The much talked about Hit track that has been causing some type of online noise over the internet has finally been released by this amazing artist called AJAY. 

When we first read the noise that the anticipation post was causing online, we thought it was maybe one of the many other no-soul, proper rhythm lacking and no edge track, but when we heard the song, we were jaw-dropped and awed.  

"There is this vibe and feeling you get when listening to this track that you just can't help but move or gently release your shoulder and head to the song. 

Anthony Johnson who is known by his stage name (AJAY), is an Afro-pop/ Afro beat dancehall artist. AJAY brings soul to his music as an extraordinary performer and musically inclined songwriter. The NIGERIAN-Ghana based artist has graced the stages of various music concerts and events both internationally and locally which has made him one of the “fast-rising” young upcoming artist in the industry.
The brilliant music-centric twenty one year old artist has put together this wonderful track he titles “ONDO”. I promise you this track will make you move as it have a very special kind of Mini Mini Wana Wana flavor.

Check him out on all social media platforms with @Ajay_Officiall

Download and enjoy.

PS: I listened to this song, and it is LIT. I love the beat and this artist did a mad one on this. Download and Enjoy my people. It's quite easy, just click on the link, it'll automatically download.


  1. Upcoming act sing this kind better song? I like

  2. downloaded but there were too many copy copy lines sha

    1. This boy knows what creativity is.. boy transformed lines o

  3. This guy would have killed this if he didn't mix it up with too many lyrics from old songs. Nice job though

  4. Becca can hype. Na so I hurry download finish I dey find the song. Nice beat tho but the lyrics funny