Viola shook her sister. Phoebe always slept like a log of wood. She could hear the foot steps approaching the lawn "what's going on?" she whispered to phoebe.

" I should go check on the kids" Phoebe launched for the door

 "No! Natasha's with them, they are fine" viola reassured

"Open the door! this is the police, open the door!"

viola threw phoebe a glance. "we are unarmed please..." she said on top of her voice as she ran from the room across the hallway to open the door

"Who's Ms Natasha May flower?" one of the officers barked

Natasha walked in from the other room holding her niece Nicole... Viola pointed at her and took Nicole from her

"You are under arrest Ms Natasha mayflower! you have the right to remain silent, as anything you say, would be used against you in court. You have the right to an attorney but if you can't provide one, the city would provide one for you." the officer recited as he cuffed her

"Natasha what's going on?" viola asked

"What is going on here??" phoebe screamed hysterically

The police officers walked her out of the house. Viola went to the room, carried Nicole's twin, Nathan from the bed

"What's going on mum?" Samantha asked Viola

"Sam, we are all going to see your aunt Natasha get dressed" viola wiped a tear from her face

Viola and phoebe drove off to Amelia's house calling a child minder at this time of the night would  attract a jaw dropping fee that was, if they found any.

Viola, is everything all right? Amelia walked to the lobby and took Nicole from her. We woke up to some noise in our house Amy. Natasha has just been arrested

"What? i thought she just got back yesterday?"

"Yea.. this came as a surprise to us. Can we leave Nicole and Nathan here? We need to get to the police station"

"Oh sure.. Amelia took the kids into the house.
Amelia had been their child hood friend. Fate was kind to her she was happily married with two kids and rarely had any drama lined up like they did.

Viola, Phoebe and Samantha got into the car and drove off.  The drive was mostly quiet except for Samantha who sobbed at intervals. Natasha was a great aunt. she hadn't lived with them but she made sure to reach out to her from a distance.

 Arriving the station, they asked to see Natasha. A police officer, accompanied Natasha to the visiting room and cuffed her to the table. Viola, phoebe and Samantha stood up to give her a group hug.

"What's going on Tasha?" viola asked

Tasha was quiet.

"Damn it Tasha speak up!" phoebe yelled

"It's a long story" she cried

"Out with it already" phoebe spat

"Take it easy phoebe she's going through a lot already" viola calmed her

"I killed a man! i shot him in the head! this was why i ran back home" she cried

Viola withdrew, from her. "why? i don't understand.....why you would do that...?" she stammered

"Who was this man, what did he do to deserve that action?"  phoebe asked?

"Our father!" Natasha spat

"Oh shit!" phoebe stood up from the chair she was sitting

"I thought he was in jail" viola was shocked

"I read in the dailies that he got out, traced him and got him killed" Natasha went cold.

Grandpa is still alive? Samantha asked

"You'll be needing a good lawyer to get out of this... i understand why you went this far, we won't let you rot for that animal" viola replied ignoring Sam's question

"Time up!" the warden announced

 "I'll take care of this Taash trust me,i will" Viola said as they walked out of the room

Samantha was dragged out of the room. She didn't want to leave. Her favorite aunt would be going to jail for killing her grandfather. Aunt Tasha was the calm one, she never talked. She had left them when Sam turned two. she hated the countryside life and all she wanted was a life in the city where the fast cars were. Her mother viola and aunt phoebe had been around to care for her, Nathan and Nicole. If there was anything she didn't quite understand, it's why they all loathed their dad.

"We need to get a good lawyer one that knows our story " viola sobbed

"Every lawyer on this side, knows our story,except for the upcoming ones" phoebe pressed hard on the wheels.

" We'll be needing a damn good one" viola answered.


Tasha was in the cell room. Half sitting, Half folding. The cell gates beeped, a police officer walked in

"Your lawyer would like to see you" he said as he led her out

Tasha walked into the small room with bright lights. she blinked...the lights were blinding. Her sisters were seated separately with a forlorn look. The female lawyer turned to see her walk in, she smiled

"You don't have to act all cool with me, i killed my father!" Tasha spat

"I know your story, the jury deserves to hear it too, so, i'm here to ask you to tell your story in court Tasha"

Tasha stood from her newly found seat. " who would listen? they knew what he did and let him out....i don't regret killing him!"

