"Chief, Chief....there's a big problem" Mrs Brandon rushed to the living room with her hands clasped on her head crying profusely

"what is it? what happened?" Chief who had been reading the newspapers, folded it on sighting his crying wife.

"Our children have been kidnapped. Tobias was also shot in the process, our enemies are at work..." she lamented

"What, how, when did this happen? call me one of the security men" he turned to one of the domestic staff

The tall muscularly built body guard walked into the living room

"Good day chief"

"When did my children leave my house unguarded?" A fuming chief asked

"Chief, Madam Vivian was in labor earlier today. Mr Dave and her husband accompanied her to the hospital."

"alone?" Chief spat

"Sir, they usually go out alone. I presumed they didn't need any security to the hospital sir." the guard genuflected

"Your presumption has cost me my two kids. If i don't find them, you'll also be presumed dead! put a call through to the commissioner of police" he barked.

Mrs Ayodele paced about the house. Her whole life had been sabotaged in one day. Her pregnant daughter and only son; who could be behind this? she lamented.

"Chief, madam, I heard what happened." Tobias's father rushed into the house

"It's a terrible situation my friend; have you seen Tobias?" Chief Brandon asked

"Yes, yes....he's in a critical situation infact, I just left the hospital, doctors are about to perform a surgery on him. They said his chances of staying alive are slim but we are hopeful. This is scary! which of our business partners could be behind this?" Tobias's dad fumed.

"We have too many enemies...I can't link it to any yet" Chief Ayodele shook his head. "I just spoke with the commissioner of police he promised to send out an emergency dispatch team. He also reassured that the kids would be found" Chief Ayodele reassured his wife

"My daughter who was  in labor, was taken by the the kidnappers. Oh Lord, i hope she makes it..." Mrs Brandon lamented

"She will, she will. Let's also wait to hear from the kidnappers" Tobias's dad consoled her

"Whoever is behind this, i'll find you, and i'll kill you!" Chief Ayodele spat

"That is if i don't find him before you do.  My only son is within an inch of his life, killing him would be merciful... Tobias's dad fumed


Ade rushed into the house. The kidnappers had updated her on of the turn of events. Capo had messed up another job again. The first time she had contracted him, he had killed an innocent person in the process. She didn't care much as far as the job had been done. This time, Tobias- Her Tobias....was lying dead in cold blood. She had never wanted him dead. She now had her conscience to battle with and  a broken heart to nurse. All she had wanted was Viv dead so Tobias would turn to her, nurse his pain and she'd win his heart. All her efforts were futile.

"Where's this phone?" she cursed as she searched for the ringing device

"Hello capo i'm really disappointed in you guys"

"Mama, no vex.. that guy been dey prove stubborn" 

"Prove stubborn you say? the reason for this whole arrangement has been ruined." she hissed

"Mama, no vex. So make we still waste the lady? i been say maybe you go want small cash... so, i hold her ransom with her brother"

"mmmmmm... smart move. I'll be there shortly; if i didn't get the man, i'll be getting their money. Put a call through to the Brandon's and be discreet about it. The ransom fee is 100 million Naira"

"Haba! mama that one nor too much?" he screamed

"Their father is the renowned chief Brandon"

"eh eh eh...na big meat be this oo...that former presidential candidate?" capo was excited

"Exactly! and his chain of businesses run a long thread"

"Mama, 100 million for sure....last last them fit price am enter 80...when you dey show?"
"I'll see you soon" she hung up 
"If i put as much energy, into doing my laundry as i do with getting a man, i wouldn't have so many dirty clothes" she hissed then, looked through the clothes she had brought from Ese's place the penultimate day. she forced her hips into the leggings and paired it with a red top. She had always had eyes for this top. Ese had worn it on the day of the baby shower and she had eyed it. Ese had willingly given it to her when she asked. 


Viv groaned, she was in pains. The kidnappers had brought in a Nurse and a Doctor to attend to her

"Push madam....your baby's head is almost here" the nurse instructed

"She closed her eyes and let out a loud scream"

Her baby popped out. The nurse went to work, cleaned the baby and viv, then handed the baby to one of the armed men.

"I want my baby..." she cried

"Shut up. Which baby? i wan go sell her so" capo laughed.

Viv screamed so loud, her lungs almost gave way

Dave sitting by the corner restrained, shook his head and cried. This was not what he had planned for his little niece.

One of the armed men, entered the den with a cell phone. He handed the device to capo "
baba, their people dey online now"

"hello"-he spoke in a disguised tone. "Your kids are here with us. Your daughter just had a babyand we want a ransom of N100 million naira before noon tomorrow else we will kill them all. You'll receive a text message with the address. We do not want the police involved in this. If  any news filters in, we will kill them- All of them. He hung up

Dave lowered his head. All his life, he had never been at the mercy of anyone. Right now, all of this made him feel less of  man. He turned to see his sister sleeping. The nurse had injected her with a sedative. He knew how worried his parents would be and Tobias; only God knew if he wasn't dead by now. Ese too would be so worried about him. He turned to look at one of the guards beside him. He shook his head, and sighed

Ese was worried sick. Dave's number wasn't going through. she couldn't reach anyone. What was happening? 

"Ade i haven't heard from Dave since yesterday. He told me he was taking his sister to the hospital" she had resorted to ranting on the phone to Ade

"You haven't heard?" Ade queried

"heard what?"

"I was just about calling you"

"Heard what Ade?" Ese had become nervous

Dave's been kidnapped. He and Viv were kidnapped yesterday on their way to the hospital. I heard his sister's husband was murdered in cold blood"

"Oh my God! Jesus Christ! Ese screamed

"Take it easy.. i'll be at yours shortly" Ade consoled

"We just made it official, he just started using the word "babe" and i hadn't even told him i loved him right back....oh Lord, i definitely have ill luck!" she cried

"Calm down babe, i'll come around to yours when i get back from my where i'm headed." Ade promised as she dropped the call.

with her eyes wide open, staring into space, she dropped her phone and slumped

"Sis what's wrong? you look like you've seen a ghost"

"I think I've been jinxed. Bad luck follows me" she said as the tears flowed freely from her eyes

"What is the meaning of that? why the negativity" Imade snapped

"Dave and his sister have been kidnapped and her husband was murdered in the process. Same day he professed his love to me" she wept

"This is bad news but there's no way any of these is related to you sis" Imade left her seat to console her

"I have been jinxed she said as she stared into space again


"Mama! na them be that ooo..." capo hailed as Ade walked into the den with a mask over her head.

She inspected them, laughed heartily and said, " Dave Dave, i didn't get the chance to tell you i loved you right back.... Maybe i should also call you 'babe' since you love the pet name...." she mocked and walked out of the building 

Dave lifted his head... those phrases, they were too familiar-He had called Ese babe, told her he loved her, and she hadn't reciprocate!.... he caught a glimpse of her top as she walked out. 

"I know that top, i know it...oh no!" he gasped "but why," he whispered "why?"

to be continued........


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