Married, Single, and complicated- Love finds a new home

Jo smiled at his step mother as he walked into his father's palatial residence. This wasn't one of those habitual dinners. This dinner was to tell his parents about Ego and probably get their approval to bring her along for the next family dinner. His father knew Lisa and although he
never approved of them being together, he played along with him because his mother thought the presence of a woman in his life would make him happy. After his mother died, his father had opened up to him on his reasons for his disapproval on his relationship with Lisa and he totally understood now that she had shown her true self. He and Ego had managed to stay friends for over seven months and he had never felt this way about any woman- besides his mother. Ego was different, she brought a certain aura no other woman had. He greeted his step mother as he climbed the stairs to his father's bedroom.

"Good evening daddy" he announced his presence

"Joel.... Where's your sister?"

His sister never saw reason to join in these family dinners. To her, their father betrayed their mother by remarrying barely 6 months after her death. She never honored any of his invitations. "She's fine dad....Busy with work"

"Ummmhhh..." His father turned to a new page of the newspaper

"Dad, I would like to introduce you to someone. She's a friend but I thought it'd be nice for you to meet her"

"Ummmhhh... This girl, when did you guys start dating?"

"We aren't dating dad, she's just my friend. I met her seven months ago and I really think she reminds me of mum"

"His father raised his head, there'll be no one like your mother..." His mood dampened

"I thought... Never mind."  Joel cleared his throat

"You thought I never loved her? Because I remarried early? Your mother made me swear by her bedside that I'd take a new wife if she passed on. She gave me an ultimatum else she would have hunted me from her grave. Your mother was my soul mate. She knew I would be reckless and I could die from my recklessness in no time so she asked that i remarry to stay on course."

"I never knew!" Joel sat on one of the sofas in the living room

"Stephanie, your step mother is a very patient woman. We have been married for over seven years since your mother died and I have never been good enough to her. For the first two years, I didn't touch her and when I even did, it was only to fulfil my desires. I loved your mother and I still do."

"Dad, I'm so sorry about this. You never told me; you could have confided in me"

"I didn't want you to drown in the same sorrow I was wallowing in. I saw you lose yourself over her death and I thought staying far from you would do you more good."

"Dad we needed you and you were never there for us. Clarissa thought you never cared about us. She's really angry over your quick remarriage"

"I'll speak with Clarissa when the time is right. For now, you understand. That's enough."

"I'll talk to Clarissa dad. Now I know better"

"You can ask the girl to join us for dinner... Hopefully she's better than the last one"

"Dad trust me she is...."

That's what you said about that other girl...."

"Lisa... Dad, Lisa was just a means to an end. I acknowledge the fact that I loved her but I always knew she had a bad side, one I thought I could live with it. I would have managed it, but I thank God she left on her own"

"I pray this one brings you peace Joel... By the way, you should have a little chat with your step mother she's been worried about certain issues lately. I know you two are close, she'll speak more freely with you"

"I'll do that dad...."

"I'll join you guys for dinner shortly."

"okay dad." Joel walked out of the room. 
For the first time in years, he had spoken to his father wholeheartedly. This conversation just shed light on so many dark spots in their lives. Clarissa would understand. All she needed all these years, was a proper explanation and she would get it once he got home to her.

" Hi MS. Stephanie...." He sat beside his step mother.

 "Joel.." She stroked his chin

"Dad knows you are not happy. Even though he doesn't know a thing about it,he's worried"

"Your Dad,..."

"Yea he just told me how much torture he's put you through."

"I understand your dad and I knew my odds...I knew what  I was getting into when i signed for it."

"So what's it, Stephanie?"

"I recently learnt of my son's whereabouts... Someone I had totally forgotten about..."

"Steph... You lost me here. You weren't married before now and we never knew about a son yoo...what's all these talk about a son?"

"I got wind of him from my sister..."

"I don't understand, which son? How old is he?"

"He should be 34 now..."

"WO! Where's he?"

"I don't know"

"So? Explain to me please."