"sssshhhh" viola held her hands "this time, we are getting justice baby"

Tasha squeezed... "i just don't want to look weak, I've been strong all these years"

"It's okay to cry Tasha.." phoebe sobbed. "it's okay to cry"

"Okay ladies, I'll see you in court" the lawyer stood up to leave.


 Attorney Karla stood, and walked up to the judge, where the curious crowd behind her could also listen in. 

"My client has been seen shooting her father" She paused to look at Tasha then continued even louder. "Although she is innocent."  The crowd behind her gasped. "Until proven guilty," Karla continued, with one finger high in the air, "Ms. Claire should know better." With full force she slammed her hands on the opposing attorney’s desk.

Karla rose from her position and stood up straight, saying, "I call Viola to the stands." Viola, walked slowly over to the stand. An officer had to help her midway since she took too long.
"Is it true that on the night of February 20, you were in the house with Natasha and phoebe?”
"Y-yes I was," Viola said in a quiet voice; barely anyone could hear her. The crowd leaned in, scooting to the edge of their seats.
"And is it true," Karla continued, "that you were the only one in the house with them?"
Viola lowered her head and nodded.
"I’m sorry, but can you speak up, please."
"It’s true," Viola said and she began to cry. The room started to buzz with whispers.
"Order in my court," the judge demanded.
"I have no further questions," Karla said, walking away from the stand with a huge smile on her face.
Ms. Claire, the other attorney went up to the stand holding a piece of paper. "Can you please read what this says, Viola. Loud enough so that the people in the back may hear you."
Viola sat up, wiped a few tears from her red eyes and read what was on the paper. "I will be back shortly, got to pick up some food from the grocery store."
Ms. Claire nodded and took back the paper. "This note was found in the kitchen, with the date February 20th written on the bottom. It is possible that Viola stepped outside the house BEFORE the Natasha got back into the house.  Then, not realizing what happened, or her sister's reaction after murdering her father and running back home, she came home, put the food in the fridge and then went to bed, only to wake up the next morning to find the police at her Door.”
Ms. Claire  nodded and went back to her desk, this time she was smiling instead of Karla.
With a brand new attitude, Karla went back up to the stand and asked Viola asked several questions. Such as, "Are you mentally ill, are you sure you wrote that note on the 20th and not the 19th? Why did you leave a note instead of just going out to get the food?"
"Objection!" Ms. Claire  proclaimed. "What relevance does this really have to the case?"
"Agreed," the judge said. "Ms. Karla, are you badgering the woman in order to confuse her?"
Karla blinked her eyes innocently. "No, your Honor, I would never."
"Then, carry on."
And so she did. Her beauty even had the highest judge in the county melting in her hands. Pathetic, I say, pathetic!

"Okay, now I would like to call my client to the stand, Natasha Mayflower."
Tasha came waltzing over to the stand as if she was in a circus.
"Tasha," Karla began, “I mean, Ms. Mayflower, where were you that night."
"I do not deny killing my father!"
The court room went silent. Even the judge had his eyes glued on Tasha
"I'll ask the same question i asked Viola...Are you mentally ill, why did you kill your father?"
"If you classify seeing a psychologist/ psychiatrist for 10 years as being mentally ill, then i'd say yes!"
"What may have led to this?"

"My father was a rapist and a pedophile! It all began when i turned 10, he would come into our room sneakingly and without consent, have sexual intercourse with me. This went on for 12 years. By the time i turned twenty two, i had fallen pregnant thrice aborted two and the last one gave my dad away . I thought i suffered this fate alone, until phoebe and viola both opened up to the same fact. Our father was raping the three of us.  In my third trimester, viola and phoebe also fell pregnant do you know the emotional torture we all went through? I was only 22 at the time and as the oldest, i carried the sole responsibility of patching my life and that of my sisters!. Though i went on to have the child who is now Samantha, my whole life gravitated towards a negative direction."
The audience gasped.

