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Double Spear- Episode Eight


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Dayo experienced a myriad of emotions as he spoke to his father, a weird blend of relief and anxiety, joy and grief, excitement and peace, and all other emotions between. It was almost a year since they had spoken, and more since they last saw. Their last interaction had been a phone call from his father, reminding him of how much of a failure he was and how he was busy wasting away his life. 

Today, the man listened with rapt attention as he shared every detail on the issue with the lecturer.

“Dayo, this is smart but once there is a sign that things may go south, i want you to contact me, is that clear?”

“Yes Daddy, and, thank you very much for calling sir.”

“I could not have stayed out of this; I heard the recording you sent your mother, and I knew I had been wrong all this while. After this is over, we will have a good conversation about your future."

“Yes Sir

” he replied. Dayo hung up then dialed another number, he was scheduled to meet some guys from his production crew within the hour. 

“Hey man, meet me at the June 12 joint.” 


Over next few weeks, Tayo visited the professor’s office a couple more times to record their conversations. Since he did not suspect a thing, he kept asking her to date him and set the silly boy free.  

Tayo understood the implications of uncovering such a person would be as far reaching as ending her academic career within the state at least, so she was going to resign as soon as it was uncovered. She did not want to be a target for the bad eggs that were still within the system. 

Her parents were fully in support of the decision to resign, her father in particular was so happy. He had wanted her to get a job in Lagos instead. If this came to light, she may never be employed in any academic institution in the country but that was okay. She would focus on her non-profit organization and maybe begin advocating students that were victims of the failing educational system.

She took the last turn to Osadolor’s office, Dayo had assured her that it should be the last recorded meeting, she discreetly checked the camera that was hidden by her button. It was the same one she had used previously. In the last meeting, he had gotten a little angry and even went on to mention names of some other students he had also delayed from graduating. 

She tapped lightly on the door. She was startled when Joshua opened it but quickly recomposed herself. 

“Hey Joshua” she greeted 

“Hello,” Joshua replied, 

“I wanted to let Prof know I resigned a few weeks ago.” he said by way of explanation.

“You did?” she feigned ignorance for Osadolor’s benefit. Josh had informed her recently that his permanent residency application to Canada had come through hence he wanted to leave and go somewhere he could be himself. She had conveyed her congratulations and happiness for him, though she mentioned that he would be missed. She gave Joshua a hug before he left the office. 

“I am so happy to see you,” Osadolor announced and rose to pull the office blinds. She shivered, she hated being in the same space with him. 

“hmmm…” she feigned a smile. 

“You know with the way you have been coming here to plead your boyfriend’s case, I assumed you would know what I want by now, these conversations are a total waste of time.” 

“Sir, I cannot sleep with you.” 

“I am not asking for a one-night stand -. I want you to date me, I can help you climb the ladder here very fast.”

She swallowed the urge to throw up. 

“I know I do not look like that your boyfriend, with big chest and strong arms but if I hold you ehn, you will feel me.” He cackled

She swallowed again, certain she would puke really soon. 

Osadolor hissed because his phone interrupted. 

“You don’t want to take your call?” she asked, grateful for the distraction

“No, it’s not important. It’s my wife.”

“But that’s your family!” she replied. 

“You’re the only one I want to care about.” He came over to where she was still standing. 

She shifted. “I just came to inform you that I saw his scripts and he passed. He had 80 percent which is an A-grade. I will be taking it to exams and records.” 

He threw his head back in roaring laughter. “Do you know who I am? Even the VC cannot do anything. If you take it to exams and records, they will still need my approval to enter it as his result, so I still win.” he flashed his stained teeth in a smile. 

He took another step closing the space between them. “You know the last two times you were here; I was so tempted to have you right here.” he tapped his desk. 

She moved back again. “You cannot rape me, that’s a crime.”

“Who will know? “It’s your word against mine. Moreover, you have been frequenting my office of late, students will assume it’s the case of a romance gone wrong. By the time, the back and forth would be over, your boyfriend will still be repeating, and your career would be nothing but dust.” he laughed wickedly.

She stepped back toward the door and tried to find the knob. 

He followed her, then leaned in to kiss her while reaching out to grope her breasts. 

She gasped. “Stop this!” she screamed and pushed him away with all her might, she opened the door and ran out immediately.

She ran into the bare field behind the block and puked. A few students came around to check on her. She was comforted by their presence and accepted a bottle of water to clean up from one of them. She appreciated them then took her phone from her purse to call Dayo as one of the students escorted her to her car.

“Dee, he tried to touch me, I am walking towards my car now, I can’t drive, please come” she rushed the words 

“What?! I’m on my way.”

to be continued.....

Disclaimer- All stories on this blog are completely fictional and are products of the writer's imagination.

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