"Please do not hurt them. Someone will be at the described location with the money in an hour." Chief Brandon begged

" Chief we will be waiting; and i repeat: No police!"  Capo warned as he dropped the call.

"Chief... i'll have the money arranged and marked as planned" The commissioner of police said

"I do not want the lives of my children put at risk. The kidnappers finally agreed on 50 million naira. We can do away with a few millions please "  Mrs Brandon begged.

'The thing with kidnappers is that, if they aren't nabbed, they will do more harm in the nearest future. Madam be rest assured. we won't sabotage this trade. They'll be traced with the money they are paid with" he reassured.

"Okay Mr commissioner we await your instructions." Chief Brandon said

They all moved quickly out of the house. Chief Brandon and his wife accompanied  Tobias's father to the hospital. Thankfully, he made it out of surgery. Tobias looked pale. Mrs Ayodele 's eye was swollen from crying so much "oh my Tob, i'm so sorry....thank God you are better now"
Tobias, was too weak to reply but he smiled. "Where's viv he muttered"

"One of the security guys are on the way to pay the ransom and get them back" his mother replied him

"And m..y.. baby?"  he stammered

"Tobias, the baby is fine. She had a girl two days ago; the same day you had your surgery. They'll all be brought back home soon. You just came out of the Intensive care today please get some rest" His father patted his shoulder

"Let's go out and give him room to rest."  Chief Brandon suggested

"Yes that's a good idea." Tobia's dad seconded

They all walked out of the room to the reception area


Capo and his guys surveyed the surroundings, once ascertained clear, they moved in and hastily made the exchange.

"Mr Dave, sorry for the inconvenience" the guard apologized as he took the baby from him
Dave assisted a wailing Viv into the car.

Upon arriving the house,  Mrs Brandon removed her wrapper and laid it on the floor for her daughter to walk on. "My baby..." she lamented as Dave and Viv hugged her.

"I know who's behind this!" he spat 

"Who? Tobias's dad asked fiercely"
"It's Ese!"

"Ese? how do you know that?" Viv was bewildered

"They brought in a lady on the night of Viv's delivery. She laughed heartily upon seeing us. The lady was wearing a particular top i really love on Ese; a red top. Same one she wore to viv's baby shower.

"Dave aren't you mistaken, why would Ese do that, what's her aim?" Viv asked

"She was the only one who knew you were at the house. I told her the moment you went into labor and they hijacked us a few minutes later. The kidnapper claimed Tobias wasn't the target before shooting him." Dave went further to explain

"We should thread carefully. A part of me insists there is a mix up somewhere" Viv said

"There isn't any mix up. I'm sure of what i saw. Moreover, the kidnappers made it clear, their sole aim was to get money. Ese seems like she needs money." he spat

"Chief Brandon beckoned on one of the guards. "Call the police we have a suspect. Where does she live Dave?"

 "There's no need for that dad. She works with the firm. You can ask the police officers to pick her up at the office"

"Dave please think twice about this" Viv begged

"Dave, this Ese girl works in procurement right? Dave's father asked

'Yes sir...." Dave replied

"oh oh oh....i guess it's the same girl we delegated to run the oil and gas project" Chief Brandon snapped his fingers

"Exactly." Tobias's dad replied.  "There may be some truth in what Dave has just said. That contract runs into billions; she probably wants her own share of the money." He continued

"I know what i saw, i am 100 percent sure it was her"

"You saw her top...allow the police do their investigation" viv begged again

"I think viv is right. Anyone could have that same top you saw" Tobias's mom differed

"She also made a sarcastic comment... some phrase i used in our last conversation just before the nab" Dave said 

"There's no need debating this. She'll explain herself to the police"Chief barked.

"I'll be in my quarters. I want to be alone for a while..." Dave walked away from everyone. Giving Ese out was painfully difficult, but he won't allow anyone hurt his sister and niece in the manner they did.


Kunle rushed to Ade's office.  "Have you heard? Ese was just arrested

"What, why? i saw the policemen, i just didn't think it was related to anyone i knew"

"I heard she masterminded Dave's kidnap" Kunle said

"Master minded what? how would they even think that" Ade raised her brows

"Dave insisted he saw the master mind come in with a red top. The same one Ese  wore to his sister's baby shower."

"How did you hear all these?" Ade asked

I overheard the boss's conversation with the police at the lobby" Kunle replied

Ade became mute

"Ade!" Kunle called out. Wondering why Ade had suddenly gone mute

"Yes.. yes... oh my Lord, but anyone could have the same top you know..."

"He also said, Ese mentioned something that gave her away. She made a statement that was peculiar to both of them"

Ade looked away... she had used the 'babe and love you' phrase!damn it. She wasn't thinking. Those had slipped out of her mouth in the heat of jealousy. Now Ese was in trouble.
Why was she even worried? whatever...that's the ill luck she gets for being in the spotlight

"Are you even here at all?" Kunle asked

"Yea.. i'm here. let's go check on her at the station later today" she replied


Ese turned to see Dave staring deviously at her in the police van... "Dave i don't know what's going on" she whispered

"I do! you masterminded our kidnap. I saw you, i recognized your outfit"

"Me? what outfit?  My God! how would you even think of that? i..i.. don..t even know what you are talking about" she stuttered

"Go and explain to the police... i hate you!" he spat as he walked away

 Ese wept bitterly. "i have ill luck.. i really do" she said to herself as the police van drove off..

to be continued......


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