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Married single and complicated- We Got Served

Remi Ran out of the hotel room, he didn't know how his wife knew he would be meeting chief Mrs there. Come to think of it, he had been set up, set up by that slimy woman. He hated to deal with old women who were so detached. Gosh! he had lost it all. His phone rang.... not now

Married, single and complicated- 'Proceeding'

Clarissa moved slowly as she approached her father's house. The last time she had been here was seven years ago when her mother had passed on. After hearing what Joel had to say, even the devil would forgive their father.

Married, Single, and complicated- Love finds a new home

Jo smiled at his step mother as he walked into his father's palatial residence. This wasn't one of those habitual dinners. This dinner was to tell his parents about Ego and probably get their approval to bring her along for the next family dinner. His father knew Lisa and although he