from my mail....

happy valentine or post valentine depending on when you get this message. I am 25 years old and today valentines day i saw my very own life torn in front of me i have been dating a monster in simple terms we had a fight prior to valentine's day and this boy didn't call me to settle things at least. i got dressed later that evening and decided to hang out with my friends i saw this boy who had not called me all day stepping out from the same eatery with another girl i approached him and he denied knowing me in front of this girl i could see the stone on her finger clearly, they are engaged. why do men lie? we have been dating for 7 months now and he always promised to push things further i am not confused on whether i should move on or not i just need a revenge plan. thanks

Darling, if you really would take my advice, move on and forget about this boy/man. Men are not worth the fight please focus on yourself you are young and even though i haven't seen you, i guess you are a pretty one. Don't be tagged as the wild one.
Walk away from all of this with your sanity intact and have your peace. Success remains the best revenge aim higher, achieve your dreams and succeed daily your own man would come.
E- Hugs love


  1. All these beasts called men. I think you should take Becca's advice though

  2. Break his windscreen? burn his clothes? house? do something you'll regret and bear the guilt afterwards! Hes's not worth it love.... Walk away like a boss

  3. Be the queen you are and walk away gracefully... He ain't worth it

  4. I can't seem to understand men though stupid things. I know you are hurting love just walk away karma has his address

  5. God will punish that man. Ewu gambia