"I got pregnant when i was 16 and my parents chased me out. I let a couple who couldn't have any children of their own adopt him"

"Wow! Why didn't you go back for him after everything?"

"I did. But I was told the couple relocated from town i lost hope when i couldn't track them

"So how did your sister find him?"

"My sister told me about someone she saw with a certain guy, Clifford. Clifford is an agent that gets my sister her domestic staff. She is an event planner and she usually needs ushers. So Clifford is her go-to-guy... She saw Clifford with the man and he had a striking resemblance with me. Out of mere curiosity she went on to ask Cliff about the man after he had left and cliff told him he was adopted by a couple who died alongside their only son in a ghastly motor accident."

"Phewww...You can't be too sure he's your son...children get adopted every day... this history might just be a coincidence"

"My sister sounded really sure. My son was a year old before I gave him out for adoption and he had a certain birth mark in common with this young man on his neck. That was what caught her attention first."

"This is deep. But maybe you should talk to dad about this. It's about time you guys agreed on a thing. This family has to sort out it's issues..."


"And when you guys talk about it, let me know; I'll work on helping you find the guy. I know a private investigator who could do the job..."

"Thank you Joel... Thank you..."

"Madam, the dining is set..."The chef announced.

"Okay go and inform daddy...."

"Yes madam"

"Joel, let's eat... All our troubles can wait" she smiled at him

"Thank you for sticking with my father...." He kissed her cheek


Lisa walked into the office. The doctor had told her the last time she visited that she was four months gone. Now her stomach was pushing out the dress she was wearing. The dress didn't do a good job at hiding it. She wanted an abortion but the doctors insisted it was  far too gone to try anything of such- the female doctor had advised her to keep it after she had lamented about the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. "Madam, keep it, this baby could just be a blessing in disguise" The young looking female doctor had advised. Two months after that encounter, her only option was this move she was about to make. "God help me!" she gasped.

"Hi, good day. Please I'd like to see Mr Joel"

"Is he expecting you?" the receptionist asked

"Errmm.. No..no" she cleared her throat. "Can you tell him Lisa is here to see him"

"Okay have your seat." The receptionist went on to make a few calls."You can go in now" she said to Lisa with a faint smile

Lisa walked into Joel's office... He looked so different. If someone had told her Joel would shed this much weight in little to no time, she would have laughed at the person.

"Lisa... How are you?" Jo smiled hiding his surprise on noticing her bulging stomach

"I'm fine... You never asked after me its not fair..."Her voice cackled 

"You made it clear what you wanted. I didn't have to run after you"

"Joel I'm so sorry about what I did... she rose to walk towards him"

"Ehhh! Hold it right there. I can hear you loud and clear from where you are. Just don't come any closer."

What happened to us? Joel, it's me Lisa... Your lover?"

"Nahhh..... That has changed. Lisa I thought I won't be able to live without you but now I know better. I am a very busy man and I have only a few minutes to spare. Go on and tell me why you're here."

"I'm pregnant..."

"Okay, go tell the father"

"It's yours. I didn't want to tell you. I thought I could care for the baby without keeping you in the know but lately I've been thinking about you, us...."

Joel Burst into bouts of laughter

"What's funny?"

"You are pregnant for me Lisa? How?"

"I was already pregnant before I left you"

"Lisa its over six months now. There's no way  this pregnancy would look like this if it was mine"

"It is yours Joel... You know I'm petite the baby is over seven months old and is yours."

Ego walked in to the office to see a pregnant woman standing in front of Joel.

"Hey Jo.. i'm so sorry" she turned to leave. 

"Dr Ego, please come back. I need you here. Please; take a good look at this lady's bulging stomach, how old do you think this pregnancy might be?"

"Five to six months why?"

"This is Lisa my ex... she's here to say she's been pregnant for me all the while."

"It's easy, get a DNA test done. If she's six months gone, you can do the investigation."

"Don't sweat it Ego. I am not responsible for her pregnancy"

"Why are you so sure?" Lisa cried 

"Because there was no physical intimacy between us for months before the breakup. Have you forgotten how much I irritated you? You reminded me about the folds in my arms and stomach and stayed away from me. You have such short memory Mona-Lisa!"

