Married, single and complicated - count your blessings

Monica looked at the heavily stoned metal around her finger...in less than three weeks she had become officially married. Who would have thought her unmarried status would change so soon. Finally, she could measure up to those ladies who flaunted their wedding rings in her office. 

Chidi leaned on her, he had dozed off as soon as the plane took off. God had blessed her with a man she never dreamt of having in this lifetime.
Life had been really favorable to her; most girls who didn't do half of what she had done were still single yet she had landed a husband so quickly. Yes she was 31, but she hadn't been looking to get married till her mother started her constant reminder. 
Chidi had told her he would go back to America to start processing her papers; in no time, she too would be leaving for America. Ultimately, everything she had worked twice as hard for would come easily to her.
One last problem was breaking her little spree with chief. She had tried telling chief about her intentions to break up with him but he had blatantly refused. Stating that she either returned all that he had spent on her or forget it. She knew how to handle chief; she would lie to him that her family had forcefully given her hand out in marriage to someone who came along.
Not that it would deter him from coming around, she would keep him still, for a few months till her papers to the US pulled through. 

"do you ever catch a nap...?"  chidi's voice brought her back to reality

"unlike you, i like to stay woke when i'm airborne"

"scared the plane might crash if you weren't awake?" chidi teased

"maybe.." she chuckled

chidi kissed her cheek and relaxed back into his seat. Resting his head on her shoulder, he dozed off yet again.
Monica looked at his face, his cheeks and jaw looked like a recently denuded forest, the short stubble formed a thick mat, although recently shaved, his face resembled a rasping board. oh Heavens! God had rewarded her with her earnest desires.....she adjusted her shoulder observing his facial features yet again... before settling to close her eyes. This plane wouldn't crash, not now....her forever after had just begun.


George walked toward the main house. He didn't like the prying eyes of the security man and now the cook who had opened the door to the living room for him. Every one of them had this suspicious look. Whatever the case may be, he was just here to make some money for his family.

"Good morning Madam," he genuflected

 Ronke observed the young looking man....this one was eye catching; his face was a haze of dark brown stubble, he had quite a gait as he walked- she had observed this when he walked in; and he was high in stature. Perfect replacement she thought to herself.

"Madam, i was sent here by Mr Damian"  George spoke again

"oh okay....You can start by taking the children to school Mr....."

"George madam...."

"ummmmhhh....alright George, drop the kids off at school. I'll join you so you can drop me off at the office. you'd have to pick me up from work too later today"

"Yes ma...."

"You can wait outside....I'll join you when i'm ready...."

George turned to leave

"hello Mr....."

George spurned back to see Remi, his boss....."My name is George sir" he answered

"I'm Remi....you look better than the last guy cosmos. I hope you won't run  off like he did"

"no sir, i won't; i'll tender a proper resignation if need be"

"I know you won't, i just hope the demon i have as a wife doesn't chase you out before you tender the appropriate resignation....."Remi eyed his wife

George bowed...he wasn't going to meddle in other people's marital affairs.

Ronke hissed at Remi. "Lazy he-goat!" she cursed

"Are you married?"  Remi asked 

"Yes sir i am" George replied

"and does your wife insult you?"

George kept quiet

"feel free to answer, we are having a decent conversation here"

"no sir she doesn't"

"That's because he is the bread winner! Imagine this fine man taking a driving job, he isn't waiting for his wife to bring food to the table" Ronke spat.

"You see.... I have a cursed woman as a wife. Enjoy your stay Mr George and please, do yourself good by staying away from my wife's troubles- i can't say i'll speak up for you..i haven't even spoken up for myself."

"Thank you sir." George answered and he walked out of the house briskly

What a show! women like his wife were rare indeed. Tonia had bore his responsibility for years now and she had never complained. Instead, he was the one who always complained and felt for her. Tonia didn't have much, but she was the submissive wife who would share the little she had with him. God had blessed him indeed; he was lucky God blessed him with Tonia and he would spend the rest of his life loving her


Ego turned on her right side....she was going to sleep for the rest of the day. Her week had been horrible. Who ever said being a doctor was an easy feat should come lend her licence for one day. Today was her day off and she would spend it wisely- catching up on sleep.

