Double Spear- Episode Four

Joshua knocked on Osarodion’s office door and faintly heard the professor’s approval to enter. He entered the office timidly because the man scared him. Not just him, everyone walked on eggshells around Osarodion.

“My boy!” Osarodion puffed some smoke. 

“Well-done sir,” Joshua bowed slightly.

“How are you sir?” Joshua asked. 

“I am fine, I hear you all are working tirelessly to make sure the exams go smoothly.” 

“Yes sir, we are.” 

“I also hear you and that Oyinbo girl will be the ones marking Soc 414.”

“Yes,” he coughed. But, if you do not like the idea, I can ….”

“Oh, why not?” He interrupted Joshua. “I do like the idea, you can work on the scripts, it will give me more time to complete my book.” He laughed. 

“Sure. Sir, I wanted to stop by and ask if Tayo told you that we wanted to do a final review with the students before the exams.”

“I have not seen her for some time now.” He lied. 

“Okay sir, we thought to invite you to the class, the students will be glad to see you,” He swallowed. “They would also ask questions that require your expertise”

“I do not think it will be better than the fine job you both are doing, but yes, I will make time to come.”

“The class is scheduled to hold at the main auditorium by 2.30pm on Friday.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’ll be there.” he smiled. 

“Thank you, sir,” he said and hurried out of the office. 

The staff and students of the campus community made Joshua feel invisible and socially inept with their jeering comments. As a lecturer II, he did not fit into the leagues of the big ones, yet the small ones also thought he was not part of them, so staying on the good side of his professor was necessary to keep this job. Tayo was still the only one he did not feel awkward around. 

He dialled her number- “Hey girl! Mission accomplished.” He laughed. 

“Hi jay, good job. I knew you could pull it off”

He liked her, she always made him feel loved. 

“Thanks Josh, you are amazing!”

“No, my darling. You make me amazing. Good night and tell me Well to that Cutie of yours.” He rolled his eyes.

“Yes, amigo, will do.” She chuckled. 



The class was packed full, everyone wanted their names on the last attendance as Osarodion was unpredictable. He could insist on that attendance as a prerequisite for passing the course. It was the largest class in the department because there were people who should have graduated for about 3 years ago but were stuck in school retaking the course.

Tayo kept watching the walkways from the corridor where she stood wondering where Dayo was. Although he had called to say he would run late due to a work event he was invited to as an influencer, He did not say he would be extremely late. Osarodion himself happened to be running late otherwise, the class should have been rounding up. 

She received a text from Joshua advising her that the big man was on his way. 

She rushed into the class to make the announcement. “He will be here soon. Please coordinate and behave yourselves well for the duration of the class” watching the large crowd in the too little space made her shake her head. The education system was terrible and if not for the anonymous letter sent to the school’s board advising that Osarodion was holding people back knowingly, he would have taught the course again this session and failed more people. Due to his strong connections within the university’s top management, they had to assign teaching assistants to the course instead of firing him. 


Osarodion strolled into the now quiet class. You could’ve heard a pin drop. 

“I hear everyone is ready for the exams.” He began, pacing and scanning the room as he spoke. “I know you all think I fail you on purpose, but I do not.” He continued.

Everyone was silent, he could hear the sound of his own steps. “I want you all to pass and move on, but you are so lazy, you fail to read, and you do not answer questions as required. That is why I am here today, even though I will not be marking the scripts myself, these wonderful assistants. You have had the opportunity of meeting this semester will be using my marking guide…”

He paused as many hands were quickly raised in query. 

“Yes, you” he pointed at one of them. 

“Sir, can we know the areas to concentrate on for the exams?” Murmurs filled the hall in agreement.

“I advise you concentrate on everything you were taught” he replied firmly. The class fell silent again. Osarodion spent the next 35 minutes bragging about his prowess and how mightily connected he was. He ended the class by informing them that if they did not buy the handout, that was an automatic failure and asked those yet to buy to meet with Joshua for their copy. 

Tayo sighed, the purpose of the review was not fulfilled. What would anyone need a handout for at this time? Exams were barely 2 weeks away. 

“Do you have any questions?” he asked.

No one answered. The fear of Osarodion filled the room. 

“Well, if there are no questions, you are all free to go and good luck in your exams!”

The noise resumed. Many students rushed toward Joshua to get their handouts. Osarodion was leaving the class when he noticed Tayo walking towards Dayo who was running towards the building, he had obviously missed the class. 


Osarodion paused to observe their interaction. Tayo waved in the air until Dayo reached her, then they embraced, and he caressed her hair while telling her something. 

Osarodion hissed, “Joshua!” he barked. 

“Yes sir!” Surprised at the anger in his voice.

“See me in my office as soon as possible!” He stormed away.

to be continued.....

Disclaimer- All stories on this blog are completely fictional and are products of the writer's imagination.