"Get out of this place Kunle! you are not allowed to see Ese you bloody sly" Ember spat

"I was with her when she slumped Ember, i deserve to see her" he replied

"I know the role you played in Ese and Ralph's relationship you slimy swine" 

"Ember, please...let sleeping dogs lie" He begged

"I will; if you stay away from her. I know your plans you evil man" 

'What's going on here?" Imade stepped in

"n..oth..ing" Kunle cleared his voice

"Imade why the forlorn look, is everything alright? Ember queried

"Ese would be needing transfusion. The Doctor said, she's anemic from being malnourished in prison" 

"Don't they have a blood bank here?" Ember surveyed

"They do. But, Ese's blood type is not available in the bank" 

"Oh...that's crazy so what do we do?"

 "We'd donate for her...." kunle cut in

"That doesn't include you" Ember hissed

"what's with the rivalry?"  Imade asked

"Don't bother your self with this nonentity" Ember spat

"Well, i'll be going to the lab, hopefully, i'd be the perfect match" Imade said as she walked away

"I'll join you too ember said  eyeing Kunle in the process

"Kunle walked out of the hospital with a worried look. If Ese heard what ember had to say, then, his dreams of winning her over would be dead.


"Dave, i thought you had gone home" viv held his face

"I couldn't; how's she?"

"She's on oxygen. The doctor said she's really anemic and would be needing blood transfusion" Viv replied

"It's that serious?" Dave looked worried

"Brace up, you haven't heard the worse of it yet.." viv chuckled..."she's practically incompatible with everyone. Her blood type is rhesus negative"

"English please...." Dave looked nervous

"According to the Doctor, there are two types of rhesus factors, negative and positive; and very few people fall under the negative type. Her blood group is B-negative" 

"Did you check yours?" Dave asked 

"Yes i am also a rhesus negative woman....She smiled. "But, i can't donate right now; i just had a baby and i'm still breast feeding"

"If you are rhesus negative, i could be too... maybe i should go check"

"why do you think i gave this entire epistle? go on and get the lab review done" she laughed

Dave ran across the hospital hallway; if there was a way for him to rescue her, he would go through with it.

"We really need to compensate that young lady" Chief Ayodele coughed

"Honestly, we need to. I checked through the business plan she was given for the 'A and B' oil and gas project; she nailed it. The auditors even appraised whosoever put up such a beautiful proposal" I am really sad about how she was treated; no one should go through the horror of prison" Tobia's dad sipped from his drink

"A promotion is in order and the other lady should be prosecuted" Chief Ayodele rejoined

"She has just been promoted to supervise  her unit. I'm wondering what promotion will be befitting" 

"Let's Leave that to the human resource officer. I took time to go through her data, she's well grounded educationally and she knows her onions" Chief Ayodele replied

"You are right. The the HR would know better person where she will function best"

"If we land this project through her proposal, she'll be entitled to the percentage involved" Tobias's Father smiled

"She will.... that's normal standard..."Chief Ayodele Brandon laughed

"We also need to speak to our children, Tobias and Viv;  A lot has happened but they can improve on their marriage" 

"There's nothing that can't be managed. They were young and foolish; i take it that the recent incidents has taught them a lot"

"true true..." Tobias's father nodded in agreement


Viv drove into her house. Since she moved back into her parent's, she hadn't been to the house. Recent events had made moving back to her home scary. She sighed as she turned off her ignition. Alighting the car, she carried Sabine from her child seat.

"Hi.." she greeted Tobias

"Babe....we can't be like this. I'm sorry" Tobias walked behind her

"Sorry, i could have died. Sabine could have died; why, all because of your randy urge? your mistress masterminded the kidnap of my brother and I. Have you forgotten, we are the only children our parents have?"

"I know, i know i did wrong but i'm ready to make it right; for you, for Sabine, for us. I'm ready please let's open a new chapter, and write new stories. He leaned and kissed her"

"Honestly, i love you Tob, i really do, but i'm scared. Who knows how many other crazy mistresses you have out there. I didn't even know you had given in to drinking and smoking. I was here, you could have spoken to me"

"I'm sorry baby, i promise to change; start afresh. I'll do anything to make this work"

"anything?" Viv asked

"Yes" Tobias responded

"Okay then, you'd see a therapist and we will go see  a counselor. We need one for this marriage to work"

"Fine. I'm ready. I'll do anything for this family to be whole again. I love you baby"

"I love you Tob"

"Ember, Ese is awake she wants to see you!" Imade called out from the lobby

Ember ran into Ese's room..."Great news! welcome back little birdie" she smiled

"Thank you" Ese responded weakly

"You gave us all a fright" her mum sauntered into the room

"I'm sorry i didn't mean to. Where's everyone,...Dave, viv, kunle and tobias? Ese inquired

"They are fine. Dave just left for his home. He donated some blood for you" Ember replied her

Ese sighed

"You need to eat. I'll go home and fetch you some food" her mother stood to leave

"I'll join mummy, Imade said

"Ember will be here with me....be safe" 

"When you get better, there are a couple of things you need to know Ese. You need a refresher course on eye opening; everything isn't always as it seems"

"I think i'm strong enough to hear anything" Ese sat up

"Kunle and Ralph placed a bet on you. The bet was on who would get in your pants first. I heard about it at the cafeteria. I wasn't really close to you and i didn't want to be seen as a gossip. When i found out you had been dumped by Ralph, i knew i had to stop you from doing anything stupid...like  falling for Kunle. In summary, Kunle set you up with Ralph"

Ese blinked... this story left her temporarily speechless.

to be continued.......


  1. Men that bet on ladies, what is our offence sef. Is not right. I thank God she pulled through. May we not bring an enemy close and call them friends, and may we not be mistaken for evil. All these I pray LORD in Jesus name. Amen

    1. My Sharon, we have more useless men on the streets. May God push us to our own husbands

    2. Comeformeatyourownrisk31 March 2017 at 18:50

      Only boys that are known as fuck boys do that. I know a lot of nice guys

    3. This comeforme person you have a big issue though. Learn to read what others comment and learn from it. Sharon and charitee left a wise comment. All you had to do, was leave a wiser one of shut it

    4. I know the comeforme girl didn't put her words rightly, but she's right. Only guys who have no business dating good women, place bet on them

  2. God is exposing all the evil doers. Thank God for good friends like ember. See me thinking she's be another betrayer