"Who is this partypooper?" she spat at her ringing phone. It was Joel, the one person she wanted to speak with

"Hey Joel...."she replied drowsily

"aren't you going to work today?"

"No i'm not...today is my day off"

"finally, you get a day off...i was beginning to think those people would work you out"

"i know right?" 

"So, what do you plan on doing today?"

"I want to sleep....i just want to catch up on my sleeping series. I have had a whole week of sleep deprivation."

"Now, the sleep words in your sentence cannot be counted... maybe i should call you later and allow you sleep"

"it's okay, i still have over 10 hours, the day has just begun....whats up?"

"I haven't heard from you since the last time, when we had dinner. Figured you've been busy though. I'm travelling out of town; should be back in three days"

"You figured right my dear; i'm so sorry i haven't kept in touch. I had quite a week but i promise i'd do better."

"you don't have to apologize. i used to be a frequent visitor at the hospital i know how the clinic routine works"

"Frequent visitor why?"

"I got depressed, became obese and then, some obesity ailment followed suit"

"I'm glad you are working hard to shed the weight"

"i really am; i used to weigh over a 100 kg....i lost over 15 kg in three months"

"Wow, i'm so proud of you. I know a lot of people who wallow in self-pity when the weight sets in. What led to your depression though?

"A lot; everything was mostly centered on my relationship. Plus, i lost my mother and my dad didn't wait a while to mourn; he just married a younger woman months after she died. We had a hard time.

"Oh dear, i'm sorry about your loss. I guess your dad was heartbroken he needed to fill the void in his heart. Are things better now, i mean your relationship?"

"Yes they are...We are patching things up"

Ego's heart skipped a beat

"We broke up; i feel a lot better. Don't get me wrong, i'm sad. I actually lost a six year old relationship. I really loved her; thought i could savage the entire farce but when i couldn't, she left me. I have always been a fat kid, mostly because i never paid attention to what and how i ate. I'm the only big person in my house so i know it's not genetics, my weight is diet induced. She probably couldn't stand my obesity any longer...." his mood dampened

"Wow, i'm really sorry, i think your come back should be losing weight. The next time she'd see you, you'd be looking like Vin diesel"

"Goals, well done. I hope you are ready to be my coach"

"I am. First off, i'll draw out a diet plan for you. I think i'd have to meet your cook; i don't trust you to be consistent" she laughed

Jo sighed...This was what Liz had failed to do, he wanted  a motivator not someone with the nagging spirit. finally, God had blessed him with one

"Hello are you there?" 

"Yes i am..." i just drifted away for a moment

"Come back here, we are dealing with your weight.. don't drift away"

"I'm here...." he laughed

"Okay i was talking about your meal plan, when do i get to meet your cook?"

"As soon as i get back, you'd meet my sister....i don't have a cook"

"Oh....so you turned her into your cook, right?"

"I'm a bit selective, i hardly eat out, remember i just had a drink the night we went out, i have an aversion to eating eat out...my sister won my heart with her cooking skills. I'm yet to find anyone who can surpass her in the kitchen"

"hmmm..... i should treat you to a nice meal; that includes home made bitter leaf soup"

"That's actually my favorite." He laughed...."i'l be anticipating the thrill"

"You should!"

"So after the meal plan what's next?"

"You already workout, so all we need to do is check your tolerance level and maybe increase your workout sessions"

"okay... now you sound like my doctor"

"as from now, i'll be filling that position..."

"i don't mind" 

"when you get back, we should talk some more, i'd really like to help you; i don't know what it was that forced you into depression, but i do know, obesity is a silent killer and cripples men in bed."

Jo became temporarily speechless

"Oh! i'm so sorry, i wasn't trying to insult you....hello Joel"

"it's okay, veracity is a bitter pill to swallow. Thank you Ego, i have not had such a sincere conversation with anyone besides my sister in many years."

"i care about you as a friend, and i would like to make sure you feel better."

"i already do... you should go back to bed. I'll call you when i arrive Abuja"

"safe flight Joel"

"thanks love."

Joe smiled at his reflection in the mirror. He had never met a woman who was so keen about his welfare. Before Lisa, every other woman he had come across was a prey in his life. Eventually, he had met Lisa who was naive at the start but had turned into a wolverine years later. God had answered his prayers. It was still too early to dash into something, but he would take his chances.

