"Big sis.....stop crying i just called daddy and mummy, they'll be here shortly. Why all of this,why's Dave accusing you of something you know nothing about?"  imade wiped her sister's tears as she questioned her

"I don't know....i just know i'm being set up" she cried

"When you left the house after he called you that day; you went to ember's right? she should be a good alibi" Imade said

"I already told the police she was at my place" ember cut in

"So? what are they saying?" Ese asked

'They don't believe us. Apparently, Dave gave them a more convincing story about you using a peculiar phrase" Ember replied

"I didn't do this i swear. How would i ruin my own happiness?" she cried

"We know..."ember held her cuffed hands. "We are working hard to get you out of here"

"About the shirt, has anyone told you the particular shirt they saw on the lady?"

"No. Dave just mentioned the shirt to me. I even heard the reason for my arrest from him; the police swung in on me as soon as i got to work that morning"

"This will be difficult" Ember sighed

"I called our parents.. they will be here soon" Imade said

'Daddy doesn't know anyone. I just pray i'm vindicated" Ese cried

"You will be vindicated Ese; do not give up" Ember encouraged.

Imade walked out of the police station, held her hand over her mouth and wept bitterly. She had tried so hard to hold back her tears in there. Ese was  a sweet soul; Aside from being her sister, she had a heart of gold.
"Imade..." someone  called form behind. she turned to see who it was

"Ralph!" she called out as she wiped her tears

"What are you doing here, and why are you crying? Ralph asked

"Ese was arrested" Imade answered

"why, over what?"

" She's been roped in a kidnap case. The victim saw a dress that looked like hers and assumed she was the one" Imade replied

"That's lame" Ralph spat. "where's she?" he asked

"She's in the cell room"

"She wasn't granted bail?" Ralph queried further

"No she wasn't"

"This must be really serious. I'll see her tomorrow and get details. I'll be defending her as her lawyer"

"ohh Ralph, thank you!"  Imade hugged him

"She deserves to be heard. I really don't know what it is, but i doubt Ese would do anything to hurt anyone" he said

"Thank you Ralph." ember had joined them

"We'll see tomorrow, I came to see another client here." Ralph hugged Imade and walked into the police station.

"c'mon girl, we have  a lot of preparation to do. Our sister isn't sleeping in that cell tomorrow night." Ember held imade's hand

"Your heart is kind ember, thank you" Imade replied.

"We need to go and see Ese at the police station kunle told Ade.

"I can't, i just can't face her" Ade replied

"And, why is that? kunle asked

"You can go alone right, do i have to go with you?" Ade snapped at him

 "We are all friends; if we go in group, she'll feel the support. I'd have asked Ember, but i don't like the girl"

"You can go see her. I'll go when i'm ready" she barked

Kunle walked out of her office. Ade had gradually become tense since the arrest. Maybe she had  a hand in it; who knows, he won't put anything past her. She was a devious woman.
He'll go see Ese, show her his moral support; maybe, he could become the shoulder she'll be needing in this hard times.
Kunle walked into the police station and asked to see Ese. He was accompanied into the visiting room by a police man.

"Ese you look ruffled" he said to her

"It's a good thing i'm not dead." she smiled painfully

"I know you didn't do this; i trust you"

'Thanks for the vote of confidence. But it won't do me any good right now"

"Maybe you should send people to talk to chief. Who knows, he might change his mind"

"I'm done begging. I accept my fate" she sighed

"I care about you and i pray you find peace" he said

"I'll be fine kunle... i want to be alone now" she said to the police man who was standing by the corner

"Goodbye kunle" she said to him as she was led out of the visiting room

Ese looked shaken. she had accepted a fate that wasn't hers. So sad, this girl never enjoyed any good thing. Right now, he felt bad for being part of any pain she had experienced in the past.

"We need to go beg the Brandon's. They refused any bail terms" Ralph said to Ese's parents

"I'll speak with Dave" Imade replied. "I'll go see him and talk to him hopefully, he'll have  a change of mind."

 'Let's allow her talk to Dave. I'll also have a word with him at the office tomorrow" Ember seconded 

"Okay then let's hope he has a change of mind. Ralph replied


"Dad you called?" Dave asked his father

"Yes i did....it appears you were right all along. One of the boys was nabbed today when he tried paying his share of the money into an account. He's being detained. He agreed to the fact that a lady from Edo state and who knows the family personally, assigned the job to them. He'll be leading the police to the others" Chief replied

"I have some guests waiting. I'll be back when am done with them" He excused himself. Even though he was sure about Ese being the master mind, he had silently prayed that his claims were wrong.

Ember had called Dave telling him about wanting to have  a conversation with him. He had described his home to her and asked that she come over to the house. Ember went with Imade.  immediately Dave saw Imade, he turned to go back inside. Dave please, wait Ember begged.

"I don't want to talk about Ese" he spat

"She's been there for a week now, if she meant anything to you please approve her bail please"

"Dave, my sister really loves you, you were a light in her dark tunnel; she couldn't have done anything to put you in harm's way"

"Oh really, now i'm the liar" Dave frowned

"No we aren't saying you are, we are asking you to look further into this. Ese is sick; very sick The police's ill treatment made her break down, they won't budge unless the order comes from you or your family" Ember replied

"Ese was the only one who knew my whereabouts; the only person i spoke with....she should stop denying and come out in the open. That way, she'll get a lesser sentence" Dave spat

"Dave please..." Imade begged Viv who saw them at the lawn and came to join them

"Dave talk to dad. Ese should at least be granted bail till proven guilty" Viv begged

"It's way beyond me Viv, i can't do anything. Dad just told me the police found new Evidence as regards the case and all fingers are pointed in her direction" Dave lowered his voice

"This is getting dirtier. Imade, you guys should stay put. I also believe Ese is innocent; A part of me does and i don't know why. I'll have a word with my dad and see where all these leads" Viv reassured them

"Thank you so much Viv..." Imade replied

"Ember, i'll see you at the office tomorrow" Dave said as he walked back into the house

"Send my regards to her. When i get better, i'll stop by at the police station to see her" Viv said

'Thank you... Imade and Ember echoed.

Ember and Imade walked out of the Brandon's house, all hopes lost. With the new turn of events, only God knows what will happen to Ese

to be continued.......


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