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Double Spear- Episode Nine


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Osarodion played the day’s events in his mind as he drove home. If only he had been fast enough, he would have been able to grab her to have his way with her. He regretted being slow.

He noticed two other cars on his premises and observed that the living room lights were still on as he drove into the garage. He wondered why the living room lights were still on, it was strange for his wife to still be awake. She liked to retire to bed early and the only time his house was lively was when his kids were home on school breaks. 

They usually did not entertain any visits after 8pm. this was a rule he enforced in his home for security reasons. Especially since the incidence of his kidnap when his family had coughed out a whopping sum of 5 million naira for ransom. He hissed. 

He recognized one of the vehicles as his friend’s - engineer Osagie’s when he walked past them to enter the house. Osagie was the one who brought him the lucrative government contracts that were the major source of his wealth, but even his friend knew not to roam the streets of Benin at night. 

On unlocking the door and entering, he noticed his wife’s shocked expression. 

“Vbokhin? (Meaning, what?)” He asked angrily. 

“Sit down.” Engineer Osagie said. 

“What is going on here?” he asked the small crowd – the engineer, another friend and their wives – in his living room. “I am so sorry for what you are about to hear,” his other friend said then stood up to meet him. 

“What am I about to hear?” he asked. 

“We got news that your son Idris was involved in a fatal motor accident in kumasi.”


“What? When?” he fumed. 

“Since you missed my call this afternoon. You never return my calls!” his wife sobbed. 

He remembered what he had been up to at the time he ignored her call. “I was…busy” he stuttered. 

“They have blinded me ooo…” Omosede cried while the other ladies tried to console her.

 Osarodion lowered himself to a seat, his tears flowing freely. His friend tried to console him.

Meanwhile, Engineer Osagie’s wife noticed Omosede’s phone ringing and tried to take the call for her. “Hello, this is not her, it’s her friend, okay hold on, let me pass the phone to her…okay. Omosede, it’s your sister” she said, handing the phone to her.


“Hello,” Omosede took the phone, to speak with her younger sister.  “Osalobua!” she screamed seconds later. Please turn on the tv and switch the station to BBC. They say Osadolor don shit for inside church!” The engineer saw the remote where she was pointing and turned it on. 

“Jesus Christ!” Osadolor gasped. He was truly on a documentary that described the victimization students experienced in many Nigerian universities and how it often involved sexual harassment of the females., he was the star of the report, the example they kept referring to and. the clip where he tried to grab Tayo was featured many times he bowed his head in shame.


Dayo I am so proud of you” his father said. He had finally returned home after the saga. The school had relieved prof. Osadolor of his duties and Tayo and resigned and moved back to Lagos. I didn’t expect this social media thing to pay off and when i saw the big car you had, I feared you had joined the yahoo boys’ bandwagon.” his father said

"No dad” he chuckled. He then explained how social media influencing worked as online advertising for brands and also how he earned money from YouTube. 

“I did see some of your adverts on Instagram but did not actually think they translated to money” his mum joined.

“Social media is a lucrative platform to earn money informally. For instance, I influence a real estate company which makes me an affiliate marketer for them. Every property anyone buys through my link, gives me a percentage. I even got a landed property as payment from one of the companies and I am almost done with the building project.

“Wow, that is pretty good!” his dad responded. 

“Dad, I will not disappoint you. I know how much you want me to succeed, and I can tell you that I am succeeding already, I am just working harder to keep the success and build more”

“This is all I want to hear Oladayo, so this YouTube thing you also make money from it too?”

“Yes dad, I have about 700,000 subscribers and my last video has over 1 million views. I earn more from YouTube than my podcasts. In a good month, I make over $3,000.00 from just YouTube and now that I am joining BBC, the money will get better,” he chuckled “and, the exposure will help me gather more subscribers and I can eventually work on having my own local radio station as well.” 

“Now I see how you could have changed cars twice in 6 months” his father replied. 

They all laughed. 

“Dayo, your phone has been ringing,” his mum cut in.

“That would be Tayo,” he went to the phone and unplugged it.”

“I actually have a lunch date with her mother over the weekend” his mum announced.

“A date?” his father asked. “I thought we were both seeing the Bamideles’ together this weekend?” he added. 

“Put it whichever way you want,” she laughed.

“Dad, mum, please excuse me I got to take this call,” he stepped out to the balcony for better lighting. “Hey babe, you look so beautiful” he said as soon as he received Tayo’s facetime video. 

“Thank you! Josh just dropped the call, he says hi…he is so happy with the move and said he feels complete” 

“That’s cool, I am glad he feels safe and comfortable where he is right now. You look happy. Why are you so giddy?” he asked. 

“I got the job!” she screamed.

“Whoop! I am so happy for you babe.” 

“Congratulations to us!” she said smiling… 



Light fades. 


Disclaimer. All names, places and people used in this story are not related to anyone, living or dead. These are all fictional imaginings of the writer’s mind.


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