Ade walked hurriedly into capo's den. She had heard of the arrest made on one of the boys. All the boys knew her. They knew each other since way back in the university any one of them could identify her.

"Capo what's this i'm hearing? one of your boys has been nabbed" she was panic stricken

"Mama calm down. Na Josiah go fall my hand. I even hear say them carry another of my boy James bond yesterday again...e be like those people mark the money o; because na where them go spend the money them catch them so. Na bad market you come give us." Capo nagged

"Capo please! this job has been messed up from day one. If you had done exactly as i told you, we wouldn't be in this mess" 

"You dey shout for my boss? one of the guys brandished a sharp knife" 

"Calm down Bobby. Na my babe be this" Capo instructed

"I work for the Brandons they already think; it's my friend because i wore her shirt here the other day. I was really happy it turned out that way since i won't be linked to any of these" Ade said calmly

"Mama calm down...Josiah and James bond nor sabi your name. Na your face them know. No enter that police station them fit identify you. I even tell my boys to lay low for now...." Capo puffed his cigarette

"Okay...okay.. good one" Ade sighed

"No wahala, God pass......""Every one drop your weapon. You have been surrounded by the police" Capo was interrupted by the sounds of siren and the police's instructions

"Capo... ekelebe don show o" One of the boys informed him

"Na to fire till all of them die now" Capo brought out his weapon, he fired a shot....other shots were fired back and forth.
A few of capo's men lay dead while the police arrested....Capo and two of his boys. Ade was also caught as she tried to escape.


Viv walked swiftly into the smaller living room carrying her daughter... "have you heard Dave?"

"Heard what?" Dave asked

"Viv handed her baby to Tobias who was also seated with Dave. "The real criminals have been caught; it wasn't Ese after all'

"Where did you hear that from" Dave panicked

 "I overheard dad speaking with the police commissioner a few minutes ago"

Dave became temporarily speechless.

"Dave, Viv and Toby we need to go to the police station there's been a new development" chief's voice rang out from the other living room

No one answered...

"Viv won't be going, she has to be with the baby" her mother replied

"We are all going, this baby needs to see justice meted out to those who treated her badly" Viv spat.

Dave stood beside Tobias, Tobias squeezed his shoulder. No one knew how he felt. He had crucified the only woman he loved with his life. He realized he never gave her  the chance to speak; never came to see her in this den. His love for her turned into hate over something he wasn't sure of.

"Bring in the culprits" the commissioner requested

Ade and the two men were led in

"She devil" Tobias spat. 

"I  had a feeling the person behind this wasn't" Ese viv said

"Ade, why?" Dave asked

"I was in love with Tobias. We started seeing each other, after the baby shower and i fell for him. Tobias seemed as though he wasn't enjoying his marriage to Viv so i thought being with him could help. Ade cried

"I never told you i wasn't enjoying my marriage" Tobias fumed

"You didn't have to spell it out. You always hung out, drank heavily and you were a walking chimney. All that seized when you met me" she spat back at him

"Lord.. i could kill this woman right now"  Dave miffed

"I....wasn't gonna lose you, you went back to Viv and shut me out; said so many  hurtful things to me. You loved her and wanted to make it work. I had fallen for you and i wasn't about to lose you. So, i hired these boys to kill Viv so you'd come back to me for solace" Ade lowered her head

"You are a demon!" Mrs Ayodele spat

"So how come you were wearing Ese's dress; when i saw you in there"

"She gave me that top, a day or two before. Ese didn't know anything about this" she replied

"The words you said to me; i told her the same thing just before the kidnap..." Dave looked confused

"Ese had called, to whine about your sudden disappearance. She mentioned that she couldn't tell you how much she loved you right back and how you had called her 'babe' hours before the incident. She practically lamented about her ill luck and how she didn't have a chance to be happy with you. I got jealous. I had also loved you for a very long time but you never noticed me; instead you fell for Ese....Those words were merely to spite you" Ade replied

"I need some air" Dave walked out of the room

"Take them away," the police commissioner said 

Ade and the criminals were escorted back to their cell

"I'll go after Dave" Viv eyed Tobias as she walked out.

Ese was signing a few papers at the front desk, she was accompanied by Ember, Ralph, Kunle, Imade and her mother. She looked weak and fragile. She turned to walk out, Dave's eyes and hers were locked in a gaze. 

"She didn't do it after all" Ember said

"Hi Dave, Imade greeted...they let us go; we are innocent" she smiled

Dave was mute

"I'll leave now, Ese said to them...." Ese turned to see Viv holding her baby. "Viv," she said weakly... "i'm sorry about everything"

"Ese, we should be the ones apologizing" Viv rubbed her face

"She's so pretty" Ese held the baby's hands...."what's her name?" she asked

"Sabine"  viv replied

"That's my baptismal name" Ese smiled weakly

"Yea.. yea.. Dave told me" Viv concurred

Ese waved at her mother, "i feel weak, i can...'t breathe" she said faintly as she collapsed

"Get a doctor please!" Dave screamed at one of the police officers.

to be continued.....


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