WORK KPALAVA-Abuja, the boo, the interview and the connection

So i resigned like i said in my last post packed my bags, told my cousin i was headed for Abuja. If you see the way she looked at me ehn.... like i lacked seriousness and drive but wetin concern me, my plans were to soar high and nothing can stop me am all the way up!

I left Lagos for Benin, i needed to stop over at home My mother is a praying machine i needed some oil and tongue speaking to follow me to Abuja hence the stop in Benin but i didn't go home straight though, i went to my cousin's and stayed there for a while. I was already getting used to staying at home, cooking and receiving stipends when my spirit screamed " na curse be this"? i knew how protective my big cousin could be so i told her i had gotten a job in Abuja this was one big lie if i had not said this, i wouldn't be given the leverage to leave.

Cheiii!!! i left out the part where i met someone online, na normal thing now i was single, i downloaded one dating app and found some guy who lived in Abuja but was from Edo State so i told him my plans of coming to Abuja, dude was happy, omo, he'll finally get to see me and all... but the Igbo in me, just knew i was going to be a user (excuse my french i hate love you wanna know why? ask me when you meet me in person lol.)

Back to my gist, after telling my cousin i had found a job in Abuja, i went home, my mum cabashed as usual, and almost finished a bottle of anointing oil... hehehe God bless my praying mother, told my dad i was leaving for Abuja, but you know the story naw, dude cared less, or he did but he was just too busy to show that he cared. whatever!

I waited for my Abuja boo to come to Benin, they had some sort of family thing going on at the time. It was our first time of seeing and i was really shy, you know how we all think Abuja boys are the real deal? well, i thought so too and i wasn't disappointed i met the tall, not so dark, great cook kinda person. I left for theirs that evening to meet him up, and got introduced to his mum instantly! Osalobua, i wasn't ready for all of this nawwww... this boy doesn't know i want to hustle ni. The shocker was that,I fell in love with the family immediately and till date i still love them ( were you waiting to hear my private gits? na so! book a session with me *tongue out*)

we finally left for Abuja, did i tell you'all it was a road trip? i whined all through e far nor be small chinekei! but alas we got to Abuja and i headed for his family house stayed there for a day or two before i moved over to my cousins'. A few days into Abuja, i got called for a job i had dropped applications online for, it was for a diagnostic center, i don't know how it happened but HE(GOD)did it!

I went for the interview, omo na GMATS i shouted "kweiike...this people nor know say i be Nurse"?, we were 14 who came for that same interview some lab scientists, others Nurses. They needed just 1 nurse in my time and the nurses were up to 8 from the total 14. finally, your girl passed. shocker? we were just 2 of us who made the exams. I remember how i had gotten home the day after the written interview and i had told my friend(the elder sister to my online boo)about it. The way she boosted by confidence was amazing. she just said, you are smart, you'll make it. 

Well i did, and they called me for the orals na there my village people follow me go... i think they didn't remember i had relocated to federal capital maybe because the previous day, my father had been asking what it is i went to Abuja for so they heard one kind lol(all jokes o). Well i messed up the interview it was a Skype interview and one simple question 
"where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
i couldn't answer, i sha couldn't remember the nonsense i was blabbing.

Last Last, i picked up my burnt ego when i realized i had messed up they wouldn't tell you out rightly now i just figured. Called up my classmate from uni, and told her i was in town we went on to have a movie date. Girl later hooked me up with a job that same week talk about heavenly friends.

I never get apartment o. which was the big deal here in Abuja... i will gist you all how i and my friend went house hunting in the next episode. For now, just know i got a job, first week i came into Abuja, Grace at work mehn!
 As for those of you who wants to know about online boo, it didn't work! maybe because of our too many irreconcilable differences (stealing a blog visitors word) but we are great friends and his sister is still one of my very good friends and a role model (i love independent women). 

okay bye


  1. juicy gist keep it up Becky! am waiting for the next part please.....

  2. I was just laughing all through. Your narration is on point.it never works with online dating thanks for stealing my word oooo

    1. Sometimes, online dating does work tho... You should try one soonest. E-hugs dearie ❤❤