Ego stared at the confused woman she knew this whole pregnancy accusation was a farce. She looked so familiar...oh wait!...the girl from the walk-in clinic. Same woman she had counselled against having an abortion. Joel wasn't the father...from the story she told her at the counselling room, the father was an irresponsible playboy who had deceived her and carted away all her money. Patient's confidentiality mattered. but she knew this girl would not agree to  a DNA test.... she wouldn't....Not now demon. I pitched my tent here already she sighed 

"Lisa please leave my office!"Joel barked 

"Hey Jo wait..."Ego pleaded 

"Lisa, is Joel really the father of this child?"

"Yes he is...."She bowed her head upon recognizing Ego.. Oh shit....that's the doctor.

"I suggest you go for a DNA test to prove this Joel and if you are the father, you'll take up the responsibility"

"If she's fabricating all of this, I'll have her prosecuted....infact, let me report this matter to the police commissioner. I will charge her for blackmail if this turns out to be untrue"

Lisa raised her head. "Wait, wait, Ben I'm sorry... Please let me speak the truth"

"Errrmmmm it's not yours....Don't bring the police into this. Allow me go peacefully please."

"Dammit! why are you so slimy? Why???"

"I'm sorry..y..y. I didn't know what else to do." She broke down crying 

"Lisa I was expecting you to spill the beans yourself. Do you remember me?" Ego asked 

"Yes...I do." Lisa stuttered 

"Well, some weeks ago, you visited a walk-in clinic that I work for on locum basis requesting for a D&C. I remembered your face the moment I walked in and I figured you weren't telling the truth. If this pregnancy had been Joel's you would have told me straight up before seeking for an abortion. You probably ran out of options which is why you chose this path."

"Wait, Ego you knew all along?" Joel asked

"Yes I did...I wanted her to come out in the open on her own volition"

"Get out Lisa... Just leave"

Lisa mumbled some words as she stopped out of the office.

"I don't even want to believe you knew all along and kept this away from me."

"I didn't know she was your ex when I met her at the clinic besides I'm obliged to confidentiality. Remember?"

Joel stared at her....he loved this woman beyond words 

"I'm sorry Jo" she closed in on the distance between them

"It's okay...."He stroked  her cheek as he leaned to kiss her

She didn't return the kiss and Joel was suddenly swooned by a feeling of guilt. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to....He apologized stepping back.

"It's okay.... It's me, I'm just.... It's scary Joel..I've been in a lot of meaningless relationships"

"I...I'm not going to say I'm different . I'll just say I know what it is to have been through hell and I will not want to go back there. Ego the first time I met you I lost being on an even keel. Your look, composure and demeanor is rare. I admired you and that has not changed. I have also grown to love you"

"Jo... I care about you too, a great deal... I just..."

"Please....Go on this ride with me, please"


"Ego, you can't stay away from flying just because an airplane crashed. I have been begging you to accompany me to dinner with my family." 

"I just don't want to get into anything and be disappointed."

"You won't...."


"So about dinner?"

"This is the....Umpteenth time you are asking in two months"

"Because I told my dad I would bring you to dinner weeks ago... He been asking after you"

"This Sunday then....."

"Wow... He smiled as he hugged her closely."

"I love you Nwakaego"

"Thank You....."

"I know... Allow me start you can join when you are ready"

She laughed heartily. God had answered her prayers 


"Papa Afor, my daughter here says your son was married to a white woman before he came to us and he never told us about it"

"Hmmmm.... That's because it was inconsequential" Papa Afor spat out bits of bitter kola

"Papa that should have been my choice to make... I never planned to be a second wife"

"Mechie Onu gi!(meaning shut up!) you think I didn't know you had been sleeping with my cousin, Chief Osondu"

Monica was stunned

"I chose you as a bride because I figured you wouldn't have any other choice. You are married to my son based on sympathy. Don't even complain or try to do something stupid."

"Papa Afor this isn't fair" her mother cried..."By the way Monica which chief is he talking about?"

