. What about my father, your uncle? I am done with all of their sorts and if that means I'll have to struggle through life myself to get things done, so be it." Efe snapped.

"But..." Rose tried to plead

"Rose do not mention that name again or I promise I will block you off my phone."

"Okay. I'm sorry, but can I see you before you leave tomorrow?"

"You know my house and if you bring him here, I will never talk to you again." Efe ended the call.

"This cannot be undone Lanre, she's not coming back." Rose replied.

"Oh my God! How did I mess this up?" Lanre sniffled.

Rose shook her head and stood up to leave. 

"Rose, do you think she might change her mind?"


Rose smiled, "everyone knows when Efe is determined, it is impossible to change her mind. "

"Jesus Christ!" He muttered as she walked out of the Lounge. 

to be continued..........