Diary of a 9-5ver (Episode 5) - Further Exposure

Eno sat on one end of the large tent hosting all the guests gracing the occasion.
It was a wedding ceremony. The Cosmos she knew couldn't afford this kind of Financial cost - Either the girl was a big catch OR.... This wasn't adding up.
She turned and observed that Midas was well represented, all her colleagues were seated at a few tables from her. She considered joining them then decided against it, They looked like they were here for the food.
 "Hello Goldie...." Tolu called from right behind her

"Promise and fail, just go you" Eno mocked

"I’m so sorry Eno, I had a hitch last night"

"By hitch you mean?" Eno smirked as Tolu found her way to the seat beside her

"I... errmm scratch that, he came around"



"Why? What did he have to say?"

"He’s sorry, he loves me and all that...."

"Great, meaning you guys are back together?"

"Not really," Tolu's face revealed her mood

"Why? I thought you guys just had it sorted?"

"He’s not ready to take the next step yet, he's scared and all and would like some more time" Tolu repeated his very words 

"Good, ask him how much more time"

"That’s the issue, he doesn't know... could be 1 year or even 10 years. Nothing was defined"

"Wow, that is quite unstable and you don't need that in your life"


"So it’s over?"

"I don't know Eno..." she said as she took an empty glass on the table to pour herself a drink

"Easy on that, that's 10 percent alcohol"

"I don't mind... I could use a strong drink"

Eno snatched the bottle from her as she tried to pour herself another glass. “Watch it Tolu, no man has the right to bring you down"

"I love him...." Tolu said painstakingly

"I know baby!" she moved closer to her friend's shoulder soothingly. "I love you"

Tolu leaned on her shoulder

"Come on, let's go get some food."  Eno had seen an older guest walk towards the buffet. That seemed like a nice catch for a good conversation. She wanted a better job, she was going to damn get it

"Go on, I’m fine"

"Okay, I’ll get for two"

Tolu shrugged as she watched her leave. If only she could be as carefree as Eno

"Hello sir, can I help you with those?" she asked Mr Odetola who was struggling to get some chicken wings on to his already full plate.

"Thank you" he said smiling

"You are most welcome sir"

"You have a seat already?" he asked

"Yes I do....." she pointed at her seat

"Oh I see... my name is Barrister Odetola and I run a string of businesses"

"I’m a computer scientist and business executive"

"hmmmmm, how well are you into the digital world?"

"Very well sir, I help design Softwares and market them to well-meaning COM....PANIES...." she stuttered upon seeing Gregory. What was the man doing here? Oh well, it was a colleague's wedding he had been invited too

"Are you okay?" Odetola asked following her gaze

"Yes...I’m fine" she swallowed hard

"Boyfriend issues I guess..." he laughed. “Here’s my card, you can give me a call so we could discuss business."
She took the card from him but not without him giving her the lusty wink.
The Shine of his wedding band seemed to compete with the lights in the room yet the man couldn't keep his pants on.

"Thanks" she said feigning a smile

"Hey!" Greg smiled helping her with one of the plates


"I see you've met Odetola...the business guru”

"I have..."

"What’s it with you and the one- worded-phrases?" 

"no..thing" she stammered

"Look, I went through your browser history okay, you kept tabs on me and I know you saw it"

"Saw what?" she asked

"Thanks for the food" Tolu took a plate from Greg who had taken the now empty seat by Eno. Its previous occupant had gone to take some pictures outside.

"Everything. My history with Cherry and Scott's family"

"Okay whatever happened is entirely your business but I never knew you were ..." she paused to think of her next words

"What?  insane?"

"No no! I meant to say, In charge actually, you act like a random guy at the office but your profile I saw online surprised me."

"There’s more to everything Eno,"

"Apparently..." she said then bit into her chicken

"Eno, you are my friend someone I care deeply about and..."

"Greg, you are a good friend but please, do not care deeply about me!" she replied firmly

"Eno, shut up and allow the man talk, what's it with you and your stupid ego?" Tolu chipped in.

"Stay out of this Tolu"

"I won't, this gentleman likes you and all you want to do is push him away?"

"it’s okay Tolu" Greg smiled, "I’m sorry it came out wrong I was trying to say I care for you as a friend and wouldn't want to ruin our friendship"

"Every man I meet wants to sleep with me, like get in my pants..... I’m just tired of this whole chase" her cutlery clattered on her plate as she dropped it angrily.

"That’s not what I want Eno, I want to get to know you" Greg said taking her free hand.

"I can't..." she snatched her hand back from him

"I’m not asking you to date me" he chuckled

"What then?"

"Look past what you saw and stay my friend"

"What did she see...?” Tolu asked

"Tolu mind your business"

"She saw a doctored story about my past online"

"Yes... tell me about it. A blogger once carried a negative news about my success story. She acknowledged it to prostitution... funny thing is I have only dated one man all my life." Tolu sighed and took a sip from her glass

"Wow, that's sad" Greg replied

"Yes it is..." she agreed

"Greg you are my friend and that would not change" the once quiet Eno spoke up

"Thank you..." he said

"Hey miss," Eno turned to the young waiter who had come to her side.

"Yes," she said holding to her purse firmly, she would pull a kanye on him if he tried anything funny

"That man there," he pointed at a group of men seated not  far off, "wants me to ask what you want. He also asked me to give you his card"

"Tell that man, to...." she bit her words back as the card caught her eye “Barrister Emele Jayson, Legal counsel, Office of the president."

"errmmm" she coughed. "Give him my thanks" she said feigning a smile

"Eno that was from Jayson, you suddenly changed your countenance upon sighting the card" Tolu waved at the staring  Jayson

"Yes, I knew he was Jayson"

"But you became nicer when you saw his card" Greg added

“he is the legal counsel to the president"

"hmmm" Greg smirked

"You and jobs shaaa... so you didn't change your mind because you thought he would make a good boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend? Never! Jayson and I can never date. I need that right connection. I can't die working for smaller firms, I want my own connection too"

"What if i told you, you could stand on your own" Greg added

"Story," she replied

"So if Jayson insists he must get in your pants, as you refer to it for the connection?" Greg asked

"Don’t bother, Eno would shred that card in two... she's a 28 year old Pristine" Tolu chuckled

"What does that even mean?" he asked Tolu

"Eno, is not a fan of relationships"

"Hmm" Greg said as he googled the word "Pristine"

"Let's go dance with Cosmos, Greg and Tolu, you both talk too much" Eno rose from her seat

 Greg was still on his seat, the meaning of the word baffled him

He stared at her like he had seen a ghost

"Are you okay?" Tolu asked

"Yes I’m fine" he replied as he rose quickly to escort Eno to the dance floor. If it meant him dancing by her all night, he would, no one was coming close to her... no one.

To be continued……………



  2. I had to go Google the word "Pristine" too nor be only Gregory waka come. I have a new word in my vocabs; Thanks Becks. So Aunty Eno is a Virgin? Wawuuuuu

    1. You must be kidding? PRISTINE???? All Ye Dullards.

  3. Where do you even get these characters from? The one whose turned our Tolu girl into Lord of the rings or the one who's acting like a stalker according to Mona. Bring it on girl.

  4. Madam was ready to pull a Kanye on the waiter. Once beaten.............ikwakwakwakwa