"You don't know him mama" Monica held back her tears

"These modern day girls all they do is jump from one man to another. Your chi (fate) has been sealed. Go and live as a hidden wife. That is what you deserve."

Monica broke down crying. Her life had been ruined

"And this child you are carrying belongs to my son. If anything happens to the child. I'll have you arrested or better still summoned to the shrine."

"Papa Afor we are no longer interested in this marriage. Please come take your dowry" Her mother remained defiant

"I disagree with you on this one. There's no going back. She will bear my son three children after which,  her wishes would be granted if she still wants to leave the marriage."

"Papa but why did chidi agree to marry me if he knew I had been with his second cousin" Monica asked with a tearful eyes

"All we want is children. We don't trust that white woman. We want children of African descent and we realized a desperate virtue-less woman like you would do. Go back and live the way you wish until this agreement is over"

Monica dragged her mothers hand. "Mama let's go"

"Shame on you!" Papa Afor spat after them

"But Monica you never told me you were seeing chief Osondu"

"Mama I figured you would never approve of it."

"I would have. Chief osondu is a notable man. See what you put us into with all your secrecy?"

"There's a way out of this. Since papa Afor is trying to be smart I'll find a way"

"Mama please do" she let the tears flow as she turned on the ignition of her car.


Celia looked around. This was the first time Gabby would be inviting her to his house, His home. For once she felt like reveling but no... She would keep this joy to her self and Find out what he had brewing first 

Gabby rushed to her driver's side and opened the car door for her. "Take it slowly love...."
She smiled faintly.
They both walked into the house. "This is now your home" Gabby  said as he opened the door

"Your wife Amanda?"

"She'd been a cheat all the while. I uncovered her devilish acts and she took to her heels"

"She ran away?"


"And your daughter?"

"She isn't even mine."

"I found out she had a lover all these years we had been married. He is the father of Kim and the unborn baby."

"I'm so sorry Gabs..."Celia reached out for his hand

"I'm broken... I trusted her... Never knew she could do that to me." He cried 

"Its okay, I'm here now." She made Gabby rest his head on her bosom

"I missed you CeCe"

"I missed you too..."She kissed his forehead

"So how's my child?" He kissed her growing belly.

"He's fine...."

"A boy?"

"The scan said so...." She laughed heartily. "But Gabs...." She flustered. "You have battled with a cheating wife who kept a lover and a bastard in your home. I hope I won't have to contend for your trust. Especially on the paternity of this child?"

"CeCe when I married Amanda I knew she was promiscuous i was only blinded by my love for her. I knew she had loads of secrets but I chose to remain blind. You are different. This baby, is mine.... I knew when I was performing the deed." He laughed. "Besides, I haven't known you to have another man in two years. You have been faithful in-spite of my marital status. Only a few women stay faithful to a married man whose only hope of a tomorrow are his words"

"Your words meant everything and I chose to depend on them my love." Celia smiled.

Gabby went on one knee

"What are you doing?" CeCe gasped

"Cece... I have never met anyone so dependable, reliable, kind-hearted, God-fearing, loving and caring as you are. I'd be making the most miserable mistake of my life if I didn't ask you to be my wife. You are already the mother of my child. Would you please make me the happiest man by being my wife?"

"Ahhhh Gabs I have prayed for this day to come...Yes yes yes... I will!"

Gabby kissed her  then he carried her up the flight of stairs as though she were some lightweight into his bed room.... 

"It's raining!" she said amidst his kisses

 "Yes it is...." He replied undressing her and proceeding with all gentility to feel the pulse and examine her light lush skin."Mrs CeCe Gabby Onyeagbulam... May I do the honour?" He smiled, unhooking  her bandeau

"Yes..." She gasped

The cloud unleashed a torrent of water as the first crack of the lightening rent the air and within seconds the rolling boom of the thunder reverberated overhead. Thundering in Unison, Cece rolled over; closed her eyes and listened to the splatter of rain on the roof outside- The sun shone because she had hung on.

To be continued 


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