Ego turned to lie on her back while she stared at the ceiling. She didn't know why, but she felt a strong connection between herself and Joel.  She knew they couldn't be anything more than friends. Joey was still heartbroken from his previous relationship and she wasn't going to let a man use her as rebound. She was thankful for having her parents alive and together; this was a grown man, getting depressed over the loss of a parent, she didn't know what her life would be without her mother; yes she nagged her about marriage, but she was thankful for her loving parents. 

"Ego, i'm off to the shop" her mother announced, knocking on her door

ego stood, opened the door and smiled at her mum...

"Your smile is infectious" her mum said smiling back..

"i woke up happy, i'm just thankful for you and dad..." i love you mum

"i love you too...."


 Remi drove into Lisa's compound, he was completely broke and needed some money to sort his gambling debts.

"I need a raise" he said to Lisa as she opened the door for him

"a raise? i just gave you some money last week"

"oh now you have to remind me i have financial difficulties, right? if my container wasn't stuck on high sea, i won't be needing any form of assistance from you."

"Remi stop; i didn't mean to make you feel like less of a man. Times are hard and...."

"it's okay; i don't need the money anymore..." Remi spat

"Okay how much are we talking about?"

"i don't need it.. i'll be fine"

"i'm sorry, i got preoccupied with my own problems; i have a few financial worries to sort. But i can spare some money....how much are we talking about?" she moved closer to rub his head

'Two hundred thousand naira"

 "That's not so much, i thought it'd be as high as the last one. I'll have it wired into your account. I'm so sorry"

"it's okay....i pray all these goes by so i can repay you and take good care of you"

"i know... i'm praying for you... you'll be fine. I'll just go in and get you something to eat."

"when is this leave ending, i enjoy coming around....when you resume work, i'm sure you'd be too busy to host me"

"no i won't...by the time your mother returns to the state, i'll move into yours fully, you needn't worry" Lisa smiled

Remi coughed...."true, i hope she returns soon"

Remi was happy, his plans were finally working. Thankfully, he'd get up to a million naira before she got bored with his mother-in-his-house decoy.
Becca walked in on Remi in the living room. Which young man visits a woman during working hours? she hissed as she walked past him into the house

"he's here again? doesn't he go to work?"

"I told you Remi is a business man. He works for himself he can afford not to go to work"

"he must be a lazy entrepreneur! most entrepreneurs are diligent in their working hours; this man seems lazy" she spat

"oh shut it! i know the next thing you'd do is compare him with Joel. If i hear a word of it i'll slap your face and ensure your ear drum pops out. Idiot!" Lisa cursed

"i'll speak with Damian about this. If you won't listen to me because i'm younger, you'd listen to him....you might be older but there's just a few months between you two"

"i told you i don't want Damian involved in this; were you deaf?"

"i'd speak with him anyways...." she grumbled as she turned to walk away

"if you tell him anything, you will leave this house..."

"who cares? Damian has a smaller place in town, he found a job too; even though its small, he can take care of me"

"Becca don't dare me, i want Damian left out of this else,.."

"else what?"

"i'll tell Damian about you too....you think i don't know, i know how you had an abortion!"

"i..ts a lie.." Becca whimpered

"i saw the drugs in your purse, the blood stains and other signs were there. i just needed to confirm my doubts by checking your diary....i read everything you gullible swine!"

"it's not fair..."she cried

"life isn't fair...keep my little secret and i'll keep yours. I know Remi doesn't look promising but i prefer him to Joel and if Damian finds out i left Joel he'll start up a mini war. I don't want a battle over this. I'll tell Damian when i'm ready. After all, Remi is asking for my hand in marriage."

"He will be your doom!" Becca spat as she walked out.

"Like the mystery man was yours...." she shouted after her

Lisa smiled...She had a leverage. Becca would have gone running off to Damian with this information if she hadn't scared her; she wanted time with Remi. He was a promising young man and she loved him. Her siblings adored Joel. Damian would not hear of the break up, he'd make her life miserable and ask her to reconcile. He always did. She was grateful, thankful for a fresh start. Joel might have been her pedestal to greatness, but she knew Remi would make her life pleasurable.

To be continued.........


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