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Diary of a 9-5ver (episode 6)- After-Party

Eno struggled out of her dress, the party had been a great one. She walked into the bath and turned the shower knob allowing the water to drain freely down her body.
Today had been one of those days she enjoyed - fine party, good friends, good food and a perfect time out with Mr Odetola. Yes they had chatted over a few drinks and she had learned he wasn’t married- divorced yes, but happily single, had a good job plus all the connections she required. He was soft spoken and it felt like she had known him all her life. One thing was sure, she wasn’t about to fall for all his sweetness, she wanted a better job and he was going to help her get it.  She didn’t quite understand why Greg had suddenly left her alone on the dance floor. Sometimes, he acted like a stalker, one obsessed with her.
“Eno, your phone is ringing” Tolu screamed from the room. Tolu had drank so much Eno had to bring her home with her.

“Who's it?” She replied

“I don't know... unknown number” she belched

Eno stepped out of the shower, drying herself with a towel, she snatched the phone from Tolu who had been about to take the call
“Hello?” She sniffed, Tolu had turned on the AC and she hated the cold.


“Yes, who’s speaking?”

“My name is Jayson...”

“Jayson, how did you get my number?”

“Don’t worry about that” he chuckled

“Excuse you? I want to worry! I mean I didn't give you my number, so how the hell did you get it?” She snapped

“Yes I know but you don't have to be rude”

“I would like to know how you got my number MR”

“Okay calm down, I bullied Greg into giving me your number”


“Yes Greg... we talked man to man and I asked for your number”

Why would Greg not bother to seek her consent? She would deal with him later. “Okay so Jayson, how may I help you?”

“Easy there tiger, easy there....I don’t bite”

“I didn’t say you did…” Eno eyed Tolu who was trying to say something about taking it easy

“I know it’s totally wrong to reach out to you through this means but what would you have a young man do? I have had my eyes on you for a while now and so when I saw I window, I jumped in”

“But you already sent the waiter with your card. You could have waited for me to call”

“I noticed you hesitated a moment before taking the card, you may never have called”

“Now you are a mind reader?”

He laughed, “With you, I could be anything”

“Hmmm.... that’s a lot to promise” she softened

“I know, but I do keep my promises”

“We’ll see...” She chuckled

“I’m having a lunch meeting with stakeholders of Interswitch here in Lagos on Monday, I was wondering if you'd  be free to join me”


“Yes... any problem?”

Interswitch was an integrated payment and transaction processing company, whose services involved the provision of advisory services, technology integration, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to banks, government, and corporate bodies. If she needed anything, it was an introductory meeting with them

“Are you there?”

“Yes I am...ermmm” she coughed, “what would I be doing there?”

“Actually the meeting is to strike a business deal, involving both legal and software matters; I could introduce you as my IT analyst who would be cross checking anything and everything said in programming language”

“hmmmmm, so you would be using me?”

“Maybe, but then you get to show off your intellect, and they might just like you”

“They might?”

“Common, I have heard so much about you, Scott says you have the knowledge of Audrey Tang”

“You are kidding? Same Audrey Tang?” no way! AUDREY TANG was a Taiwanese free software programmer, who had been described as one of the "ten greats of Taiwanese computing”

“Yes, you should give yourself some credit, ask me, I’d say fly solo”

hmmmm Greg had said same thing

“You are very intelligent and you will definitely make it out there on your own”

“I know right? Unfortunately, the world isn’t so favorable to we girls... every man wants to get in your pants before they hand you anything”

Jayson laughed... “It’s true though, but it’s the girls too. They are willing to give anything”


“True... It’s a very crazy world out there for us men too”

“hmmmm... not as crazy as ours.” She checked her phone it that had lit
 up with an incoming call from Odetola. “Well Jayson it was great talking to you. I just heard the dinner bell. I think food is ready over here”

“Oh you do that bell thing?”

“Yes we do, it’s a tradition in my house”

“Alright... see you on Monday”

“See you on Monday.”

To be continued

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