"My sisters had an abortion and we all continued living in the house. I left home two years after Sam was borne mostly because i couldn't bear the shame that followed suit. Viola and phoebe looked after my daughter. 6 years after i left, another tragedy struck. My father raped viola which led to the birth of Nicole and Nathan  i got the news and i was furious. but my sisters were calm over the years, life had humbled them. A formal report was made to the district officers which got him arrested and eventually,prosecuted.  The news of his prosecution wasn't enough to heal our wounds and broken ego, but it sure did go a long way in helping us accept and live our lives. Learning of his discharge four years after his prosecution, i realized, he got out too easy, while we didn't have the time to heal, he did get out easy.
I got furious because the law had failed to protect i and my sisters. "My father had been looking at Samantha in some way" this was what viola called to tell me before he left for jail and once i got words that he was out, i made plans to go visit him.  The visit was to warn him to desist from his ways and remind him of how his actions got our lives ruined. our conversation showed that, He was unrepentant!instead he made attempts to rape me yet again!. I have been seeing a therapist for most of my life.  His actions had ruined the better part of me. My daughter Sam turned 14 this year and would know about me being her mother, from this court room. I wasn't bold enough to look at her in the eye and say we all shared same father! I, Viola, Phoebe, Sam, and the twins! that was preposterous!. I had started the journey to healing it took me so long to get there and nothing or no one was going to drag me back to the past. So, i picked up the gun from the shelf, forewarned him. He took my warnings for granted, as he launched his attack, i closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. I shot him in self defense."

"Mhmmm…." Karla seemed satisfied. Clearly this was going the way she hoped. she was glad Tasha told the truth.
"I have no further questions, your honor," Karla said this quickly.
Ms. Claire went to the stand, however, even though she believed Natasha was guilty she knew this was a lost case.
"Tasha, do you have any one or thing, to support your claim, the one, about the self defense"
"Yes i do... i had our  conversation recorded mostly because, i wanted to nail him. I knew he'll never desist from the act and he would try to go after Sam, he was a pedophile. Getting evidence against him if he tried to go after my daughter, would have been the only way to put him back in jail where he belonged"
"Let’s hear it." The sheriff took out Tasha's recorder that was in a plastic bag, put it on the juror’s stand and played it.

Gasp! They all said in unison after hearing the recording.

"Thank you, Tasha, that is all for now."  Ms. Claire shook her hand.

"Karla," the judge said, breaking her out of her daze, "Do you have any more questions for the witness?"
Karla shook her head. This was  a WIN WIN!
Ms. Karla went to the front of court to make her closing statement. "As you can see, fellow citizens, Tasha's dad killed Tasha first before she got the opportunity to kill him. I mean, who abuses a child for 12 years? how do you expect her to be normal again?having a baby for a rapist who isn't your father is devastating talk more of getting raped and impregnated by your father.
He was discharged on good grounds i suppose, yet, still wanted to continue the same abominable act that took him to jail in the first place not minding the psychological state of Tasha or the other girls. Tasha acted like a mother would, she wanted to protect Samantha, and her younger sisters, any mother would and in the process, she almost got raped. Self defense is no crime. It was either he violated her or she saved herself which got him killed. I ask you, jury of the court, to put yourself in her shoes and see if you could do such a thing."
Ms Claire was next for her closing statement, though her statement was brief and wasn’t as strong as Ms. Karla’.

The jury came back out in only ten short minutes. The vote was unanimous.
The judge spoke once the crowd silenced. "Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?"
 The jury spokesman stood and said: "Yes, your Honor, we have."
Judge then asked, "Members of the Jury, on the Case of Natasha vs. Mr Mayflower, what have you to say?"
The Jury Spokesman cleared his throat before pronouncing, "Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant NOT GUILTY " she acted in self defense.

"It is time." The judge said this statement with finality. "I will now pass sentence of the verdict. I agree with the jury on the verdict of non guilt, and hereby state that you Miss Natasha May flower is found innocent. However, you must continue your sessions with a new psychiatrist. The state shall provide you with one."
Tasha got out from the witness box, phoebe, Sam and viola ran across the court room, they shared a group hug and wept.

"You did it.. you did it baby girl, you brought us justice" phoebe cried
"I'm proud of you mom," Samantha said with a cheerful smile.
"You will never be VIOLATED my child," Tasha kissed her hair.



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